Trowbridge and Gunn to M. Schoonmaker 1846

Trowbridge & Gunn
M. Schoonmaker


From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

M. Schoonmaker, Atty
Ulster Co

Catskill, Sept 14. 1846

M. Schoonmaker ~ Sir:

When we purchased the Messenger it contained a “mortgage sale” advertised by you. It had received seven insertions under the charge of Cleveland, the former proprietors, and we have published it six times which completes the number of insertions. We are informed that you should have an affidavit, not only from us, but from Cleveland; and we think it impossible to obtain his affidavit as he has no settled place of residence. If he should come to Catskill we will endeavor to obtain his affidavit; in case he should not, we will furnish you with our affidavit for the time which we have published it. We have been constantly employed in the office during the time of Cleveland’s proprietorship, and could certify as to the number of insertions, and are very confident it was posted though we did not see him do it. If there is any other way of proceeding, will you please inform us immediately? If Cleavland should happen in your neighborhood and present his affidavit for payment, we hope you will not pay him, as it is out just and proper due. ~ He has lost the confidence of his friends and for the last week or two has been rambling from town to town in a state of beastly intoxication. We shall expect an answer from you on the return of mail

Trowbridge & Gunn
Proprietors “Catskill Messinger”

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