Tannersville School 1897

Tannersville Grade School

Contributed by Peggy Dolan 
Transcribed copy of a faded copy of a letter to an editor (presumably of the newspaper for Tannersville) sent to Peggy by her mother's cousin Bruce Lackey, now deceased. No name of the newspaper or date of publication showing.

Postscript from Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian:
Mrs. Sidonia Palace was the editor of The Windham Journal for many years. I bet that's where this clipping came from.

"Editor Palace, 
Do you think your readers would be interested in the list of students entering the Tannersville Grade School on Sept. 18, 1897? All the old families are represented. Sincerely, Mildred Allen 

The list contains the following names: 
Charles Lackey, Eddie Lackey, Robbie Lackey, Frank Lackey, Mary Lackey, Louie Allen, Fred Young, Charles Payne, Roscoe Payne, Earl Payne, Dewitt Shoemaker, Harry Eggleston, Bird Eggleston, Dawn Eggleston, Pearl Eggleston, Charles McTague, Paul Wenk, Golden Wright, Mabel Wright, Clarence Jones, Frank Jones, Dora Jones, Elsie Jones, Flavious Dibbell, Stella Dibbell, Florence Smith, Fred Smith, Blanch Crum, Earle Wooden, Desmond Flanagan, Una Flanagan, Fairie Flanagan, Francis Leach, Grace Leach, Wesley Francis, Ralph Voss, Ethel Voss, Mollie Voss, Marvey Bailey, Scott Schleiermocher, Pauline Campbell, Maud Gray, Lena Post, Lila Howard, Mattie Dunbar, Kittie Fraleigh, Dawn Judd, Eva Showers, Libbie Newkirk, Helen Haner, Zita Byrne, Sarah Ott, Dora Honigsbaum, May Mulford, May Brewer, Emily Kerr

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