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Greenville Boarding Houses, Hotels and Resorts

Extracted from Beers, History of Greene County, by Annette Campbell

In early times, the demand for public houses must have been far in excess of the present day, as they could then be counted by the dozen, whereas one now, or at most two, seems to satisfy all the requirements of the traveling public. Among these early hotels may be mentioned the following in addition to those elsewhere referred to. On the premises now occupied by M. B. Palmer, Isaac Hallock was running a hotel in 1820.  He was followed soon after by H. N. Bogardus, who in turn was succeeded by Enos Smith. It was continued by him some years, and after his death by his widow. This hotel was kept open as late as 1840.

In 1818 Edmund Blackmore kept a hotel a short distance west of Gayhead, where Levi Finch now resides.  This was continued by him for a number of years, and he was followed by others, but it was closed probably about 1837. Elder Stewart who was one of the early pastors of the first Baptist church of the town, kept a hotel for a number of years during his pastorate on the premises now occupied by George C. Weeks. A hotel was built early where the barn of John C. Palmer now stands, and continued for many years.  One of the first proprietors was Tobias Brogue. Jacob Flansburg also kept a hotel at the same time, a short distance west, where Charles Townsend now resides. Benton Hallock conducted a hotel about one mile west of Greenville village for some years, opening about 1845, and the same building has been used for the same purposes by others at intervals since he closed out.
There are six villages or hamlets in the town: Greenville, Freehold, Norton Hill, Greenville Centre, Gayhead and East Greenville. None of these are incorporated.

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