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Catskill Boarding Houses, Resorts and Hotels

Extracted from Beers, History of Greene County, by Annette Campbell

James H. Woolhiser is the proprietor of a boarding house situated near the Sulphur Springs, Catskill.  The house was built in 1882 by the present owner. It is situated in an elevated and healthy location and has a capacity for 30 guests.

The Elm Shade House, one and one half miles west of Catskill village on the south bank of the Kaaterskill Creek was built by its proprietor, Horace Barker, in 1872, and accommodates 15 guests. The waters of the creek afford good boating and fishing. Post office address of proprietor, Catskill, NY.
The Union House, Catskill Point, was built by Hiram VanSteenburgh in 1878 and was bought in 1880 by the present proprietess, Mrs. M.J.B. Brooks. The hotel furnishes first class accommodations for 75 guests. Post office address of proprietess, Catskill Point, NY
The Continental Hotel is situated at the boatlanding at Catskill Point, and is owned and conducted by W. D. Hahn.  The house accommodates 35 boarders. Telegraph and telephone offices in the building, also railroad ticket office.  Post office address of proprietor, Catskill, NY
Robert N. Fullagar is the proprietor of a boarding house near Leeds.  The house is in a cool and healthy locality, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It has a capacity for about 40 boarders.  The post office address of the owner is Leeds, NY.
Fair View Farm House was erected by James Wetzel in 1833, and was subsequently owned by Messrs. Talmadge and Walter Pine.  It is situated about six miles from the village of Catskill, on the Fair View Farm. The post office address of the proprietor is Kiskatom, NY
Kiskatom Mountain View Farm House was built in 1871 by the present proprietor, Frederick Saxe, and is situated near High Falls and the Kaaterskill Clove.  It furnishes accommodations for 45 guests. Post office address, Catskill, NY.
The Catskill Pine Grove House was built in 1876 by its present proprietor, John Bergner, and was rebuilt and enlarged in 1880. It is located about one mile west of Main Street, Catskill, at the junction of the Mountain Turnpike and the Saugerties road, and furnishes accommodations for 40 guests.
The Pines House, built by Giles Griffin in 1854, is situated on the eastern border of a magnificent pine grove at Palenville, near one of the falls of the Kaaterskill, and is one of the oldest boarding houses in the locality. About 12 boarders are furnished with first class accommodations for the summer season.
The Hawver House was opened in 1861 by the present proprietor, Peter Hawver. It is situated in a pleasant part of the village of Palenville, and surrounded with beautiful grounds and pleasant walks.  The Hawver House accommodates 75 guests.
Charles H. Teale opened his house at Palenville for the accommodation of summer boarders in 1850. Entertainment is furnished for 20 guests. The post office and telegraph office are in the house.

The Swiss Home
is pleasantly situated on the west side of Katskill Creek, near the village of Catskill.  It was opened in 1869 by the present proprietor, Philip Plusch. Accommodations are furnished for 75 guests. Post office address of Proprietor, Catskill, NY
James H. Badeau is the proprietor of a boarding house two and one-half miles west of the village of Catskill. The house is on a pleasant elevation, and is surrounded by a fine farm of 130 acres. The house was opened in 1873.
Sunny Slope House was built in 1860 by Mrs. J. M. Williston, was rebuilt in 1878, and now has a capacity for 50 boarders.  It is situated in Palenville, at the entrance to the Kaaterskill Clove, and within convenient distance of the principal points of interest in the Catskill Mountains. Its present proprietor is P. H. Scribner.
The Palenville House was built by Daniel Center and Henry Palen, and was subsequently purchased by Henry Wynkoop. The present owner came into possession of the property in 1848. The house is pleasantly located in the Katerskill Clove. Pleasant groves and walks surround the place. The air is delightfully cool, and the water is pure. The house accommodates 20 guests. E. W. Trumpbour, proprietor, Palenville, NY.
The Maple Grove House, a delightful summer resort at the entrance to the Katerskill Clove, was built by the present proprietor, Philo Peck, in 1866. It is surrounded by a large, well shaded lawn, and furnishes good accommodations for 125 guests. It is situated one half mile from the Palenville post office.
The Drummond's Falls House was erected by a man named Drummond, about the year 1803, and was rebuilt in 1869 by the present owner. The place is rendered attractive by magnificent views, cool air, pleasant walks and shades.  The table is supplied from the farm of 110 acres, connected with the establishment. Hezekiah M. Dederick, Proprietor, Palenville, NY.
Oakwood Hall was built by the present proprietor, in 1879, and is located at the entrance of Katerskill Clove, about one mile from the Catskill Mountain Railroad station. From 25 to 30 boarders are accommodated here during the season. Edwin E. Goodwin, proprietor, Palenville, NY.
The Lamouree House, one half mile from Palenville post office, was built in 1871, by Cornelius Dubois, and rebuilt in 1881. The Lamouree House is delightfully situated at the foot of Kaaterskill Clove, and furnishes accommodations for 15 guests. The place is especially attractive on account of the delightful breezes which are always to be found. Luman Lamouree, proprietor, Palenville, NY.
The Echo House, situated convenient to railroad station and post office, near Black Crook Falls, occupies the site of a house built prior to the Revolution, and was erected by Newcomb Knapp, and subsequently owned by Dr. J. H. Blanchard, Messrs. Demarest and Myers, and by James Goodwin, who sold it to the present proprietor. The house furnishes accommodations for 30 guests. Forty acres of fine farming land are connected with the house. George Wynkoop, proprietor, Palenville, NY.
The Edgewood House, situated one mile from Leeds on the Katerskill road, was built by the present proprietor in 1855, and rebuilt and enlarged in 1879. About 40 boarders are accommodated here, and the table is supplied from the farm of 120 acres, connected with the house. Isaac Vedder, proprietor, Leeds, NY.
Calvin C. Woolhiser is the proprietor of a boarding house in the western part of the village of Catskill, near the Sulphur Springs.  The house was built in 1873 by Michael Decker, and was subsequently owned by J. Fiero, Jr., of whom it was purchased by the present owner. About 35 guests are accommodated during the summer season.
The Riverside Farm is located at Donahues Landing, on the Hudson River, five miles below Catskill. The boarding house was erected by Chauncey P. Shultis, in 1855, and its successive owners have been John Gould, Captain William Donahue, and the present proprietor Phineas R. Finger. About 20 boarders are accommodated. The post office address of the proprietor is Smiths Landing, NY
Jacob Fiester's boarding house on Bethel Ridge, six miles west of Catskill, was built in 1873 by the present proprietor. It is situated on a farm f 138 acres, and has the highest location of any boarding house below the mountains. The house accommodates 50 boarders. Post office address of proprietor, Leeds, NY.

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