The Chesebrough Family

Genealogy of the Chesebrough Family

Located in the Family file at the Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

Note: It is not clear from the document what the Reference Numbers pertain to, presumably these are unique numbers applied to each Chesebrough family member.

Wm. Chesebrough, the first settler of English lineage in the town of Stonington, Conn. was born in England in the year of our Lord 1594. The house of the Chesebrough family was in the eastern countries of England and the name occurs in the public registries of Wills in the county of Norfolk which adjoins Lincholnshire. Sarah Chesebrough whose name stands No. 78 on the rolls of the First Church of Boston, Mass. was doubtless a passenger with William on the ship "Arabella" and was his mother. His wife, Anna, and three surviving children of the eight that had been born to him, the youngest Nathaniel, and infant in arms – came with him in the same company – "The Arabella" a ship of 350 tons was one of a fleet of 14 vessels – with 840 passengers comprising the Mass. Bay Colony. It set sail from Cowes, Isle of Wight, March 30, 1630. Termed the Admiral partly for the reason that it was the staunchest and best furnished and partly that it was owned and carried the principal people of the colony including Winthrop, Bradstreet, Saltonstall, Johnson, Coddington and Dudley with their respective families. Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded only seven years before Chesebrough’s birth. He was eleven years old at the time of the Gunpowder Plot, 13 when Jamestown was founded, 20 when New Amsterdam (now N. Y.) was settled and 26 when the Pilgrim Fathers landed on Plymouth Rock. The names of Wm. and Anna Chesebrough appear as Nos. 44 and 45 on the roll of the original members of this, the First Church of Boston. He held responsible positions, such as local Judge – high sheriff – owned 2,362 acres. This sketch makes it clearly evident Wm. Chesebrough was a strong character, and a man well fitted for their purpose of laying the foundation of a well ordered civil and religious community, mature in years, of a well balanced mind, wise in counsel, positive convictions, and a man of uncompromising uprightness. He drew to himself the confidence of his associates – a man of deed rather than words. His versatility was such that he would frame a building or sit as judge, in a case at law. He could forge a chain or draw up a plan for the organization for a municipal Government, survey a tract of land or worthily represent a town in the General Court. One fact which marks him as a man who commanded the great respect is that such men of greater ability worked so harmoniously with him in the organization and ordering of the new community – Thomas Stanton, Walter Palmer and Capt. Geo. Denison. And further it needs only to be added that he was a man of decided Christian principals – wherever he settled he earnestly supported the church, traveled 15 miles to church in all suitable weather over rough road and crossed two rivers.

First generation – William Chesebrough born 1594. The founder and first white settler of Stonington, Conn. born 1594 in or near Boston, England and died 1667 Stonington, Conn. He sailed from Cowes, England in the good ship "Arabella" (of Gov. Winthrop Mass. Bay Colony) March 29, 1630 and arrived in Salem, Mass. New England, America June 14, 1630.

  1. Wm. Chesebrough born 1594.
  2. Samuel Chesebrough Baptised 1627 Boston, England.
  3. Elisha Chesebrough born 1671 died 1704.
  4. Elisha Chesebrough born 1723.
  5. Elisha Chesebrough born 1756.
  6. Jabez Chesebrough born 1756
  7. Luther Chesebrough born 1792.
  8. Alonzo Chesebrough born 1818 died 1868.
  9. Alonzo M. Chesebrough born 1851, died 1903.
  10. Madison Deyo Chesebrough born 1875.

The autography of the Chesebrough retains the form given it prior to or during what is known as the middle English period of the 13th of 14th centuries. The variation in the spelling of the name found in church, town or State records are many, viz: Chesboro, Chesborough, Chesebrooke, Chesebro, Cheseborough, Cheseboro, Cheesbrugh, Chessbrough.

Reference No 5131. Calvin Chesborough, married June 1840, Fanny Lake, daughter of Reuben, born June, 1882, Greenville, N. Y.

Ref: No. 5137 – Milton Henry, born June 8, 1842, Greenville, N. Y. married Helen Layman July 3, 1871, born in Schoharie, N. Y. lives in Jacksonville, N. Y. (Earlton).

Ref. No. 5138 – Welles Layman

5139 – Ernest M. born July 7, 1878

5140 – Annie P. born Nov. 25, 1879

5141 – Pansy L. born Nov. 19, 1892.

Reference No. 5132. Alonzo Chesebrough married Affa Jane Castle – 15 yrs. of age. He was a carpenter and builder 1818-1868, died in Greenville.

Children: Served in U. S. Grant’s Engineers ’61 to ’64.

Ref. No. 5142 – William H. born 1844, married Alice Craw 1870, Greenville, N. Y. Served in Civil War.

Ref. No. 5143 – John F. born 1845, married Ella Conger, Westerlo, N. Y. Serviced in Civil War.

Ref. No. 5144 – James, born 1847, married Rachel Loucks, Indian Fields, N. Y.

Ref. No. 5145 – Tommy June, born 1849, died in N. Y. City 1849.

Ref. No. 5146 – Alonzo Martin born 1851, married Erie Lake Deyo of Ft. Montgomery, N. Y. died 1903. She died 1879.

Ref. No. 5147 – Charles Edward, born 1855 – married Mirano Coonley and Victoria Brouillard.

Ref. No. 5148 – Clarissa, born 1857, died 1857, in N. Y. City.

Ref. No. 5150 – Isabel, born 1859, died 1859, in N. Y. City.

Ref. No. 5151 – Frances Jane, married Benj. Caldwell. Their children, Alice, Charles, Caroline, Luella, John, Ardella, Herbert, Harry, and Howard.

Ref. No. 5152 – Wm. H. Chesebrough, married 1870 to Alice Craw. He served in the Civil war.

Ref. No. 5151 – Jessie, born 1871.

Ref. No. 5152 – Chloe Bell, born Nov. 1874.

Ref. No. 5153 – Roscoe C. born 1880.

Ref. No. 5133 – James Chesebrough, died April 10, 1867, married Feb. 8, 1853, Charlotte P. Hemingway, born Aug. 6, 1831, Coxsackie, N. Y. Children born in Greenville, N. Y.

Ref. No. 5154 – Fred born Dec. 9, 1856, lives in Albany.

Frank, born Dec. 25, 1863.

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