The Ostrander Family Gallery

The Ostrander
Family Gallery

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

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  1. Peter William Ostrander, Seward's 2nd great grandfather. His death date was January 19, 1899 in Silver Hollow, Town of Hunter. His gravestone says the date of death was 1902!As to his birth, his obituary says born April 6, 1828 and that he was 77! However his "Verified Transcript from the Register of Death", Town of Hunter Clerk, says that he was 75 years and 7 months old at time of death, so that would be June, 1823! He is said to have born in Woodstock, however the above verified record says, West Hurley!

  2. Seward's 2nd Great Grandmother Harriet Rebecca Shultis Ostrander, born May 8, 1824, Lake Hill, Ulster County, NY. She died in Edgewood, Town of Hunter, on September 3, 1914. The Woodstock Dutch Church records says that she and Peter married on January 3, 1848.

  3. Harriet R. Schultis Ostrander

  4. Tombstone of Peter and Harriet Schultis Ostrander. They are buried in the Willow Wesleyan Church Cemetery, Willow, Ulster County, NY.


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  1. Standing right, Seward's great grandmother, Carrie Agnes Russell Ostrander, born September 3, 1864, West Hurley, Ulster County, NY. She died, June 26, 1923 in Hunter.. Standing left, Seward's Grandmother Cora Bell Ostrander. Front kneeling, right, Ada Lena Ostrander, his great aunt. Front, left, Seward's Great Grandfather Edward Brian Ostrander, born December 23, 1860, in Edgewood, Town of Hunter. He died in Hunter on September 9, 1927. Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, S. Jewett, NY. He was a railroad section foreman on the Ulster and Delaware Railroad.

  2. Carrie Russell Ostrander. Possibly the lady on the left is Carrie's mother and Seward's 2nd Great Grandmother Christiana Rowe

  3.  Seward's grandfather, Raymond Osborne and his wife, Cora Bell Ostrander, not long after their marriage on October 28, 1916. Cora was born June 16, 1893, Edgewood, Greene Co, NY and died on March 3, 1949, Saugerties, NY.

  4. The funeral plaque for Cora Ostrander Osborne. She is buried in the plot with Seward's  Great and 2nd Great Grandfather Osborne and their wives, in Maplewood Cemetery, S. Jewett, NY. She never had a gravestone.


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  1. Seward's Great Uncle Marcus Ostrander who served during the Civil War in Company A, 20th Regiment New York State Militia and when he died in 1935 was one of only four Ulster County Civil War veterans left. Marcus was born February 10, 1845 in Woodstock, Ulster County, NY and died October 14, 1935, Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ulster County, NY.

  2.  Marcus Ostrander's gravestone in Wiltwyck Cemetery, Kingston, Ulster County, NY.


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  1. Daniel Shultis. He was a brother of Harriet Rebecca Shultis Ostrander, my 2nd great grandmother. He fought in the Civil War as a private, Company I, 120th New York Volunteer Infantry. He was born February 17, 1833 in Lake Hill, Ulster Co, NY and died January 26, 1920, Willow, Ulster Co, NY. He is buried in the Willow Wesleyan Church Cemetery, Ulster Co, NY.

  2. Daniel Schultis' tombstone.

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