Sanford Howard

Sanford Howard
ca. 1808 - 1878

Submitted by Jackie Towner

Note: Sanford is the brother of Benjamin Howard

(Probate Nov 25th 1878)

In the name of God, Amen! I Sanford Howard of the town of Hunter in the county of Greene and State of New York of the age of seventy one years, and being of sound mind and memory, do make publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say—

  1. I give and bequeath to my daughter Charlotte Greene one hundred dollars to be paid to her out of money, mortgages or notes, in case there is that amount owing to me, or in case I am possessed of it in money at the time of my decease—and in case she should not survive me, or die before the settlement of my estate by my executor. Then I give the one hundred dollars to her daughter Elizabeth Greene.
  2. I also give and bequeath to Anna Vedder one hundred dollars in case I am possessed of that amount after paying to my daughter Charlotte her said one hundred dollars and in case I am possessed of that amount either use money, notes or mortgages, at my decease—and in case of her death, then the same is to be paid to Horace Vedder, her son, but in case of her death then my executor shall keep the said one hundred dollars invested in some savings bank, or on good and ample real estate, and be paid to him when he becomes twenty one years of age.
  3. I give and bequeath to my sons Eben and Norman the farm I now own consisting of twenty six acres of land, more or less lying and being in Hunter Village together with all the hereditaments and appurtenances whereunto belonging or in any way appertaining. To have and to hold the above named premises described to the said Eben Howard and Norman Howard their heirs and assigns forever, but in case they cannot agree to live on the place together or to divide the same equally between them without due cause of law-then I hereby empower my executor to sell and dispose of the same at public or private sale, at such time or times, and upon such terms, and in such manner as to them shall seem meet; and after paying the expenses of such sale, to divide the proceeds equally between them, share and share alike.
  4. I also give and bequeath all my goods chattels farming utensils-and all my personal property of every name and nature after paying my just debts and the legacies heretofore named, to my sons, Eben and Norman to share and share alike.
  5. I also give to Liddy Howard wife of Eben Howard my sewing machine and also to Elizabeth Greene my bureau and stands and pictures.
  6. And I also appoint and hereby nominate George N. Eggleston and Samuel S Mulford to be the executors of this my last will and testament.

April 30th 1878

Bearing the date the 3rd day of April 1878.
Now therefore I do by this my writing, which I hereby declare to be a
codicil to my said last will and testament, and to be taken as a part
thereof, order and declare that my will is in case my son Eben should die before his wife Liddy. Then all of his share is to go to her, and I also declare that and order that my oldest cow shall be the property of------- (rest missing)

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