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Cairo Boarding Houses, Hotels and Resorts

Extracted from Beers, History of Greene County, by Annette Campbell

The White Sulphur Springs boarding -house was built by the present proprietor, Walker N. Lennon, in 1868.  It is situated on a spur of the mountains, one and three quarters miles west of Cairo village, and affords a fine view of mountains and valleys. The house accommodates 80 guests. The White Sulphur Springs are widely noted for their medicinal qualities.

The hotel of Sherwood H. Camp, near Acra, is known as the Blanchard stand. It was built by Isaac Coffin about the year 1810. Since that time it has passed through many hands. This is one of the old hotels on the Catskill and Windham stage route, and its nearest post-office is Acra.
The Winter Clove House was built in 1838 by Elihu Slater and subsequently owned by the sons of Mr. Slater, who were succeeded in 1863 by the present proprietor, H. B. Whitcomb. The house is situated in the south-western part of Cairo, and has a capacity for 60 guests.
The Catskill Creek House was built in 1816 by Elijah Blackman. The hotel is situated on the Catskill Turnpike at South Cairo, and furnishes accommodations for 50 guests.
The hotel of G.B. Holcomb is situated on the Catskill Turnpike, near South Cairo station. The Katskill Creek, in rear of house, affords good boating and fishing. The house accommodates 40 guests.
The boarding-house of Mrs. Maria P. Raeder was built in 1834 by John Crooker. It is pleasantly situated on the Shingle Kill, one-half mile north of the village of Cairo, and accommodates 45 guests, and affords employment for eight persons.
The Indian Ridge House was built in 1875 by the present proprietor, E. Winie. It stands upon the site of the old Weeks House, which was built in 1774. It is situated upon Indian Ridge at South Cairo, at an elevation of 1,200 feet. The house furnishes entertainment for 35 guests.
The Overlook Home is situated on a high plateau, two and one half miles from South Cairo station.  It was built in 1843 by Kinner M. Wilber, who was succeeded by the present proprietor, T.N. Wilber. Entertainment is furnished for 25 guests. The post office address of the proprietor is Leeds.
The Brookside Farm house, situated at the base of the mountains in Acra, was erected in 1811 by John C. Burhans. It has a capacity for 36 boarders. The present proprietor is Mrs. Julia A. Burhans.
The boarding house of Abram W. Abeel is situated on a farm of three hundred acres, three and one half miles from the Village of Cairo. It was built about the year 1818 by a Mr. Dedrick. 25 guests are accommodated.
The farm house of Frederick Salisbury, at South Cairo was built in 1855. 20 guests are furnished with excellent board during the summer season.
The boarding house of P. S. Pine, at South Cairo, was built by the present proprietor in 1861. It is pleasantly situated one and one half miles from the station, at an elevation of one thousand feet, affording a magnificent view of the mountains and surrounding country. It has a capacity for accommodating 20 guests.
The Amity House, at Acra, was built by Dr. William Tellfair about the year 1840, and was subsequently owned by Edward Spring, William Nagle, Mrs. Peter Jacobs, and the present occupant, E. Thomas. It furnishes accommodations for 20 guests.
The Mountain Brook House was built in 1837 by James Lennon, and is at present owned by William S. Lennon.  It is situated at the base of mountains in Cairo, and accommodates 15 guests.
At the farm-house of Martin W. Fiero, at Acra, 14 guests may find accommodations for the summer season. The house is situated upon the Windham Turnpike, one half mile from post office.
The farm-house of George H. Meddaugh was built in 1882 by Edward Meddaugh.  Fifteen guests are accommodated during the summer season. The house is pleasantly situated on high ground, one mile from the base of the mountains in Acra.

Nathan B. Fiero is the proprietor of a boarding house about one half mile east of South Cairo, on the old Susquehanna Turnpike, near the Katskill Creek. The house was built in 1866 by Peter Earl, and was bought by the present owner in 1870. Accommodations are furnished for about 30 guests. The waters of the creek afford good boating, fishing and bathing.

The Rural Home of Harmon Cole is located on the old Susquehanna Turnpike, one half mile east of South Cairo, and was built in 1843, by Benjamin Tundell. The Katskill Creek flows through the farm, affording fine fishing, boating and bathing.  The rooms are commodious and pleasant, accommodating about 30 guests. Post office address of the proprietor is South Cairo, NY.

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