Misc Court Records

Miscellaneous Early Court Records

From Beers, History of Greene County, page 35, 36. Retyped by Annette Campbell.

The following is a record of the opening of the first session of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, transcribed from the minutes:
"At a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery held at Cats Kill in and for the County of Greene on the fourth Tuesday of September, 1801.  September 22nd."  "Present His Honor Mr. Justice Kent"  "Samuel VanVechten, Thomas E. Barker, Rufus Stanley, Judges of the Court of Common Pleas."  "Peter A. VanBergen, Assistant Justice."
"The panel of the Grand Jury being Returned the following Gentlemen appeared & were sworn:
James Bennett, of Catskill---Foreman
Charles F. Davis, Esq.of Catskill---Foreman
Tunis VanSlyck, of Coxsackie---Yeoman
James Dunn, of Coxsackie---Merchant
Simeon Guild, of Freehold---Yeoman
Ephraim Garrit, of Coxsackie---Merchant
Samuel Haight, of Catskill---Merchant
John Schuneman, of Catskill---Yeoman
James Bogardus, of Catskill---Merchant
Daniel Green, of Windham---Merchant
Benjamin Johnson, of Windham---Yeoman
Matthew B. Anger, of Freehold---Yeoman
Eliphalet Ackley, of Freehold---Yeoman
Levy Stedman, of Freehold---Yeoman
Michael Hann, of Catskill---Merchant
Thomas B. Cook, of Catskill---Merchant
John Rouse, of Catskill---Yeoman
Henry L'Homedieu, of Coxsackie---Merchant
Archibald McVicker, of Coxsackie---Merchant
Isaac Minard, Jr., of Coxsackie---Black Smith
Thomas Keller, of Coxsackie---Hatter
Stephen Warren, of Coxsackie---Shoe Maker
Timothy Mapes, of Coxsackie---Merchant
The grand jury found bills of indictment in one case of assault & battery, two of grand larceny, two of petit larceny, and one of horse stealing. The court acted upon five cases of assault and battery, two of petit larceny and one of grand larceny.
The surrogates of Greene county have been as follows; at first appointed by the governor and Senate, afterwards by the constitution of 1846 the office in this county was united with that of county judge: John H. Cuyler, appointed March 29th 1800; Dorrance Kirtland, appointed June 18th 1808; John Adams, appointed March 15th 1810; Dorrance Kirtland, appointed February 5th 1811; Malbone Watson, appointed April 18th 1838.
The office of district attorney (first called assistant attorney general) was created by the act of April 4th 1801. Greene county was then included in the third district, which embraced the counties of Columbia, Greene and Rennselaer.  The incumbents of this office, appointed by the governor, were as follows:
Ebenezer Foot---August 13, 1801
Moses I. Cantine---March 5, 1805
John V.D.S. Scott---March 10, 1806
Moses I. Cantine---February 8, 1808
Thomas P. Grosvenor---April 3, 1810
Moses I. Cantine---Feb 15,1811 til 1818
By a law passed April 1818, each county was made a separate district for this purpose, and had a district attorney. Under the constitution of 1821 they were appointed by the court of General Sessions. The dates affixed in the list below are only approximate to the time of their holding office. This list has been gathered from imperfect data:
Alexander Fraser---1819
Erastus Barnes---1821
Lewis Benton---1824
Malbone Watson---1832-1837
Lucius Robinson---1838
Danforth K. Olney---1840-1845
Lyman Tremain---1846-1847
Under the constitution of 1846 the office became elective, and since that time the following have been elected to it on the dates accompanying:
Rufus W. Watson---June 1847
Danforth K. Olney---November 1850
Peleg C. Mattoon---1853
John A. Griswold---1856
James B. Olney---1859 and 1862
A, Melville Osborne---1865
William E. Leete---1868
Sidney Crowell---1871
Addison C. Griswold---1874
Eugene Raymond---1877
G. Howard Jones---1880
The following attorneys were practicing in the courts of this county about the year 1860:
John Olney, Alonzo Greene, A. Melville Osborne, Samuel P. Ives, James B Olney, Ezekiel P. More, Lucius Hill, Augustus Hill, Peleg C. Mattoon, Rufus H. King, Henry Mott, John A. Griswold, Sheldon A. Givens, Charles C. Givens, Charles F. Bouton, Manly B. Mattice, Herman Winans, William E. Leete, Henry C. VanBergen, Lemuel C. Bennett, Charles H. Porter, Danforth K. Olney, Rufus W. Watson, Ebenezer Haight, J.C. Dewitt, Augustus R. Macomber.
The following list comprises the attorneys now belonging to the Greene County Bar, with their several locations:
Athens---Charles E. Nichols, John Sanderson
Catskill---Frank H. Burroughs, Emory A. Chase, Sidney Crowell, Jeremiah Day, Orrin Day, Andrew C. Fancher, Addison C. Griswold, John A. Griswold, Joseph Hallock, W. Irving Jennings, (Hallock, Jennings & Chase), G. Howard Jones, Rufus H. King, Manly B. Mattice, Arthur M. Murphy, James B. Olney, Frank H. Osborn, William Palmatier, Eugene Raymond, James H. VanGelder, Jacob I. Werner, Fred Werner.
Coxsackie---F. H. Brandow, John B. Bronk, N.A. Calkins, William Cochran, Alfred W. Curtis, D. Henry Daley, E.C. Hallenbeck, James W. Hiseerd, William E. Leete, J. L.B Silvester.
Cairo---Augustus Hill, Lucius Hill
Durham---A.C. Cowles
Hunter---C.N. Cartwright
New Baltimore---Augustus Sherman
Prattsville---John H. Caughn, James F. Fitch
West Kill---D. H. Hubbard
Windham---Leonard B. Cornell, J.B. Daley, Cicero C. Peck, (Peck & Cornell), Josiah C. Tallmadge.
Windham and Catskill---(Raymond & Tallmadge)

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