Samuel Van Vechten's Company

Samuel Van Vechten's Company

Excerpt from J.B. Beers, History of Greene County, published in 1884

Having no organization at the time, this county, as such, could take no part in the exciting scenes accompanying the development and progress of the war and independence. Its towns likewise have left no record of their action, because they were not then organized. The people did play a part in that great drama, but most of the facts concerning their action were buried with them or have only been preserved in isolated and scattered records which have fallen into obscurity too deep for the means at our disposal to bring to the surface and unite so as to give a generalized or at all complete detailed view of the revolutionary period here. The people were moved by the great commotion which stirred the hearts of the colonies, but we may suspect that the phlegmatic Dutchmen moved slowly, and many of them took but an indifferent interest in the success of the colonies, and the English settlers were here in numbers too few to bear any important part in the work. None of the battle scenes of the war were enacted upon the soil of Greene County. Neither has any strategic or demonstrative exploit been written to its honor. Its rocky and mountainous wilds afforded a retreat for those who fled from the more active fields of war, and tradition disgraces its soil by making it the home of the traitor and the tory who instigated their Indian allies to deeds of blood as well as joined themselves in the persecution of their loyal neighbors.

But amid all these circumstances, the people of this section, the Great Imboght District and the District of Coxsackie, furnished their quotas of men and means for the prosecution of the war. We find but an imperfect glimpse of the military representation of this section at that time in the following lists, but such as they are we present them as taken from a "Muster Roll of Captain Samuel Van Vechtenís Company in Colonel Cornelius D. Wynkoopís Battalion of Forces raised in the State of America." The date immediately following the name is the date of appointment or enlistment, and in every case is the year 1776:

Commissioned Officers:
Captain, Samuel Van Vechten, March 2d, 1776
First Lieutenant, John Hooghkirk, March 1st, 1776
Second Lieutenant, John Ball, March 4th, 1776
Ensign, Daniel Evarts, April 11, 1776

Ralph Cole, March 1st, 1776, sick at Albany
Charles Shaver, March 4th, 1776
Isaac Overbaugh, March 4th, 1776, deserted October ye 21
Joseph Bettyes, March 13th, 1776, reduced to Corporal June 3rd
Tunis Van Wagganen, June 3rd 1776, promoted Adjutant, July 20

Andrew Dunlap, April 8th 1776, sick at Albany
Justus Valkeneer, March 11th, 1776, sick at Claverack
Ambrose Tuttle, March 11th, 1776
Gilbert Van de Bogert, June 30th, 1776, sick at sick at Albany
Stephen Mason, July 30th, 1776, died October 29

David Floyd, May 12th, 1776, died July 11th

Elijah Manrole, June 12th, 1776

Moses Akins, March 4th, 1776, deserted March 20th
Valentine Asten, March 17th, 1776
Jacob Asten, March 14th, 1776, On furlo to Catts Kill
John Barnet, April 20th, 1776
Joseph Bettyes, On Comíd on board the Fleet
Atcheson Bullock, March 20th, 1776, On furlo to Albany hospíl
Abraham Camer, April 3rd
Robert Canady, April 9th, discharged May 21st
William Canneff, Apr 22nd, deserted April 24th
Joseph T Concklin, March 9th
Michael Coombes, March 15th, deserted May 15th
Peter Coombes, March 23rd
Peter Crapo, March 9th, sick on furlough
David Duff, April 14th, sick at Albany hospital
William Eavans, May 4th, deserted May 6th
Johannis Emerigh, March 20th, deserted September 22nd
Jacob Farrington, March 22nd, deserted April 24th
William Flaghler, May 13th. deserted May 21st
Francis Flamin, March 7th, died June 15th
William Grimsley, March 12th, deserted May 9th
Jame Gires, April 24th, deserted May 1st
John Griffiths, March 24th, deserted April 4th
Mathew Halenbec, March 18th, died June 17th
Michael Harp, March 11th, on furlough
James Halstead jr., March 23rd, deserted October 3rd
Nathaniel James, March 9th
William King, March 23rd
Peter Larawa, April 18th, deserted April 25th, taken up July ye 22nd, now on furlough
Jacob Livingston, March 11th, on furlough to Albany hospital
John Low, March 9th, deserted May 20th
Isaac Marick, March 13th, died August 9th
Stephen Mason, March 11th, promoted corporal July 30th
David Miller, March 18th
John McIlmoil, March 13th, discharged November 1st
John Mizner , May 12th, discharged May 6th
Peter Ostrander, March 11th, deserted October 3rd
Joseph Parker, April 11th, deserted May 16th
Edward Ray, March 14th, deserted March 21st
John Roberts, March 13th, deserted April 10th
Benjamin Sammons, March 4th, died September 24th
Solomon Schut, March 28th
Thomas Staats, March 6th, deserted May 19th
Francis Smith, March 11th
Jacob Van Tesley, March 15th, deserted September 22nd
Cornelius Taylor, March 4th, deserted May 20th
John Taylor, April 22nd, deserted May 20th
Ambrose Tuttle, June 30th, sick at Albany
Christian Van Vorst, June 4th
Gilbert Van de Bogert, June 11th, promoted corporal June 30th
Jeremiah Wolfe, June 20th, deserted September 22nd
John Young, June 15th, deserted September 22nd

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