Petition Eunice Briggs

Petition of Eunice Briggs
In Relation to the will of Benjamin Briggs

Greene County Surrogate's Records, Box 22, Packet 663
Located at the Vedder Memorial Library


To the County Judge of Greene:

The petition of Eunice Briggs of Athens, Greene County, NY 

Respectfully Sheweth that Benjamin Briggs late of the County of Greene in the State of New York, is dead—on or about the 15th day of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty six: that he was at the time of his death an inhabitant of the Town of Athens in said county and died at his place of residence in the county of Greene leaving a Last Will and Testament relating to real and personal property estate: That the said deceased died leaving him surviving your petitioner residing as aforesaid-Harriet A. wife of George K. Dalzell, Thomas A. Briggs all residing in Athens aforesaid of full age. Benjamin F. Briggs, Wealthy Ann Briggs, Alison Briggs, Sarah Briggs and Minerva Briggs infants under the age of 21 years having no general guardian all children of the said testator by means whereof, as your petitioner has been informed and truly believe it belongs to the Surrogate of the said county to take the proof of the said last Will and Testament of the said deceased: That your petitioner being desirous that the said Will should be admitted to probate, and that Letters Testamentary should be granted thereon, pray a citation issuing out of and under the seal of this Court, requiring the said next of kin, personally to be and appear when and where this court may direct, to oppose or support as they may see fit, the probate of the last Will and Testament, Your petitioner will ever pray, &c

                                                                                                Signed by
                                     Eunice Briggs

Greene County                             ss.            Eunice Briggs

The above named petitioner being duly sworn does depose and say, that the matters and things set forth in the foregoing petition are true, to the best of her knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn this 22 day of October 1856, before me                                           signed
Thomas Huxton, Justice of the Peace                                                    Eunice Briggs

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