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Contributed by Seward Osborne, great-great grandson of George F. Osborn

Osborne House in New Milford, Conn. Seward's 4th Great Grandfather Steven Osborne purchased this house in 1785. His third Great Grandfather David was born in this house and later owned it. And there his 2nd Great Grandfather George was born. It was he that moved to Hunter about 1850 and that is where Seward's direct line extends.

   The house was in the Osborne Family from 1785 until 1912 and is the oldest frame house still standing in New Milford.


David and Hepsebah Osborn Family Bible. They were Quakers and lived in the New Milford, CT house.

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  1. George F. Osborn, born May 10, 1822, New Litchfield Co, CT. He came to Hunter about 1848. His blacksmith shop was located at the west end of Hunter. He was the father of 10 children and died May 15, 1888, in Hunter. He is buried in Maplewood Cemetery in the Town of Jewett.

  2. George F. Osborn

  3. George F. Osborn and his wife Abagail M. Daily Abagail was born circa 1820 in Danbury, CT and died January 11, 1897 in Hunter. She is buried in Maplewood Cemetery in the Town of Jewett.

  4. George F. Osborn's Funeral Card

  5. George and Abagail's house in Hunter, still standing

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  1. Oliver J. Osborn, son of  George and Abagail Osborn, b. abt 1848 in Hunter, NY and died September 19, 1894, in Hunter , buried in Maplewood Cemetery. He was a blacksmith. Seated with him is his wife, Martha A. Moore, daughter of Andrew J. Moore and Ruth Baily. She was born November 4, 1852, in Lexington, NY and died October 15, 1916 in Westfield, MA, buried at Pine Hill Cemetery in Westfield, MA. They were married July 4, 1871 in Jewett and were divorced at a later date. The picture was probably taken on their wedding day.
    2.    George Edward (went by the name of Edward) Osborn, son of George and Abagail Osborn. He was born June 16, 1856 in Hunter, NY and died August 12, 1911 in Hemet, California. He was a blacksmith in the east end of Hunter. Standing beside him is his wife Emma Showers, daughter of Isaac Showers and Marilla Loomis. Emma was born January 26, 1858 in Tannersville, NY and died April 2, 1916 in Los Angeles, California. Both are buried in San Jacinto Cemetery, Hemet, California. The photo was likely taken on their wedding day, circa 1878.
    3.    Standing on right: George Edward Osborn, blacksmith. It is thought that the man on the left is his brother Oliver J. Osborn. Child on left: George and Emma's son Edward Ernest Osborn, born April 1, 1888, in Hunter, NY and died October 13, 1940 in Los Angeles, California. Child on right: Elmer George Osborn, born November 26, 1882 in Hunter, NY and died January 12, 1970 in Hemet, California. Both sons are buried with their parents in San Jacinto Cemetery, Hemet, California. The picture is taken at the home and blacksmith shop, still standing, of George Edward Osborn, at the east end of Hunter, just past the bridge to the Hunter Ski Slope.
    4.    House and blacksmith shop of George Edward Osborn, then.
    5.    George Edward Osborn's House today.

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    1. George Henry Osborn, son of George F. Osborn and Abagail Dailey. He was born May 4, 1866, in Hunter, NY and died May 11, 1936, in Hunter, NY. Went by the name of Henry throughout his life. He was a music professor and started almost all of the bands on the mountaintop. Buried in Maplewood cemetery in the plot of his father.

    2. George Henry Osborn, later in life.

    3. George Henry Osborn and wife Jennie May Schermerhorn, probably on their wedding day. Jennie, the daughter of William Schermerhorn and Luduskia A. Winter, was born September 4, 1870, in East Jewett and died December 16, 1955 in Hunter, NY. She is buried in Maplewood Cemetery.

    4. Jennie Schermerhorn as a child, aged 1yr, circa 1871

    5. George and Jennie, later in midlife.

    6. Jennie Osborn and daughter Gladys

    7. George and Jennie in later life.

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    1. Professor George Henry Osborn, on left, and son Raymond, the child in the middle.

    2. George Henry Osborn family in from of their house, west main street, Hunter. George Henry is in front holding the baby. Raymond, his son is standing front left. Under the right window stands Jennie May, George's wife. To her right, the little girl, is their daughter, Flossie Osborn and to her right, her sister Gladys Osborn. The rest of the people in the picture are unknown.

    3. Front row seated, to right of drum is Raymond Henry Osborne. Same row, second from the right is future Hunter mayor, Irving Boyarsky who would marry Flossie Osborn.

    4. Daughters of George Henry Osborn and Jennie May. Beatrice Rose Osborne, born November 17, 1928, Hunter, died June 15, 1996 Newburgh, buried Maplewood Cemetery. Shirley Margarette Osborne, born February 17, 1924, Hunter, still alive. Myrtle Gladys Osborne, born July 21, 1925, Hunter, died, March 5, 1993, Port Charlotte, Florida.

    5. George Henry Osborn house as is stands today.

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      1.    Raymond Henry Osborn (changed his name to Osborne at some point in time), son of George Henry Osborn and Jennie May Schermerhorn. Raymond was born August 16, 1893, in Hunter, NY and died November 9, 1964, in Hunter and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery. With him is his future bride, Cora Bell Ostrander, who was born June 16, 1893, Edgewood, Town of Hunter, NY and died March 3, 1949, in Saugerties, Ulster Co, NY. Her parents were Edward B. Ostrander and Carrie Agnes Russell. She was buried at Maplewood Cemetery.

  2. Raymond Osborne when he worked for the Hunter Steam Laundry.

  3. Raymond Henry Osborne

  4. Raymond Henry Osborne in later life

  5. Raymond and Cora Osborne, center. Left: George Edward Osborne, b. May 28, 1917, Hunter, died February 4, 1975, in Brocton, Mass. Buried in Maplewood Cemetery. Cora is holding daughter, Shirley M. Osborne, born February 17, 1924, still living. Far right: son Seward Russell Osborne, b. May 28, 1918, Hunter, died in Hunter December 6, 1979 and buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland, NY.

  6. Raymond Osborne on left, Cora Osborne on right. Batrice Rose Osborne in the center, born November 17, 1928, in Hunter, NY, died June 15, 1996 in Newburgh, NY and buried in Maplewood Cemetery.

  7. Seward Russell Osborne and brother George Edward Osborne, children of Raymond and Cora Osborne.
    8. Raymond and Cora Osborne's house in Hunter.

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  1. Private George Edward Osborne, on guard duty, Governors Island, New York, May, 1941. 

  2. George Edward Osborne - a Military Policeman in WW2

  3. Seward Russell Osborne, WW2

  4. Seward Russell Osborne on far left - and his Tank Crew - WW2

  5. Seward Russell Osborne, [1918-1979] during WWII, in Altenburgh, Germany. He was a tank commander and was twice wounded in France. Served 1942-1945.

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  1. Seward Russell Osborne and Doris Virginia Tompkins on their wedding day, in Hunter, April 13, 1943.

  2. Doris Virginia Osborne, born 1922 in Windham, daughter of John Tompkins and Hilda C. Holcomb. Lives in Hunter.

  3. Doris Tompkins Osborne. Taken at her dad's farm on Beaches Corners Road, Hunter. Circa 1943-45.

  4. Seward Russell Osborne, Sr.

  5. Seward and Doris Osborne's first born, Seward Russell Jr,. born, Catskill Memorial Hospital, Catskill, NY, 1946.

  6. Seward Russell Osborne Jr as a small tyke.

  7. The Seward Osborne Family Christmas 1951 - Doris, Seward Jr. Seward Sr.

  8. John Raymond Osborne, son of Seward and Doris Osborne, born, Catskill Memorial Hospital, 1959, aged abt 6months. 

  9. John Raymond Osborne. Lives in Hunter.

  10. Seward  and Doris Osborne's house, West Main Street, Hunter. Still standing.

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  1. Seward Russell Osborne, Jr. Taken in studio, on tin, in Harpers Ferry, W. Virginia, July 6, 1976.
    2. All in period Civil War uniforms and clothing. Left to right.  Left, Captain Seward R. Osborne, Co. K, 20th New York State Militia. Mrs. Jean Maria Osborne, Miss Sarah Rebecca Osborne, Private Dean Russell Osborne, Co. K, 20th New York State Militia. Photo taken near Cairo Alms House, in the 80's. 
    3.    Seward R. Osborne, later in life.
    4.    Seward Russell Osborne, Jr and wife Jean Marie Shaver, daughter of DeForest Shaver and Mary Tierney, born 1949, Benedictine Hospital, Kingston, NY.  Picture taken inside Christian Missionary Alliance Church, Kingston, NY June 22, 1968.
    5.    Seward Russell Osborne, wife Jean, and their children. On left: Dean Russell Osborne, born in Kingston, City Hospital, in 1969. On right: Sarah Rebecca Osborne, born in Kingston, City Hospital in 1977. Photo taken on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, July 3, 1981.
    6.  Myranda Leigh Polhemus, born 1997, Benedictine Hospital, Kingston, NY. Daughter of Sarah Rebecca Osborne Polhemus. Aged 1yr. 
    7.    Myranda Leigh Polhemus, aged 7 yrs.

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