The Hayes Family Gallery

The Hayes
Family Gallery

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

With additional contributions from Carol Lamb

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

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  1. Luther D. Hayes, of Hensonville. He was born June 19, 1809 in Granville, Hampden Co, Mass. and died 1893 in Greenville, Greene Co, NY. Buried Locust Hill Cemetery, Greenville.

  2. Lucy Dickerman, second wife of Luther D. Hayes. She was born March 20, 1820, in Jewett, Greene Co, NY and died in 1890, probably in Greenville. She is buried in Locust Hill Cemetery, Greenville.  Lucy was previously married to a Mr. Johnson and was widowed by 1855.  Her parents were Asahel Dickerman, born abt 1788 in Connecticut and his wife Lucy, also born in Connecticut abt 1788.

  3. Addison Samuel Hayes, son of Luther Hayes and Abigail Chapman. He was born August 27, 1841, in Windham, Greene Co, NY and died July 4, 1904, in Hensonville, Greene Co, NY. He is buried in Locust Hill Cemetery, Greenville. Addison was wounded in the right arm at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. He was a member of Company K, 20th New York State Militia. Note that in the picture there is no hand below the right sleeve of his coat. Image was taken by F. Forshew, Hudson, NY

  4. Addison Samuel Hayes wearing his Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) badge.

  5. Eliza U. Allen, 2nd wife of Addison Hayes. She was born April 28, 1856 and died November 13, 1910. Buried Locust Hill Cemetery, Greenville.

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1. to 3. Addison Hayes
4. to 6. Eliza U. Allen, his second wife
Addison and Eliza were married September 22, 1876 at Trinity Protestant Church, Rensselaerville, Albany Co, NY

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  1. Tombstone of Eliza U. Allen, wife of Addison S. Hayes

  2. Tombstone of Addison S. Hayes

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1.    Addison Hayes and family.
Top left, George A. Hayes, son of Addison, born November 30, 1879. Top right, John Hayes, son of Addison., born July 15, 1878. Bottom Row - left to right. Laura Viola Hayes, Frieda Laura Hayes, baby, Addison S. Hayes, Eliza Hayes, Addison's wife, Nellie Hayes, Hilda Hayes, baby
2.    George Addison Hayes, circa 1889, son of Addison S. and Eliza Hayes, aged 10 years
3.    George Addison Hayes
4.    On the left, John Henry Hayes and on the right, George Addison Hayes, sons of Addison S. Hayes.

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  1. Lucy Ellen Hayes (Palmer), second and last child of Luther and Lucy Dickerman Johnson Hayes, born  b. December 1, 1866. On October 17, 1895 she married Sheridan Palmer. (Note: this picture bears a striking resemblance to Anna Idelia Mabie in the section below - perhaps this picture was misnamed - SH) 
    2.    Rev. John Newton Hayes, born August 8, 1850, Windham. Last child of Luther and Abigail Chapman and brother of Addison S. Hayes. John Newton was a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and became a Presbyterian Minister, going to China in 1882 as a missionary and served for over 50 years in Soochow, the Silk Capital of China. His children Newton, Egbert, Addison, Harriet, Grace and May were all born in China.


    From the Carol Lamb Collection

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    1. Luther Hayes, b. June 19, 1809, d. May 19, 1893, and buried in Locust Hill Cemetery in the Town of Greenville. He was the son of Luther Hayes, b. April 21, 1772 and d. April 16, 1859 and Mahitabel Baldwin, b. June 20, 1776 and d. October 9, 1860, who were married November 20, 1797. Luther married Abigail Chapman, b. September 8, 1830, d. December 29, 1861. He and Abigail had at least eight children:  Julia E., b. January 12, 1834, Mary, b. October 30, 1835, Curtis, b. April 27, 1837, Ellen, b. June 25, 1839, Addison Samuel, b. August 27, 1841, William Baldwin, b. August 5, 1843, William B., b. October 27, 1846 and John Newton, b. August 8, 1850. Upon Abigail's death, Luther married Lucy Dickerman Johnson on September 9, 1863. Lucy was born March 20, 1820. With his second wife he had two more children: Henry Dickerman, b. January 31, 1865 and Lucy, b. December 1, 1866.

    2. Henry Dickerman Hayes, son of Luther Hayes and Lucy Dickerman Johnson, b. January 31, 1865 in Windham and d. August 11, 1903 in Greenville. Henry was a farmer and died from a head injury he sustained while helping neighbors butcher pigs. As they "dressed" the pigs, they hung them from a beam. The beam broke and struck Henry in the head. He died 2 and 1/2 years after the accident. Henry married first Elsie Barber of Westerlo in June 1895, daughter of Daris and Jennie Barber. She died of heart failure June 8, 1896. His second marriage was to Anna Idelia Mabie on September 20, 1900. Anna was the daughter of John and Freelove Knowles  Mabie. Anna had previously been married to Arthur Hare, who died of heart failure on April 4, 1898. With Arthur, Anna had two children: Elsie, b. July 8, 1892, d. 1975, and Lucy Treat, b. June 1, 1894, d. February 27, 1896. With her second husband, Henry Dickerman Hayes, Anna bore one child, Herbert. She died in childbirth on September 17, 1901 and is buried in Locust Hill Cemetery, Town of Greenville.

    3. Anna Idelia Mabie, d. September 17, 1901 in childbirth.

    4. The Mabey (Mabie) Family : Bottom row: Edward Milton Mabey. 2nd Row from bottom, left to right: John Mabie, Oscar Mabie, Leona Mabie, Horace Mabey. 3rd Row from bottom, left to right: Freelove Knowles, w/o of John Mabie, Jennie Mabie, w/o Oscar Mabie, Annie Mabie. Top row: Laura Louise, w/o Horace Mabey. (Yes there were different spellings of the name in the same family!)

    5. Herbert Henry Hayes, b. September 10, 1901, d. October 7, 1895. Son of Henry Dickerman Hayes and Anna Idelia Mabie. When Henry and Anna died, Herbert was adopted by Ernest (1857-1913) and Hannah Palmer (1860-1924) Lamb. Hannah Palmer was Sheridan Palmer's sister, who married Herbert's father's sister, Lucy.

    6. Another Mabie Family picture: Bottom Row, left to right: Leona Mabie, John Mabie, Freelove Knowles Mabie, Anna Idelia, w/o Arthur Hare, likely Arthur and Anna's daughter Elsie on her lap. Back row, left to right: Jennie, w/o Oscar Mabie, Oscar Mabie, Arthur Hare, unknown man, unknown female. 

    7. Addison S. Hayes Family - Bottom Row, left to right: George Deyo, Laura Hayes with Frieda on her lap, Addison S. Hayes, Mary Deyo, Liza Allen Hayes, Nellie Hayes with Hilda on her lap, Marian Deyo. Top Row, left to right: George A. Hayes, Minnie Deyo, Elmer Deyo, John Hayes.

    8. Ernest Lamb (1857-1913) and Hannah Palmer, his wife. (1860-1924). They adopted Herbert Henry Hayes after his parents died.

    9. Herbert Henry Hayes Lamb, (1901-1979), s/o Henry Dickerman Hayes, and Grace Shultes, (1902-1974), d/o Arthur Nelson Shultes, on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

    10. Arthur Nelson Shultis, father of Grace Shultis, who married Herbert (Hayes) Lamb. Arthur married Dora Austin.

    11. Robert Washburn Shultes, brother of Arthur Nelson Shultes, circa 1898. Robert was the son of  Samuel Nelson Shultes and Ellen Gathan,  born March 3, 1881, in Huntersland and as soon as he was
      old enough enlisted. He served in the Spanish-American War. He died in California. Apparently led a very colorful life.

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