Mortgage Thomas and Andrews

Mortgage between Thomas Howard and Moses Andrews

Contributed by Don Howard

Registered for and at the request of Moses Andrews on the 30th day of May 1804.  Be it remembered that on the ninth day of March one thousand eight hundred and four Thomas Howard of the town of Canton County of Green and State of N. York did for and in consideration of the sum of Seven hundred and fifty dollars lawful money of New York to him in hand paid by Moses Andrews of the town & County & State aforesaid - grant bargain sell alien remise release & confirm unto the said Moses Andrews & to his heirs assigns forever All one certain tract or piece of land situate and being in the Town of Canton aforesaid being part of a tract of land granted by letters patent the second day of January One Thousand and seven hundred and seventy to John Morren Scott & seventy seven others.  Butted and Bounded as follows-Beginning at a stake and heap of stones being the southwest corner of Abel Blackmores farm and from the said beginning runs south seventy five degrees and thirty minutes east Twenty three chains & forty seven links to a stake and stones then south nine degrees and thirty min. west twenty seven chs. and ninety five links to a heap of stones Then north Eighty seven degrees & thirty East five chains and fifty links to a heap of stones Then (then) south ten minutes east nine chains and twenty links to the North east corner of a tract of eighteen acres of land this day sold to Abel Blackmore and William Yeoman Then north Eighty nine degrees and thirty minutes west fifteen chains and twenty links to a heap of stones then north four degrees forty five minutes East four chains & five links to a heap of stones then North seventy eight degrees and thirty minutes west 16 Chs. & 75 links to the East bounds of Van Schaick tract then Northerly along the same about thirty six chains and fifty links to the place of beginning containing one hundred acres be the same more or less together with all and singular the appertances Provided Thomas Howard or his heirs and assigns do & shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said Moses Andrews his heirs executory administrators or assigns the full sum of seven hundred  & fifty dollars as follows One hundred & twenty five Dollars the first Day of May one thousand and eight hundred & five and the residue in four yearly equal (equal) payments with lawful interest to be paid yearly according to the condition of five different notes. 

Thomas Howard, as a collateral security that then these present and the said Bond shall cease and be void Which said Mortgage was executed by the said Thomas Howard in the presence of Eliab Yeomans and Abel Blackman subscribing witnesses thereto- & was proved on the oath of Eliab Yeomans before Thos. E. Barker one of the Judges of the Com pleas of Green on the 30th day of May 1804  

Registered & examined May 30, 1804

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