Scrapbook of Hattie Dibble Johnson

Scrapbook of Hattie Dibble Johnson

These obituaries were taken from a scrapbook, which were taken from various newspapers and pasted into the scrapbook by my grandmother, Hattie Dibble Johnson. She was b. 1887 and d. 1973. She lived all of her married life on Roses Brook in South Kortright, N.Y.  Contributed by Richard Nesbitt.
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Index of obituaries: Mrs. Flora Sutton Johnson,  Emma L. Johnson , Ahira Z. Truesdell, Mr. Anthony Barnum, Mrs. Delina Barnum, Charles Johnson, Mrs. Augustus Lewis, Mrs. Frances Shoemaker, Miss. Rebecca Brandow   

 From the Ashland Cor. 

Mrs. Flora Sutton Johnson:
Gloom was cast over our community on Monday evening when the sad news came that Mrs. Flora Sutton Johnson, aged 67 years and wife of Alonzo Johnson, had passed away very suddenly at her home in this village. She had been feeling unusually well and had been about her daily duties until about six o'clock when she was taken suddenly very sick. Dr. Sutton was called, but nothing could be done to relieve her and at 8 o'clock Monday night, February 27, 1928, she passed away. Mrs. Johnson was a cheerful and friendly nature and made many friends wherever she lived. She was a true Christian woman and had recently remarked that when God called her she was ready and asked her friends not to mourn for her. She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs. Walter Munson of Downsville, and Mrs. Don Andrews of Conklin; one son, Albrick Howard; five sisters, Mrs. T.W. Demming, Mrs. George Cobb of Ashland, Mrs. A. L. Allen of Albany, Mrs. Margaret Mattice of Otego, Mrs. Emery Christian of Oneonta; two stepsons, William Johnson of Poughkeepsie, and Charles Johnson of Lexington, and one stepdaughter, Mrs. Fisher of Oneonta. Much sympathy is felt for them all. Her funeral services were held at the M.E. Church on Thursday, March 1st, conducted by her pastor, Rev. R. Thorn. 

Emma L. Johnson :
Emma L. Johnson, wife of Ahira Z. Truesdell, passed away at her home in Little Westkill, town of Lexington, Friday, June 15th, aged about 70 years.

Mrs. Truesdell was a very highly respected woman and leaves a wide circle of friends to mourn her demise. Although she had not been in good health for some time, she had been able to be about until a few days before her death, which was caused by internal cancer.

Deceased is survived by her husband; three brothers, Alonzo Johnson of Grand Gorge, James Johnson of Lexington, and Lowell Johnson of Westkill; three sisters, Miss Sarah Johnson of Lexington,, Mrs. A. J. Truesdell of Little Westkill, and Mrs. Whitcomb of Jewett Center. The funeral was held from the M.E. Church, this village, Monday, Rev. C.E. Hewitt officiating. A large number of out of town relatives and friends were in attendance. Interment in Fair Lawn cemetery. [Note, written in “1917”] 

Ahira Z Truesdell
: From Lexington Cor. 
Ahira Z. Truesdell, an aged and much respected resident of this town, departed this life at his home near this village on Tuesday, May 1, 1934, at one o'clock p.m., after two days of illness. He had been in his usual health and the saturday previous he rode his bicycle a distance of about 1 mile to the post office and back as was his custom. He was taken suddenly ill sunday afternoon. Dr. A.O. Persons of this village and Dr. I.T. Sutton of Prattsville were summoned and diagnosed the disease as acute indigestion.

Mr. Truesdell was born on the old Truedsell homestead in Little Westkill on October 25, 1846. He was the second of a family of ten children and a son of Josiah and Margaret Brandow Truesdell. He was united in marriage with Emmaline Johnson. Two daughters were born from this union, one dying at birth and the other daughter, Edna, passing away when about 24 years of age. The death of his wife occurred in 1917 and later sold his farm to W. J. Martin and made his home with relatives for a time. For the past 13 years he made his home with Miss Lilliam White, where he received the very best of care during his declining years and his last illness.

Deceased is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Horace Dunham of Ashland and Mrs. Delina Barnum of Little Westkill; one brother, Adram Truesdell of this village and many nieces and nephews, besides a wide circle of other relatives and friends. Much sympathy is extended to the family, also to Miss white whose home is left lonely by his departure. The funeral was held at the M.E. Church in Prattsville on Friday at 1pm. Elder Bellows of Roxbury, assisted by Rev. M. E. Douglas of Prattsville officiated. Burial in the family plot in Fair Lawn Cemetery. Wesley Hand of this village and son, Ray, of Red Hook, had charge of the funeral arrangements. Services at the grave were in charge of the Masonic Order of which he was a member. 

Mr. Anthony Barmum:
The residents of Little Westkill and this village were greatly shocked Tuesday noon by the announcement of the death of Anthony Barnum, a life long and respected resident. Mr. Barnum was as well as usual Tuesday morning and with his son-in-law, William Dibble, was engaged in building a hay- rigging and at about 11 o'clock, complained of a terrible pain in his breast just over his heart. He laid down for a few minutes when not feeling any better, was assisted to the house and onto a bed, when Dr. Sutton was summoned by telephone, but he died before the doctor arrived, having been sick only about an hour. Neuralgia of the heart is thought to have been the cause of his death.

Mr. Barnum, who was about 58 years of age is survived by his wife and five children-two sons Ernest and Leo, and three daughters, Mrs. William Dibble, and Misses Nina and Louise Barnum, all of whom reside in Little Westkill. His funeral was held on Friday. Interment in Little Westkill cemetery. 

Mrs. Delina Barnum: From Little Westkill Cor.
Mrs. Delina Barnum, 88, widow of the late Anthony Barnum and a lifelong resident of Little Westkill, passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Dibble, at 1:15 Wednesday morning, after seven weeks of illness. She recovered from her first illness, pneumonia, but owing to her advanced age was unable to rally from her weakened condition and gradually grew weaker until death released her from her suffering and she passed on to join loved ones who had gone on before, and to take up her abode in that home not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, prepared for her by her Saviour, whom she served.

Mrs. Barnum early in life united with the Methodist Church and when heath and opportunity permitted was always a faithful attendant. She was a kind mother and a neighbor who was always ready to help in time of sickness or other trouble as long as her health permitted.

She was one of a family of ten children, and was born on March 24, 1859, to Josiah and Margaret Brandow Truesdell at the Truesdell homestead in this place. On September 19, 1878, she was united in marriage with Anthony Barnum, who passed away suddenly on July 3, 1917. Seven children were born of this union. Two daughters died in infancy. Five children survive; Mrs. Wm. Dibble, Mrs. Ray Sutton and Leo Barnum of Little Westkill, Mrs. Lewis Ryan of Devon, Conn. and Ernest Barnum of Prattsville. She is also survived by 14 grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Horace Dunham of Ashland, and many other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held at Dibble home at two o’clock Friday, conducted by Rev. Andrew Case of Poughkeepsie, a former pastor, assisted by Rev. Arthur Cataldo, pastor of the Lexington M.E. Church.

Mortician Albert Shaver of Prattsville had charge of the funeral arrangements. She was laid to rest in the family plot beneath a mound of beautiful floral tributes. Bearers were Rev. Lewis Ryan, Ernest Barnum, Leo Barnum, Ray Sutton, Julius Howard and Wm. Dibble. [ She died in 1947] 

Mrs. Phoebe Jordan:  From Ashland Cor.
Beloved Ashland Resident Died February 24th, at South Kortright
This community was deeply grieved to hear of the death of Mrs. Phoebe Jordan on February 24, 1933, at the home of her son, Brayton Johnson, and family at South Kortright, in her 82d year. She had been a member of the M.E. Church of Ashland for many years, and was always ready to care for the sick and to help in time of trouble. She was a loving mother and grandmother, a dear good sister and aunt and a kind friend. Her funeral services were held on Sunday afternoon at her home, conducted by Rev. G.W. Baldinger of the United Presbyterian Church of South Kortright. and on Monday morning at eleven o'clock services were held at Ashland M.E. Church conducted by Rev. R. McLaren, assisted by Rev. Mack Truby of Prattsville. The text was the last words spoken by the deceased " O Death Where is Thy Sting". Two beautiful duets were sung by Mrs. Claud Tompkins and Mrs. Wallace Demming. " Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" and The City Foursquare."

Her nearest survivors are a son, Brayton Johnson, and wife; one grandson, Roger Johnson; two granddaughters Doris Johnson and Pauline Colby of Middleburg; a son-in-law, Thos. Colby of Mount Vernon; two brothers, Ahira and Abram Truesdell of Lexington, and two sisters, Mrs. Delina Barnum of Little Westkill and Mrs. Horace Dunham of Ashland, besides many nieces and nephews and other relatives and friends whose hearts were made sad by her death.

The bearers were Melvin Wier, Arthur Voorhees, Claud Tompkins, Fred Dodge, Chester Jeralds and Claud Campbell. Interment in the Pleasant Valley cemetery by the side of her first husband, Dr. B. A. Johnson. Funeral arrangements conducted by Undertaker Kimball of Bloomville. 

Charles Johnson: From Ashland Cor.

This community was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Charles Johnson, who had been caring for his father Alonzo Johnson, on upper Main street for several months. He went to the barber shop on Friday in his usual health, as far as anyone knew, and came home at an early hour and, as was his custom he read the paper a short time and then retired. On Saturday morning August 15,1931, he did not get up at the usual hour and his father called him and getting no response he went to his room and found him dead in bed. Dr. Sutton of Prattsville was immediately summoned and pronounced death due to heart trouble. He was 56 years of age. He was a quiet, friendly disposition and made many friends since coming to Ashland. He is survived by his aged father, one brother, William of Poughkeepsie, one sister Mrs. Ernest Fisher of Oneonta, for whom much sympathy is felt. His funeral was held at the M.E. Church at Lexington on Tuesday at 2 o'clock, the funeral arrangements being in charge of Sutton's Funeral Home, Stamford. 

Mrs. Augustus Lewis:   From Ashland Cor.
This Community was deeply grieved to hear of the sudden death of Mrs. Hazel Wilson Lewis on Monday afternoon, July 8, 1940, aged 51 years. She had been feeling better than usual for some time. She had prepared dinner and while washing dishes she apparently commenced to feel badly and she went to the barn which they were remodeling and called her husband, Augustus Lewis. He and his son came quickly to her aid and before getting to the house they had to carry her. Dr. I.T. Sutton of Prattsville was called, he being at the Maggie Ferris home. He arrived in about ten minutes, but found her unconscious and she soon passed away.

Mrs. Lewis was a kind, loving wife and mother and a good friend and neighbor, always ready to do a kind deed for any one in trouble. Her funeral was held at her late home on Thursday afternoon, the house being filled with sorrowing friends. The service was conducted by Rev. James Russell, and arrangements were in charge of Willis Baldwin and son of Hunter. Burial was in the Windham Cemetery. Her nearest survivors are her husband, Augustus Lewis; one son Verner Lewis; four brothers, three sisters, and a host of other relatives and friends to whom much sympathy is extended. 

Mrs. Frances Shoemaker: From Little Westkill Cor.
Mrs. Frances Shoemaker died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Warren Becker, in Prattsville on Thursday afternoon, November 21st. She was 78 years of age. Mrs. Shoemaker had been in about her usual health until early Thursday morning when she was seized with a heart attack from which she succumbed. On December 20, 1881, she was united in marriage to Charles Shoemaker and for about 33 years she, with her husband, lived on the former Gilbert Persons farm in this place. About 13 years ago they sold their farm, because of failing health, and moved to their home on upper Main Street, Prattsville, where her husband’s death occurred July 26, 1933. Since his death she made her home with her niece, Mrs. Becker. For many years she had been a member of the M.E. Church and a faithful attendant. She was a wonderful neighbor, beloved by all who knew her.

Her nearest survivors are two sisters, Mrs. Emma Clough of Catskill, and Mrs. Ella Peckham of Prattsville; several nieces and nephews and many other relatives and friends who will be saddened by her death. Funeral services were held on Monday at 2 p m from the M.E.Church in Prattsville. Interment in the family plot in Fair Lawn Cemetery. 

Miss. Rebecca Brandow: From Ashland Cor. 
Miss Rebecca Brandow, aged about 72 years, passed away at the home of Mrs. Nancy Buell at Prattsville on Sunday, May 10, 1931. Miss Brandow spent nearly her whole life in the town of Ashland. She was a faithful member of the M.E. Church and always attended services when she was well enough. She leaves many friends who will miss her. Her nearest relatives are one brother, Addie Brandow, of Ashland; one nephew, Milton Brandow, of Windham, and one niece, Mrs. Frank Robinson of North Settlement. Her funeral was held at the M.E. Church, Ashland, on Tuesday at eleven o’clock, conducted by Rev. R. McLaren. Funeral arrangements in charge of E.W. Brown of Prattsville. Interment in Pleasant Valley by the side of her parents and sister. 

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