Some More Pictures from the Past

Some More Pictures from 
the Past

The  Albert Hallenbeck Gallery

Contributed by Susan Smith-Hunter

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  1. Alzada Garrett, as a young girl, b. January 8, 1835, d. 1940, aged 105

  2. Alzada, as an elderly woman/ She married Albert Hallenbeck, a farmer from New Baltimore. They had three children: Cora, Evelyn and Alberta.

  3. Alberta Hallenbeck and husband Herbert Wright Greene and their children Edith Harriet and Lucius Herbert. Photo taken about 1912.

  4. Cora Hallenbeck, b. 1865. She was a teacher and proofreader. Never married.

  5. Unknown ancestor, likely from the Greene or Wright families. Does anyone recognize him?

Eugene Butts 

From the Seward R. Osborne collection

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On the reverse "Eugene Butts , Jewett, Greene Co." The identity of the woman is unknown.

Gallt/Abrams Family Gallery

Contributed by Gary Abrams

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  1. Location of the photo thought to be on Grandview Ave. in Catskill.

  2. A photo of the Abrams clan from  1910 +/- 2yrs. reproduced from a glass plate.  This was given to Gary by Harriet (Abrams) Rasmussen
  3. The following are: left to right -  middle row first

    1. Adella (Abrams) Gibson, George Gibson (her husband is behind her), George Gibson (son in front of her)

    2. Amy Luella (Abrams) McMaster, Harry McMaster (husband, behind her), Florence Amanda (daughter, on Amy's lap), James Ernest (son, little boy bottom row, 3rd from left). 

    3. Charles Leslie Abrams (son of James & Amanda Abrams,  bottom 2nd from left)

    4. Harriet (Abrams) Gallt, James Adelbert Gallt (on Harriet's lap), William Gallt (last man on top row )

    5. Gentleman behind Harriet Gallt is unknown.

    6. Blanche (Abrams) Shave, Roland Shave (husband, behind her), Edward (son on her lap), Bettie (daughter - in front of her), Ada (daughter - right of Bettie), Charles (son - right of Ada) 

    7. Dora (Abrams) Ousterhout, Charles Ousterhout (husband, behind her)

    8. Chloe Amanda (Hagadorn) Abrams, David Ousterhout (on Amanda's lap - son to Dora & Charles), James Lewis Abrams (husband, behind her).

    9.Jessie (McCumber) Abrams, Peter Nelson Abrams (husband, behind her), James Nelson (son, lite colored suit in front of her)

    10. Edith (Abrams) Ousterhout, Stanley Ousterhout (husband, behind her), Dorothy (daughter on lap),  ? Glady ?(daughter, in front)

    11. Effie Abrams, Gertrude Ousterhout (on lap, daughter to Edith & Stanley Ousterhout)

    12. James Lewis Abrams jr., (back row, 6th from left ), George Abrams ( back row, 8th from left)

    Church Family Gallery

    Contributed by Colleen Maresca

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    1. The home that William E. Church and later his son, Arthur Leroy Church lived in on Washington Street in Athens.

    2. Louisa Olive Church was born 9 Jul 1888 in Athens, Greene County, NY. She was the daughter of William Edward and Alice Kipp Church. She was married three times: 1. William Arthur Young, 1909 in Athens; 2. Kendal Harold Brown, 1920, Buffalo, NY; and 3. Harry Frogel, 1950, Miami, FL. She had 2 sons with William Young: William Church Young b. 1911 Hartford, CT and Robert Leroy Young, b. 1918 Hartford, Ct.
      She had 3 more sons with Kendal Brown: George David Brown b. 1924, Buffalo, NY, Richard Scott Brown, b. 1929, Buffalo, NY and Harold Kenneth Brown, b. 1933, Buffalo, NY. She died on 31 Jan 1981 in Miami, Florida.

    3. Louisa Olive Church married William Arthur Young in 1909 in Athens, Greene County, NY. They had 2 sons together, William Church Young and Robert Leroy Young. They divorced about 1920 in Hartford, CT.
      4.    Alice Kipp was born in Athens, NY in 1858 she was the daughter of Lewis Kipp and Christina Brooks. She married William Edward Church on 08 June 1875 in Athens, NY. Together they had the following children: Bertha Myra Church b. 20 Aug 1876, Lizzie May Church b. 1878, Mabel Church b. 1879, Louisa Olive Church b. 1888 and Alice Church b. 1891.  Only Bertha and Louisa lived to adulthood. Alice died in Athens in 1913 and is buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery along with her 3 small daughters and her husband.
      5.    William Edward Church was born 03 Nov 1845 in New York. He was the son of Warren Church and Katherine Van Vleck. He married Alice Kipp on 08 Jun 1875 at Athens, Greene Co., NY. He had previously been married to Sabrina ? who died 23 Jan 1873 and is buried in Athens Rural Cemetery. William and Sabrina had two sons: Frank Church b. abt 1868 d. abt 1873 and Arthur Leroy Church b. abt March 1870 in Athens. d after 1920.

      Barlow Family Gallery

      Contributed by Lorna Puleo

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    1. Samuel Barlow son of Nathaniel C Barlow and Julia A. Scott. Samuel born Sept 14, 1855 in Ashland, NY and died Jan 5, 1924.  He married Nellie H. Wiltse and had sons Richard, Raymond, Stanley, Perry, Herbert and Esmond. They also had a daughter, Dorothy.

    2. Nellie Wiltse, b. October 19, 1865, d. November 7, 1947, w/o Samuel Barlow

    3. Nellie Wiltse Barlow and daughter Dorothy.

    4. Perry Barlow, March 4, 1895 - September 9, 1960, son of Samuel Barlow and Nellie Wiltse.

    5. Percy Richard Barlow, son of Perry Nathaniel Barlow and Grace Alice Velie, born on Sept 19, 1916. He married Rose Mary Amorosi on Feb 11, 1939 . His grandparents were Samuel and Nellie Wiltse Barlow of Ashland, NY
      6.    Raymond Julius Barlow, b. November 12, 1891, d. January 17, 1964, s/o Samuel Barlow and Nellie Wiltse. Married Sylvia Spencer. Children: Louise, Melvin and Norma.
      7.    Melvin Barlow, s/o Raymond and Sylvia Spencer Barlow as a young child
      8.    Melvin as a young man.

    Sherman Frayer Family 

    From the Seward R. Osborne collection

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   Sherman W. Frayer, Emma, Cecile and little Florence, who died May 10, 1893. Sherman died April 24, 1894. They are buried in North Settlement Cemetery.

    Harring Family Gallery

    Contributed by Robert Harring

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  1. Ralph Harring 1901-1959, picture circa1931

  2. Ralph Harring store 1921-1959. Bob was born in 1933 in an upstairs room.

  3. Ralph Harring Memorial Card. Ralph Harring 1901-1959 from Cairo NY, was the  owner of Harring Electric Station and died after a short illness in the Catskill NY Hospital, after 38 years in business. He sold paint, wallpaper and related items, Guns and Ammo, plus he was a radio repairman.

  4. Bob Harring, Ralph's son,  November 2005.
    5.    Charlie Harring Sr. 1903-1965. Charlie was Town Supervisor for Cairo 1938-1939. He was Ralph Harring's brother. 
    6.    Charlie Harring and his wife Geirte (1899-1954), circa 1940's.
    7.    John Harring 1873-1950, father of Ralph Harring. Married Elizabeth Stott 1873-1912.
    8.    Lillian Cross, wife of Ralph Harring 1911-2005 with daughter
     Mary Ellen Harring Balliet 1935-1997.
    9.    Lloyd Cross 1879-1955 and wife Helen Soule 1889-1972, parents of Lillian Cross.

    1.  wpeB.jpg (17831 bytes)       2.    wpe9.jpg (22591 bytes)    3.    wpeE.jpg (27730 bytes)

1.    Helen B. Soule's father and Bob Harring's Great-Grandparents, Harrison Soule, of Prattsville,  1862-1915 and Minnie Powell, of Lexington,  1863-1924.
2.    Harrison and Minne's marriage certificate. They were married December 21, 1884 in Prattsville.
3.    Carolyn O. Knott Harring, Bob's wife, abt 1978. She was born 15 Aug 1934 and died 19 Sept 2005. She was the daughter of Harold Knott (1909-1989) and Norma J. Oles (1911-1999)

    Losty Family Gallery

    Contributed by Michelle Davis

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    1.    Mary Clinton Losty with her grandchildren, taken in 1910 upon the occasion of baby Sarah Phelan's christening: Top, L-R: Arthur Phelan, John Phelan, Bill Phelan and Mary Embree. Second row, L-R: Joe Phelan, Marie Phelan, Lawrence Losty, Margaret Phelan, Grandma Losty holding baby Sarah Phelan, Helen Phelan, Mike Losty, Marian Klemm. Bottom, L-R: Nan Coppage, Eddie Phelan, Katherine Phelan, Rosealma Klemm, Jack Losty, Margaret Losty.

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    1. John William Losty (1878-1935)was the only son of Michael Losty and Mary Clinton Losty.  He served in the 102nd NY Volunteer Infantry from 1898-1899.  He married Bridget Whalen from Hudson and had 5 children.
      2.    Elizabeth Gonzaga Losty(1884-1932) was the 6th child of Michael Losty and Mary Clinton Losty and my Great Grandmother.
      3.     "Aunt Kate" was Katherine Losty Embree(1876-1958), the oldest of the Losty children.  She was married to Charles Irving Embree, or 'Uncle Irv".  She worked as a seamstress in the mill in Catskill.
      4.    Andrew Klemm and Elizabeth Losty Klemm on their wedding day, 31 Dec 1902.  He was an iron worker from Buffalo.  They lived in the Bronx after they were married until he died of TB at age 34.  Elizabeth moved back to Catskill with their 2 young daughters and lived there until her death in 1932 at age 48.
      5.     The Losty girls are: Mary Ann Losty Phelan (with fur muff), Margaret Losty Coppage (center, in white coat), Elizabeth Losty Klemm (bottom right), Katherine Losty Embree (top left) and Loretta Losty (top right).  I suspect the photo was taken about 1905, on the occassion of Margaret's wedding.
      6.     Loretta Clinton Losty(1886-1930) at the age of 19.  She was the "baby" of the family.  She married William Downey and had 4 children.

Renne Family Gallery

Contributed by Jill Higuera and Phyllis Newbill

1.    wpe3.jpg (68859 bytes)    2.    wpe8.gif (255503 bytes)    3.    wpeD.gif (43950 bytes)

  1. Samuel W. Renne 1830-1921, son of James Sullivan 1805-1876 & Parthenia (Powers) Renne. Samuel W. Renne's grandparents were Peter 1765-1843 & Olive (Darby) Renne. His great-grandparents were John 1735-1822 & Mary (Totten) Renne. John married Mary Totten on July 16, 1758 in Dutchess County. They had three children: Peter, Elizabeth Wood and Sarah. During the Revolutionary War John Renne served in the Dutchess Co Militia (Land Bounty Rights), Col. Morris Graham's and Col. Roswell Hopkins' 6th Regt. (Charlotte and Amenia precincts). After Mary's death John married Effa Wood. By 1793 John is in Greene County. With his second wife, Effa (b. August 29, 1752, d. August 6, 1836) he has nine children: Lucy, Mary, Richard, Susannah, James, Deborah, John, Phebe, Stephen.
    In this photo taken in 1888 in Denison, Iowa, Samuel W. Renne is shown with his wife Elizabeth (Grubb), married June 10, 1852, and children Mary, Alvaretta, Ulysses, James, Frances, Martha, and Daniel. Choldren not shown in the photoa are: Alice E, who died in 1875, Emma and Edward.
    2. Jill's great-great grandparents  John 1830-1871 & Elizabeth (Allen) Renne. He was the son of Smith & Jane (Lockwood) Renne and a brother to James Renne 1833-1905 of Eagle Grove, Iowa. Smith was the son of James Renne (b. May 11, 1773 and d. October 3, 1830 in Greene Co, NY and Sarah Smith. James was the son of John Renne and Effa Wood. 
    3.    James Renne and family. James (1833-1905) was the son of Smith Renne and his wife Jane Lockwood. James married Nancy Jane Middleton on September 23, 1876. The photo is dated September 27, 1897, Eagle Grove, IA and features James and Nancy and their children Achsah, Mary, James and Leslie.

    1.        2.        3.   

Renne Cousins

1.    George Cortez Renne, b. February 23, 1840, Cairo, Greene Co, NY, d. June 30, 1927, Grundy, IL, son of Justin Renne (b. March 11, 1812, d. 1901) and his wife Maria Hinchman (b. September 23, 1809, d. 1874); grandson of James Renne (1773 - 1830 and his wife Sarah Smith. Great grandson of John Renne and his second wife Effa Wood. George lived in Illinois.
2.    William Renne, b. July 27, 1809, Dalton, MA, d. March 10, 1901, Pittsfield, MA. son of Peter Renne and his wife Olive Darby. Grandson of John Renne and his first wife Mary Totten. William married Elizabeth Hathaway June 19, 1831 in Pittsfield, MA.
3.    James Renne, b. August 20, 1833, likely in Cairo, Greene Co, NY, d, December 20, 1905, in Woolstock, Wright Co, IA,  son of Smith Renne and his wife Jane Lockwood. Grandson of James Renne and his wife Sarah Smith.

wpeF.jpg (7030 bytes)

William Renne 1809-1901 who lived in Pittsfield, MA was the inventor of "Renne's Magic Oil" that was a cure all for anything and everything from tetanus to snake bites...

1.  wpe6.gif (339549 bytes)     2.    wpeD.jpg (69505 bytes)    3.    wpe1.jpg (242713 bytes)

  1. George C. Renne 1840-1927 son of Justin Renne 1812-1901 and Maria Hinchman 1809-1874, with his wife Harriet (Allen and daughters Jessie sitting and Lorena standing. Juston was the son of James Renne and his wife Sarah Smith, who moved with his family to Illinois about 1854 from Cairo, Greene Co, NY.
    2.     Ulysses S. Renne b. 1869  son of Samuel W. Renne 1830-1921 & Elizabeth J (Grubb).

  2. Elizabeth Renne Burroughs. On the back of the photo, made in Belvidere, IL it states, "Elizabeth, sister to John."  John Renne 1830-1871 moved with James and Sarah Renne to Illinois about 1854.

1.    wpe4.jpg (22965 bytes)    2.    wpe8.jpg (25114 bytes)

  1. Nancy Ann (Renne) Wells 1834-1918 daughter of John Renne 1780-1837 and Mary "Polly" Jones

  2. Burgess H. Wells, Nancy's husband.

  3. wpe12.jpg (21529 bytes)

    Zenas Crane Renne, October 27, 1836, Pittsfield, MA - April 29, 1923, Sydney, Australia, son of William Renne 1809-1901 and Elizabeth Hathaway 1810 - 1851. Zenas married Margaret J. Ross in Dover NH on December 3, 1860 and had three children: Edwin Smith 1862-1868, Harry Nerwood 1864 - 1905, and Richard b. 1873.

    Cairo Hose - late 1920's

    Contributed by Don Howard


    Bessie Norton and Brother

    From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

    It appears that this is a photo taken about 1895/6 of Bessie Norton and her brother Otto. Bessie was born in February 1894 and Otto in January 1895. The 1900 Census of Catskill shows that they are living with their mother Katie, born in April 1877, who has remarried to Wilson Jenkins, born April 1846. In the 1910 census Katie and Otto are living in Durham, where Kate M. is listed as the servant of Wesley J. Whetbeck, aged 57, a farmer. Otto is listed as a boarder. There is no sign of Bessie.

    The reverse of the photo states: Bessie Norton and her brother

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