Wm Thomas Willis to J. Cunningham 1907

Wm. Thomas Willis to
J. Cunningham 1907

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Pokeepsie 12.21.07

J. Cunningham

Dr. Sir

Your card from your daughter just recd.

I notice by memorandum of contract the first Tub of Butter we on record was received March 2, 1907 - from that time till now we have recd just Ten Tubs. It was not till Feb. 07 your nephew directed me to you as my papers indicate. If you do not wish to serve us longer I should esteem it a great favor for you to give me the name of some good butter maker, as we have a large family it very desirable to keep the Butter uniform which you have done most faithfully. We will pay even more for the sake of having from one dairy.

May I hope to hear that you of some reliable party.


Wm. Thomas Willis

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