Villages and Hamlets

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The Villages and Hamlets of 
Greene County

Compiled by Sylvia Hasenkopf from various sources, including books, maps, newspapers and oral histories. Bear in mind that as the county grew, the creation of new Towns shifted the boundaries of existing Towns. Consequently, you may find that a village, or hamlet may be listed in more than one Town. It is vital to check the year of your research against the Town Histories, in order to determine in which Town the event occurred.
Additions and corrections welcome.

Town of Ashland:
East Ashland, Ashland, West Settlement, Four Corners, Scienceville = Village of Ashland, Sutton Hollow, North Settlement

Town of Athens:
Lime Street, Village of Athens = Loonenburg, Esperanza, Colleberg, Prentiss = West Athens

Town of Cairo:
Cairo = Canton = Shinglekill, Purling = The Forge, Acra, South Cairo, Round Top, Gayhead, Woodstock

Town of Catskill:
Palenville, Lawrenceville, Britts Corners = Storys Corners, Belfast Mills, Kiskatom, Leeds = Madison = Old Catskill, Jefferson Heights, Village of Catskill, Blivinville, Cairo Junction, Cementon = Smiths Landing, High Falls, Embought, Alsen, Ca(u)terskill Village, Hamburg

Town of Coxsackie:
Village of Coxsackie, Jacksonville = Earlton = Urlton, Reeds Landing, Result, Climax, West Coxsackie, Upper Landing, Lower Landing

Town of Durham:
Centerville = Sunside, East Durham = Winston = Winansburg = Winansville, Saybrook, Oak Hill = Dewittsburg, Cape Horn, Hamburg, Broadway, East Windham, Durso Corners, South Durham, Durham, Hervey Street, Cornwall(s)ville, Meeting House Hill, Rose Hill, Prink Hill 

Town of Greenville:
Freehold, Greenville Center, Greenville, West Greenville, East Greenville, Places Corners, Norton Hill, Surprise, Lottania = Freehold, Newry, Freehold, Greenfield=Greenville

Town of Halcott:
Halcott, West Lexington, Greenfield

Town of Hunter:
Edgewood, Lanesville = Nealsville, Stony Clove, Hunter, Tannersville, Haines Falls, Onteora Park, Platte Cove, Elka Park, Irvingsville, Pine Orchard, Eastkill, Hunter = Edwardsville, Sunset Park, Twilight Park, Santa Cruz Park

Town of Jewett:
Jewett Heights, Jewett Center, East Jewett, Beaches Corners, Camp Beecher, West Jewett, Eastkill, South Settlement, West Hunter

Town of Lexington:
Broad Street Hollow = Forest Valley, Bushnellville, Westkill, Mosquito Point, North Lexington, New Goshen = Lexington, Lexington Flats, Spruceton

Town of New Baltimore:
Medway, New Baltimore, Roberts Hill, Hannacroix, Grapeville, Deans Mills, Paradise Hill, Result, Stanton Hill, Rocky Store, Germanburg, Sylvandale

Town of Prattsville:
Red Falls, Prattsville = Old Schoharie = Schohariekill, Smedburg, Federal City

Town of Windham:
Windham = Osborneville, Bailey's Four Corners =  Hensonville, Union Society = Brooksburg = Newcomston Park, Brook Lynne = Brookline, Mitchell Hollow, Maplecrest = Big Hollow, Windham Center, Minor Hollow

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