The Tompkins Family Gallery

The Tompkins
Family Gallery

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

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1.    A painting of Seward's 2nd Great Grandfather Solomon Franklin
Tompkins [1851-1903].
2.    A painting of Charlotte Cate, w/o Solomon Franklin Tompkins [1858-1933].
3.    Lydia Tompkins Delong[1843-1922], sister to Seward's 2nd Great
Grandfather Solomon Franklin Tompkins. Picture taken about 1911.
4.   Seward's Great Grandmother Anna  Bartholomew Tompkins [1855-1934]. She was Irving's mother, and wife of Seward's 2nd Great Grandfather John Brayton
Tompkins [1853-1891].
5.    Left to right:  Standing is Seward's Great Grandmother Jessie M. Tompkins, daughter of Solomon and Charlotte Cate Tompkins. Standing in front of her is Seward's Grandfather John Brayton Tompkins. Seated is, who Seward believes to be, his 2nd Great Grandmother Anna B. Tompkins. On right, seated, is who Seward believes to be his 2nd Great Grandfather John Brayton Tompkins.
6.    Seward's great Grandmother, Jessie Matilda Tompkins[1879-1940], wife of Irving.
His 2nd Great Grandmother, Jessie's mother, Charlotte Cate Tompkins[1858-1933] , wife of Solomon Franklin Tompkins[1851-1903]; his mother, Doris Virginia Tompkins Osborne. His Grandfather, John Brayton Tompkins[1897-1956]amd his Uncle Norman Irving Tompkins[1919-1986].
7.    A young Solomon Tompkins
8. Solomon Franklin Tompkins father, Seward's 3rd Great Grandfather William L. Tompkins, born June 6, 1808, Putnam County, NY and died August 20, 1868. He is buried in the West Settlement Cemetery, Town of Ashland. 

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1.    Left, standing, Seward's Great Grandmother Jessie Matilda Tompkins, 
seated, his Great Grandfather Irving Tompkins. On Irving's lap, Seward's Grandfather John Brayton Tompkins.

2.    Left to right:
Seward Osborne's Great Grandfather Irving Tompkins, son of John Brayton Tompkins and Anna Bartholemew. Born, February 11, 1876, Ashland, NY. Married, December 7, 1896, Windham, NY. Died, May 5, 1952, Windham, NY. Buried, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland, NY. 

Irving's son, Russell Irving Tompkins, Born, September 23, 1908, Ashland. Died, May 19, 1976, Windham, NY. Married Ella Van Hoesen 

Irving's wife, Jessie Matilda Tompkins. Born, October 7, 1879, Ashland, NY. Died, March 16, 1940, Windham, NY. Buried, Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

Irvings's son, Seward's Grandfather, John Brayton Tompkins. Born, December 13, 1897, Windham, NY. Married Hilda Clar Holcomb, October 2, 1918. Died, December 8, 1956 in his farmhouse, Beaches Corners Road Town of Jewett.  Buried, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Town of Ashland. 

Irving's daughter, Charlotte Audrey Tompkins. Born, February 16, 1914, Ashland, NY. Died, April 10, 1998, Columbia Memorial Hospital, Hudson, NY. Buried, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Town of Ashland.

3.    Irving and Jessie Tompkins, later in life
4.    Harold Tompkins in his WWI uniform. Harold was the son of Seward's 2nd Great Grand Uncle Howard Cornelius Tompkins, who was a brother of Brayton and son of Solomon Franklin Tompkins.

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  1.  John Brayton Tompkins (1897-1956) at an early age.

  2. John Brayton Tompkins as a young man

  3. Hilda Clar Holcomb. w/o John B. Tompkins, circa 1900, b. November 17, 1898, Red Falls, NY.  Died, October 20, 1996, Stamford, NY

  4. Seated in chair is Seward's mother Doris Virginia Tompkins, born, May 30, 1922, Windham, NY. Still living. Seated on arm of chair is his Uncle Norman Irving Tompkins, born, May 2, 1919, Windham, NY. Died, August 24, 1986, Catskill Memorial Hospital, Catskill, NY. Buried, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland, NY.  Photo is circa 1923-24.
    5.   John and Hilda's third child, Seward's Aunt Edith May Tompkins, born, February 5, 1930, Hudson, NY. Died, June 24, 1999, Town of Shadaken. Buried, Shandaken Cemetery.  Photo taken 1930.
    6.    Norman Irving Tompkins and sister Doris Virginia Tompkins - grade school age.
    7.    Seated on the old car are: Norman Tompkins, seated on the hood
    and his sister, Doris V. Tompkins, seated on the fender.
    8.    Doris Tompkins as a child

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  1. Standing left to right - adults: Hilda Clar Holcomb Tompkins, John Brayton Tompkins, children: Edith May Tompkins and Doris Virginia Tompkins, circa 1932-33

  2. Seated left to right, Hilda Clar Holcomb Tompkins, John Brayton Tompkins
    Standing left to right, Viola Losee Tompkins [Norman Tompkins wife], Norman Irving Tompkins, Edith Mary Tompkins, Doris Virginia Tompkins. Picture taken in front of John Tompkins' barn, on Beaches Corners Road, circa 1943-44.
    3.  John and Hilda's whole family.  Taken same as picture sent previous to this one.   Left to right:   Viola Losee Tompkins, Norman Irving Tompkins, Hilda Clar Holcomb Tompkins, John Brayton Tompkins, Edith Mary Tompkins, Doris Virginia Tompkins

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  1. My Grandfather John Brayton Tompkins, later in life, circa 1950's
    2.    Hilda Clar Holcomb Tompkins, later in life
    3.    John Brayton Tompkins on his tractor at his farm on Beachs
    Corners Road, Town of Jewett.
    4. John Brayton Tompkins' barn on his farm on Beaches Corners Rd in the Town of Jewett. This building, which still stands, was across the road from the farmhouse.
    5.    John B. Tompkins farmhouse on Beaches Corners Road. The dwelling no longer survives. Seward's Grandfather Tompkins and his Great Grandfather Holcomb died in this house.

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  1. Irving Tompkins' brother Martin, born, August 17, 1880. Died, March 12, 1966, Florida. Buried, Maplewood Cemetery, S. Jewett, NY
    2.    Standing, Alveretta Haner, wife of Martin Tompkins. Seated, Martin Tompkins. Baby, their child, Claude.
    3.    Claude Tompkins, son of Martin Tompkins
    4.    Merritt Tompkins, buried Sutton Hollow Cemetery. Relationship to the rest of the Tompkins pictures in the Gallery is unknown. If you know, please contact Seward Osborne

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  1. Front row seated, left to right. Albert Tompkins, Seward's Grandfather John's brother Lou Tompkins, Edward Steele, Russell Tompkins, Seward's Grandfather John's brother. Standing, left to right: Howard Tompkins, Dick Winter, Sam Tompkins, Will Winter, Clarence Tompkins, John Brayton Tompkins [Seward's grandfather], Irving Tompkins [Seward's great grandfather], Charles Tompkins.
    2.    John Brayton Tompkins and grandson Seward R. Osborne.
    3.    John Brayton Tompkins' brother Albert Tompkins.

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