Palenville Post Office

Palenville Post Office

[written in is Dec 1934]
Article located at the Palenville Public Library and transcribed by Celeste MacCormack


Name Was Changed in 1833 and Few Years Later, Again Designated by Original Title

In reply to a request made by Assistant Postmaster Chester J. Hinman of Palenville, for some information as to the postoffice in that village, W.  W. Howes, First Assistant Postmaster General, at Washington, D. C., writes as follows:

   “Mr. Chester J. Hinman,

    ‘Assistant Postmaster,

    ‘Palenville, N.Y.

    ‘My Dear Mr. Hinman:

“In reply to your letter of recent date you are advised that according to the records of the Department of the postoffice of Palenville, Greene County, New York, was established January 7, 1826, with Benjamin P. Burham as postmaster.  The name of the office was changed to Irvingsville, October 29, 1833.

    Name Changed Back

“The name of the Irvingsville office was changed back to Palenville and Richard Hardwick was appointed postmaster July 28, 1841.

   “Sincerely yours,

    W. W. Howe.
    “First Assistant Postmaster General.”

This is an interesting bit of local history, although not quite complete.  It is regretted that Mr. Howe did not go further into the history of this old postoffice and named the postmaster who succeeded Richard Hardwick.

Probably there are very few, if any, residents of Palenville who are aware of the fact given in Mr. Howe’s letter.

The acting postmaster at Palenville is Frederick J. Timmerman.  For at least thirty years, the late John R. Hinman and his son, Chester J. Hinman, have been postmasters at Palenville, the son succeeding the father in an unbroken tenure of office through several Presidential administrations.

Mr. Timmerman was recently appointed acting postmaster and it is expected the appointment will be made for a full term soon.  Mr. Hinman is at present assistant postmaster. 


Postmasters of the Palenville Post Office

Postmaster                                                       Date of Appointment

Benjamin P. Burham                                        January 7, 1826

Rufus Palen                                                      September 3, 1828

Albert E. Leete                                                 April 16, 1832

Hiram Smith                                                     October 29, 1833

Daniel G. Centre                                              November 17, 1834

Richard Hardwick                                           July 28, 1841

Charles H. Teal                                                March 1, 1842

Lawrence A. Falk                                            August 13, 1857

George N. Bonestel                                          August 25, 1859

Daniel T. Lennon                                             April 19, 1860

Peter Hawver                                                   November 1, 1860

Charles H. Teal                                                December 31, 1861

Chauncey L. Goodwin                                    March 13, 1886

John R. Hinman                                                April 12, 1889

Ambrose Timmerman                                     May 4, 1894

John R. Hinman                                                June 18, 1898

Chester J. Hinman                                            December 23, 1914

Frederick J. Timmerman                                 August 1, 1934

Edgar Griffin                                                     August 1, 1935

Arthur Congdon                                              December 16, 1936

John L. Cass                                                      February 27, 1940

Archie Smith                                                     November 1, 1942

John L. Cass                                                       May 31, 1943 

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