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Tracing your Roots in Greene County the Book

245 pages in length with pictures in every article

Ordering the book:

Please send a cheque or money order for $24.99 plus $3.00 shipping to:
Sylvia Hasenkopf
155 Edison Timmerman Rd
Cairo, NY

Tracing your Roots in Greene County, Volume Two


Articles in the Book:

  1. Who do you think you are?
  2. The Curious Case of Polly Betsey Beach
  3. Researching your Revolutionary War Ancestor
  4. The Tanner, the Robber Baron and the Golden Spike
  5. The Hunt for John Lennon
  6. The Bill Torrey House in Durham
  7. Emery R. Palmerís Autograph Book
  8. Blossom Dearie, Cult Chanteuse and East Durham Native
  9. Cemetery Preservation in Greene County
  10. Elisha Blackmar, South Cairo
  11. The Power of the Census
  12. Cairo Archival Day
  13. The Legacy of Augustine Prevost
  14. Sir Henry Setonís Patent, Town of Durham
  15. The Prohibition Era in Greene County
  16. Legs Diamond, Gangster, Bootlegger and Local Robin Hood
  17. Speakeasies, Keeping it Wet during the Prohibition
  18. John Case, Dry Goods Merchant from the Town of Cairo
  19. Living in the 1920ís in the Town of Cairo
  20. Belonging to a Social Organization
  21. Who was Who in the Towns of Durham and Greenville in 1850
  22. Getting the Mail
  23. Edwin Drake, Greenville Oil Pioneer
  24. William Bullock, Inventor of the Web Rotary Printing Press
  25. Uncle Samís Connection to Catskill
  26. Greene Countyís First Newspaper
  27. Charles Herbert Moore, Artistic Pioneer and Former Catskillian
  28. Daniel Sayre, Cairo Shoemaker, Deacon and First Town Supervisor
  29. Smallpox Inoculations in Early Catskill
  30. Oak Hill Cemetery
  31. Benjamin Howland and the Steam Woolen Company in Catskill
  32. The Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.)
  33. The Know Nothing Party
  34. The M.H. Merchant Stone House, Cornwallville
  35. Jeremiah Gurney, New Baltimore Native and Americaís First Photographer
  36. Edith Howland, Catskill Resident and Early American Sculptress
  37. Benny Richman, Cairo Stonemason and Local Legend
  38. J.W. Mulberry and Oak Hillís Bottling Works
  39. Revolutionary War Pension Legislation NY - Searching for your Patriot Ancestor
  40. The Bavarian Manor, a Purling Destination for over 145 Years
  41. Masonry in Cairo
  42. Dwight D. Baldwin, from Durham to Hawaii
  43. The Butlers of Brandy Hill
  44. James Bogardus, the Father of the Skyscraper
  45. Edward Nicholas Van Loan, Captain of the Dutchess
  46. Sheldon Sears Shufelt, California 49er
  47. James Reid and his Catskill Knuckleduster
  48. The Holland Land Company
  49. Castle Garden and Ellis Island, the Gateways to America
  50. Edward Augustus Keith, Letters from the Civil War Battlefield

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