Oak Hill Cemetery Lot Owners

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Oak Hill Cemetery

St. Helena Road
Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York

Oak Hill Burying Ground Society was formed to handle affairs of the Cemetery.
Its first meeting on record was held May 3, 1853 at the Picket Line Schoolhouse.

Contributed by Pat Roach, from a drawing done by her father "years ago."

NOTE: More than one family may be buried on one family lot. Below is a list of the Owners of the Lots (Possible spelling errors).

South (back of cemetery)

121 120 119   118-Will Hoaglan   117-George Foot 116   115-E.Keyes 114-Elish Pratt   113-Eugene Webster 112-James McComb        111      


101 102-Abram Cassedy 103-Julia Cassedy 104-James Chilson 105-A.Michael 106-L.Cogswell 107-H.A.Dean 108-A.Pratt 109-S.Christopher 110


90 81-Mosher 72-A.Bennett 63-J.D.Talman 54-Nelson Larue 45-Reuben Roberts 36-W.C.Miller 27-Samuel Houghton 18-Martin Christopher 9


89 80-Charles Billings 71-Sanford Mosher 62-James Brinkerhoff 53-John Larue 44-H.Pixley 35-J.Miller 26-I.Dewey 17-W.W.Dake 8


88-Barney Willey 79-Steven McCartey 70-W.Marrium 61-William Swan 52-F.Marsh 43-D.O. Howell 34-J.Miller 25-F.Larue 16-Wesley Foot 7


87-O.P.Willey 78-G.H.Dixon 69-William Hagadorn 60-William Miller 51-Rhoda Mosher 42-J.Miller Jr. 33-John Wightman 24-John Clark 15-D.L.Wells 6

95-Edward Norris 

86-Robert Blood 77-William Hagadorn 68-J.Howell 59-W. Howell 50-Rhoda Mosher 41-Wm.Knight 32-John Wightman 23-G.W. Bump 14-John Homes 5

94-Jesse Adams 

85-Nicholas Adams 76-Peter VanDeusen 67-H.VanArsdale 58-P. Coffin 49-H.M. Dake 40-Chester Foot 31-J.Austin 22-G.W. Bump 13-John Larue 4

93-Myron VanDeusen 

84-Fayette Keyes 75-John Nelson 66-J.M.Dake 57-P. Coffin 48-B.U. Dake 39-P. Carter 30-W. VanArsdale 21-P. Pixley 12-Eugene Griffith 3

92-Clesson Banny 

83-Milton Burnap 74-John Nelson 65-John Burnap 56-J.Michael 47-B.U. Dake 38-B.U. Dake 29-L. Phesis 20-P. Pixley 11-Norman Foot 2


82-Milton Burnap 73-William Howe 64-J.VanDoren 55-J.VanDoren 46-J.VanDoren 37-Reuben Roberts 28-Joseph Larue 19-A.Bartholomew 10-J.P. Kimbla 1

North (front of cemetery)

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