Petition of Guardianship Heirs Caltern Briggs

 Petition for the Appointment of Guardian of Heirs of Caltern Briggs, Deceased

 Box # 17,  Pkg. # 449
Vedder Memorial Library
Petition filed July 18, 1853

 Transcribed and submitted by Barbara Craddock

To the Surrogate of the County of Greene the petition of Olive Briggs of the Town of Coxsackie, County of Greene and State of New York respectfully show that your petitioner in the Matter of Theodore Briggs, Maryette Briggs and Estella Briggs minors under the age of fourteen years. The said minors are all residents of said town. That said, Theodore was thirteen years of age on the 17th day of March 1, 1853, said Maryette was eleven years of age on the 28th day of August last and the said Estella was six years of age on the 22nd day of March last. That the only relatives of minors living in said county are their mother ,brothers and sisters.  That said minors are each entitled to personal property of the value of one hundred and seventy one dollars and forty cents ~ as your petitioner is informed and being _________ and that they are each seized of certain real estate the annual rents and profits whereof do not exceed the sum of nine dollars to each of said infants.

And to protect and preserve the legal rights of said minors it is necessary that sound proper persons should be duly appointed the guardian of the person and estate of each of said minors.

Your petitioner therefore prays that you will appoint your petitioner the guardian of the personal estate of each of said minors until they shall respectively arrive at the age of fourteen years and until another guardian shall be appointed, and your petitioner will ever pray.

Dated Coxsackie July 18, 1853

Witness                                                                                          signed
Garit G. Heermance                                                                     Olive Briggs

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