Resorts Lexington

Lexington Boarding Houses, Resorts and Hotels

Extracted from Beers, History of Greene County, by Annette Campbell

The Lexington House was built in 1883, by VanValkenburgh & Clough, and is owned by John P. VanValkenburgh.  It is beautifully located near Crystal Lake (Lexington), in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, and is surrounded with grand and varied scenery.

The Lexington Heights House is situated on an elevated plateau, 300 feet above and one half mile from the village of Lexington.  The house was first built in 1790 by William Faulkner.  J.S. Thompson, the present proprietor, bought the house of Thomas Faulkner in 1865, and enlarged and rebuilt it in 1878. It has a capacity for 25 guests.
Martin's Hotel was built in 1863 by Horatio A. Martin, who, in 1883 sold it to W. B. Martin. It is situated on the north bank of the Schoharie Kill and has a capacity for about 60 guests.
The Whitcomb House was built by Robert Faulkner, and afterward owned by Hiram Faulkner, of whom it was bought by Horace Whitcomb, the present proprietor.  It furnishes accommodations for about 30 boarders.
The Hillside Farm House is situated two and one half miles west and about 500 feet above the village of Lexington, on Beach Ridge.  It is owned by Schuyler C. Chamberlain, and is surrounded by a farm of 100 acres. Mr. Chamberlain commenced taking summer boarders in 1875. The house has a capacity for about 50 guests.
The Mountain Ridge House was built in 1881 by John Bonesteel, who is present proprietor. It is situated on Mountain Ridge one mile west of the village of West Kill and eight miles from Shandaken.  There is a farm of 196 acres of land connected to the house. Accommodations are furnished for 20 guests.
The Maple Shade House was built in 1877 and enlarged in 1882.  It accommodates 30 guests, and is conducted by George A. VanValkenburgh.
The Boarding House of Wesley G. VanValkenburgh is situated at the upper end of the Spruceton valley. The surrounding scenery is exceedingly picturesque. Accommodations are furnished for 30 guests.

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