Solomon Lament to dau Sally pre 1840

Solomon Lament to dau. Sally
Pre 1840

From the Seward R. Osborn Collection

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

My daughter Sally I now take this opportunity tonight a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and have these few lines will find you enjoying the same. I have knot forgotten you altho you are gon from me   there is not one day pases by but what I think of you and should be glad to see you   I am glad you are contented   I have you are(?) and hope you will conduct yourself so as to have an orer (hour?) to your self and your farther and mother sisters and brothers and that will gave you pain and rest  and help in every time of troubl and your troubl is mine altho mine is not yours    mi isite (My eyesight) is very poor  what shall I say to you my Daughter if you are sick hoo will you call on mother no(r) farther no(r) you must call on a stranger  will tha have many si ro grow no(r) you are a stranger  have you got money no(r) have your parents ??? and good wones (ones) to tomi(?) hoo knows all my wants be fore tha come at hand.   I am a frade your feete will be a cold this cald   this cald winter have you got shoes and stockins to keep them ?? I did expect you wood come home with Daniel and fix for winter

Solomon Lament

Remember in the Days of your youth

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