The Schermerhorn Family Gallery

The Schermerhorn
Family Gallery

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection


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  1. Civil War era picture of William J. Schermerhorn, 2nd great grandfather to Seward R. Osborne. William's parents were Jacob D. Schermerhorn and Ruth Butler. William was born February 12, 1822 in Lexington, NY. Married first Mary J. Bushnell, who died March 6, 1865. They had no children. Married second Loduskie (Loduska) A. Winter, d/o Moses Winter and Harriet Distin on September 12, 1865 in Jewett, NY. William died November 1, 1876, probably in Hunter, NY and is buried in Maplewood cemetery, Jewett, NY. Children of William and Loduskie were Charles Leroy Schermerhorn, born August 5, 1866, in Jewett, NY, Jennie May Schermerhorn, born September 4, 1870, East Jewett, NY and Frederick Henry Schermerhorn, born September 4, 1870, in East Jewett, NY.

  2. William J. Schermerhorn 1822-1876

  3. Loduskie A. Winter, wife of William J. Schermerhorn, born February 19, 1843, Town of Jewett, NY, died March 5, 1910, in Hunter, NY and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, South Jewett.

  4. Loduskie A. Winter

  5. Charles Leroy Schermerhorn, circa 1867/68., s/o William Schermerhorn and Loduskie A. Winter. Charles was born August 5, 1866, probably in Hunter, NY. He died December 23, 1923, likely in Hunter and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, South Jewett.

  6. Charles Leroy Schermerhorn circa 1880

  7. Charles Leroy Schermerhorn circa 1900

  8. Lucy Elizabeth Roraback, daughter of Peter W. Roraback and wife Libbie on her 75th birthday. Lucy was born March 1875, in NY, and died 1959. She was buried in Maplewood cemetery, South Jewett. She married Charles Leroy Schermerhorn on October 26, 1898 at the Presbyterian Church in Hunter. In this picture Lucy is seated on the front porch of her house at the end of West Main Street, Hunter. The house still stands.

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  1. Frederick Henry Schermerhorn, son of William J. Schermerhorn and Loduskie A. Winter. He was born September 8, 1874 in Jewett and died September 2, 1944 in Washington, DC. He married on January 12, 1897 in Hunter, NY Lula May Myers.

  2. Frederick and Lula Schermerhorn, Washington, DC

  3. Porter James Schermerhorn, brother to William J. Schermerhorn and son of Jacob D. Schermerhorn and Ruth Butler. He was born April 15, 1831 in Lexington, NY and died April 26, 1911 in Mechanicville, NY. He married Elizabeth B. Gillett on March 23, 1865. He is pictured here in his Civil War uniform. He was a First Lieutenant in the 19th Regiment, United States Colored Troops. The picture was taken in New Orleans, LA December 25, 1863.
    4.     Jennie May Schermerhorn, born September 4, 1870, East Jewett, NY, circa 1920


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    1.  Unsure of who everyone in this picture is, however it is suspected they are Winter and Slater families. In the back row, far right is Loduskie Winter. Loduskie married for a second time Seth M. Eggleston abt 1883.
    2. Same folks as above. Loduskie is likely in the bottom row on the far right.
    3. Unsure who this is. On reverse "to be returned to Eugenie when called for"
    4. Julia H. Atwater, d/o Samuel Atwater, in her 76th year. Julia was the second wife of Moses Winter. She had previously been married to Harrison Winter, son of Rogers Winter, who was a brother to Matthew Winter and father to Moses, whom she married.

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