Marriages from the Greene County Whig 1849

Marriages from the
Greene County Whig
1849 - 1857

In 1849 the newspaper the Catskill Messenger was changed to the Greene County Whig. This newspaper ran until 1857 when the name was again changed to the Catskill Examiner. Trowbridge and Gunn, Editors and Proprietors.

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Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original newspapers located at the Vedder Memorial Library.

Saturday, October 27, 1849

Married at Windham by Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, on the 22nd inst., Mr. Sidney Maybee of Lexington to Miss Mary J. Langley of the former place.

Saturday, November 3, 1849

Married at Ashland, by Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, on the 17th inst. Mr. Anson B. Brisack of Windham to Miss Adeline White of the former place.

Saturday, November 10, 1849

Married on the 21st ult., by Rev. E. F. Platt, Mr. George Clark and Miss Mary Archdecker.

Married on the 28th ult. by Rev. E. F. Platt, Mr. George Mansfield and Miss Mary O'Connell.

Saturday, November 17, 1849

Married In Catskill on Thurs. the 15th inst. by the Rev. L. L. Noble, John Breasted of New York and Rachel, daughter of William W. Van Loan, Esq.

Married at Windham Centre, on the 4th inst. by the Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Mr. Henry S. Hunter of New York City to Miss Mary Stimson, of the former place.

Saturday, November 24, 1849
No marriages 

Saturday, December 1, 1849
No marriages

Saturday, December 8, 1849

Married in this village, on the 23rd ult. by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. William Cantine to Miss Mary Powell, both of Rensselaerville.

Saturday, December 15, 1849
No marriages

Saturday, December 22, 1849

Married in Catskill, December 11, by the Rev. L. Noble, Mr. Jacob Sleigh and Miss Rosanna Finnerty.

Saturday, December 29, 1849

Married in Catskill, on Wednesday the 26th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. Charles H. Bliven to Miss Maria Thompson.

Married at the Franklin House, December 19th, by Rev. E.F. Platt, Mr. William P. Shufelt and Miss Nancy McQueen.

January 1850 - March 15, 1851
Issues missing

March 22, 1851

Married March 17, in the village of Cairo by Rev. Wm. C. Smith, Mr. Andrew F. Barnes of Southington, Conn. to Miss Ida Elizabeth Stevens, daughter of Edward Stevens of the former place. 

At Prattsville on the 13th inst. By the Rev. Mr. Van Dyke, P.K. Salisbury to Miss Caroline Brandow, both of the same place.

March 29, 1851
No marriages

April 1851 – November 1851
Issues missing

December 6, 1851
No marriages

December 13, 1851 – December 27, 1851
Issues missing

January 3, 1852
Married on the 21st inst. by Rev. Wm. R.S. Betts, Mr. Edgar Botsford of Catskill to Miss Eliza J. Edwards of Athens.

On the 31st inst. by the same, Mr. Walter S. Howland to Miss Mary J. Rainey, both of Athens.

In Cairo December 31st by Rev. E.F. Platt, John N. Powell and Sarah A. Palmer.

Also by the same, Ezra A. Palmer and Rachel J. Palmer.

By the same in Catskill, January 1st George Lynes and Margaret Acker.

January 10, 1852
No marriages

January 17, 1852
Married in this village in the 15th of January last by the Rev. Mr. Howard, Mr. Hector L. Stewart to Miss Ruth Botsford.

January 24, 1852
No marriages

January 31, 1852
Married on the 7th inst. by Rev. Wm. R.S. Betts, Mr. Abel K. Parsons of Bennington, Vt. To Miss Elizabeth A. Groom of Athens, NY.

February 7, 1852
No marriages

February 14, 1852
No marriages

February 21, 1852
No marriages

February 28, 1852
No marriages

March 6, 1852
Married on the 14th inst. by the Rev. C.A. Evans, Mr. Hiram Mills of Jewett, Greene Co to Miss Elizabeth Osborn of Moresville, Del. Co.

March 13, 1852
No marriages

March 20, 1852
No marriages

March 27, 1852
Married at Coxsackie by Rev. Mr. Woodbridge on the 17th inst. Mr. John C. Mackey to Miss Rebecca Hallenbeck.

At Greenville, January 13 by Rev. Aaron Rodgers, Mr. L.E. Vincent to Hannah Hallock, daughter of J.P. Hallock, Esq. All of Greenville.

The same evening, by the same, Rev. Philip Peltz, Pastor of the 1st Reformed Dutch Church of Coxsackie to Mary Van Dyck, daughter of late Professor Dewitt of New Brunswick. 

On the 20th inst. by the same, Mr. Charles W. Thatcher to Miss Mary E. Wordin, both of Coxsackie.

On the 21st inst. by the Rev. Mr. Wells of Windham Center, Mr. George A. Matthews to Miss Martha W. Tompkins, both of Ashland, Greene Co, NY.

April 3, 1852
No marriages

April 10, 1852
No marriages

April 17, 1852
No marriages

April 24, 1852
No marriages

May 8, 1852
No marriages

May 15, 1852
No marriages

May 22, 1852
No marriages

May 29, 1852
No marriages

June 5, 1852
No marriages

June 12, 1852
In this village, June 7th by the Rev. E.F. Platt, William H. Russ to Miss Laura A. Peck, all of this place.

On May 20th in this village, by the Rev. G.A. Howard, Thos. Catlin, of Livingston, Columbia Co to Miss Louisa Miller of East Durham.

At Windham Centre, on the 26th inst. by Rev. Mr. Judd, Mr. Samuel Stimson and Miss Cynthia Graham.

At Prattsville by P.K. Salisbury, Esq., on the 13th inst. Mr. George Mulford and Miss Louisa Titus.

June 19, 1852
No marriages

June 26, 1852
At Cairo on Wednesday, June 23rd by the Rev. Marcus Smith, Dr. Allyn Wheeler of Brewerton, Onondaga Co. to Miss Margaret E. King of the former place.

July 3, 1852
No marriages

July 10, 1852
On the 3rd inst. by the rev. E.F. Platt, Mr. Herman Eckler and Miss Ann Maria Martin, all of Catskill.

July 17, 1852
No marriages

July 24, 1852
In this village, on Thursday evening 15th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Brick, Mr. Henry D. Baldwin to Miss Emma, d/o Mr. Silas barber all of this village.

July 31, 1852
In Albany, on the 21st inst. by the Rev. S. Parks, Thompson C. Smith of Prattsville to Miss Isabella Kelly of the former place.

At Athens on the 4th inst. by Rev. Wm. R.S. Betts, Capt. Peter Freligh, of Coxsackie, to Miss Emeline Van Buskirk of the former Place.

On Wed. the 14th inst. in the Spring St. church by the Rev. Dr. Campbell, Mr. James Scott to Miss Mary Penfield, d/o Joseph Penfield, Esq. all of New York City.

August 7, 1852
On Tuesday the 6th day of July, by the lady’s father, Edward H. Caner, MD of Warsaw, Wyoming Co, NY to Miss Elizabeth C., d/o the Rev. Thomas B. Gregory, Hoboken, NJ and formerly Pastor of the RD Church of Prattsville.

At Lexington, August 1st at the house of Dr. Alexander White by the Rev. J. Chase, Mr. George L. Smith and Miss Hannah Reynolds all of Lexington.

At Montrose, Susquehannah Co, PA on the 24th ult. Mr. Timothy Lewis and Miss Miranda Newcomb both of Binghamton, and formerly of Prattsville.

July 28th by Rev. Philip Peltz, at the parsonage, John F. Wolfe, of Coxsackie to Eliza, d/o William Conine Esq. of Athens.

At Windham Centre, by Rev. L.B. Van Dyck on the 25th inst. Hiram Groat to Cynthia Fitch, both of the town of Ashland.

August 14, 1852
On Monday morning 9th inst., by Rev. Philip Peltz, Peter A. Van Allen, Esq. of Stuyvesant Falls, to Charlotte C., d/o Jason Lusk, Esq. of Coxsackie.

At Lexington 1st inst. at the house of Dr. Alexander White, by the Rev. J. Chase, Mr. George L. Smith to Miss Hannah Reynolds all of Lexington.

In Albany on the 10th inst. by the Rev. Dr. Sprague, Mr. Thomas W. Bell to Miss Ann Eliza Gillet.

August 21, 1852
No marriages

August 28, 1852
Issue Missing

September 4. 1852
Issue missing

September 11, 1852
No marriages

September 18, 1852
Married on the 16th inst. By the Rev. James R. Boyd of Geneva, Edgar B. Camp, Esq. of Sackets Harbor to Miss Mary E. Porter, third daughter of the late David C. Porter of this place. 

Married at the “Catskill House” on Tuesday September 4th by the Rev. E.F. Platt, Israel Pough of Esopus to Catharine Van Buren of Kingston. 

By the same, at the same place, September 5th, Wm. Hemstreet of Clifton Park to Maria Hollenbeck of Coxsackie.

September 25, 1852
No marriages

October 2, 1852
Married by Rev. R.S. Bettson, the 11th inst. Mr. Staats Degroot to Mrs. Hannah Van Loan, all of Athens.

By the same, on the 22nd inst. Mr. Martin Hallenbeck to Miss Loretta Van Hoesen, both of Athens.

October 9, 1852
No marriages

October 16, 1852
No marriages

October 23, 1852
Issue missing

October 30, 1852
No marriages

November 6, 1852
Married at Athens, October 27th by Rev. J.H. Van Woert, of West Ghent, Columbia Co, Walter Johnson of Coxsackie to Elizabeth Van Hoesen of Athens.

November 13, 1852
No marriages

November 20, 1852
No marriages

November 27, 1852
No marriages

December 4, 1852
Married in St. Luke’s Church by the Rev. L.L. Noble, November 24th, Mr. Conradt Sager to Miss Mary Puffer, both of Leeds.

December 11, 1852
No marriages

December 18, 1852
Married in Athens, November 21st by Rev. George Lyle, Mr. Michael Fanning to Miss Mary Inman, both of Baldwinsville, Onondaga Co, New York.

Married in Athens, December 12th by Rev. George Lyle, Mr. James Layman to Margaret F. Winne of Athens.

Married on the 28th ult. by the Rev. Thomas Ellis, Charles H. Cook, of Coeymans Hollow to Miss Mary Eliza Gedney of New Baltimore.

Married by Rev. J. Minor, December 16th at the house of her father in Leeds, Mr. James A. Smith, formerly of Blackstone, Mass. to Miss Harriet Laraway.

December 25, 1852
No marriages

January - March 5, 1853
Issues missing.

March 12, 1853
No marriages

March 19 – June 4, 1853
Issues missing

June 11, 1853
No marriages

June 18, 1853
Issue missing

June 25, 1853
No marriages

July - December 1853
Issues missing

January – January 21, 1854
Issues missing

January 28, 1854
No marriages

February – April 8, 1854
Issues missing

April 15, 1854
Married in this village, Thursday evening, April 13th, by the Rev. G.A. Howard, Mr. George H. Ells of this place to Miss Mary Kinney, of New York City.

April 22 – May 20, 1854
Issues missing

May 27, 1854
Married in Coxsackie, on Thursday 18th inst. By the Rev. John Steele, Mr. Anthony W. Botsford, of Keyport and Miss Mary A. Brown of Coxsackie.

Married on Wednesday 17th inst. By Rev. John Steele, Mr. L.E. Stevens of Lawrence, Mass. and Miss Mary, second daughter of the late Ambrose Baker of Coxsackie.

June 3, 1854
Issue missing

June 10, 1854
No marriages

June 17 – July 8, 1854
Issues missing

July 15, 1854
Married on Tuesday evening, July 11th by Rev. J.M. Hope, Peter Aber to Emily Knapp all of Catskill.

July 22, 1854
Issue missing

July 29, 1854
No marriages

August 5, 1854
Issue missing

August 12, 1854
Married on the 16th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Judd, Mr. Brewster Phelps to Miss Emeret Steele, both of Windham Center.

August 18 – 26, 1854
Issues missing

September 2, 1854
Married on the 23rd inst. by the Rev. Mr, Fairbairn, Mr. Edward Jackson to Miss Martha H. Thorne, both of Catskill.

September 9 – October 7, 1854
Issues missing

October 14, 1854
Married in Coxsackie, Monday October 8 by Rev. Philip Pitz, Dr. J.J. Jackson and Miss Mary Elizabeth Stebbins.

By the same, October 3d at the house of Casper I. Hallenbeck, Mr. Elisha L. Powell of Cairo to Miss Mary E, Hallenbeck.

Married in Athens October 1st by Rev. J.L. Coe, Wm. P. Stranahan to Miss Mary F. Spoor of Athens.

Married at Leeds by Rev. J. Minor, October 7th, Mr. Peter Z. Post to Miss Rachel E. Overbaugh, both of Catskill.

Married at Ashland on the 14th inst. by the Rev. H. Eckel, Mr. Wilson Young of Davenport, to Miss Julia A. Peck of Ashland.

October 21 – November 11, 1854
Issues missing

November 18, 1854
Married in this village, November 14th by Rev. A.P. Van Gieson, Doct. J.H. Baldwin, formerly of Gloversville, Fulton Co, NY to Miss Hattie M. Ray, all of this place. 

Married at Durham, NY on the 30th of October by Rev. Mr. Smith of Windham, Mr. Uriah Winchell to Miss Lucillia A. Newman.

Also on the 2nd of November by Rev. L.H. Fellows of Durham, Mr. A. Waters to Miss Almira D. Newman, both daughters of William Newman, Esq. of Durham, NY

November 25, 1854
No marriages

December 2, 1854
Issue missing

December 9, 1854
Issue missing

December 16, 1854
No marriages

December 23, 1854
Issue missing

December 30, 1854
Married December 21st, 1854 by Rev. J. Minor, Mr. John Wiltse to Miss Augusta Senk, both of Leeds.

By the same, on the 24th inst. Mr. Matthew D. Overbaugh to Miss Elizabeth C. Layman, both of Catskill.

Married in Athens, November 20th, by Rev. George Lyle, Mr. Daniel Sullivan to Miss Eunice Coffin, both of Athens.

Married in New York City, December 21, at the Reformed Dutch Church, Washington Sq., by Rev. T.L. Cuyler, Mr. William Judson of Syracuse to Miss Sarah Jane Van Vleck of New York.

January - December 8, 1855
Issues missing

December 15, 1855
Married at Windham Center, on the 20th November, by the Rev. L.B. Van Dyck, Mr. Harmon Camp, aged 64, to Mrs. Alida Ten Brock, aged 28, all of Windham Center.

At the same place on the evening of the 29th of November, Mr. Roma R. Ives, aged 72 to Miss Mary Barney, aged 68, all of Windham Center.

Married in this village on the 6th of December by Rev. G.A. Howard, Mr. Henry Turck of Saugerties, to Mrs. Harriet Lusk of this village.

Married in Coxsackie, Sunday evening December 9 by the Rev. J. Coe, John Clough to Elverta, daughter of Hon. Stephen Storm, all of Coxsackie.

Married in Coxsackie, November 29th, by Rev. J.C. Weeden, Mr. Stephen E. Durmont of Cayuga, NY to Miss Caroline Smith of the former place.

December 22, 1855 – September 6, 1856
Issues missing 

September 13, 1856
Married in Plattekill, Ulster Co, September 8th after the manner of the Society of Friends, Ward D. Gunn, of Catskill and Sarah Cornell, youngest daughter of Joel Cornell of the former place.

Married in Hunter, on the 6th inst. by Rev. Mr. Ingersoll, Mr. Gordon W. Brady to Miss Eveline Baldwin, both of Hunter.

September 20, 1856 – December 1856
Issues missing

 January 3, 1857
Married by Rev. John Minor, December 30th, Selah C. Whiting to Rachel Rouse, both of Athens.

By the same, December 30th, John Henry Doolittle to Mary Ann Bailey, both of Leeds.

Married on the evening of December 25th by Rev. W.D. Buckelew, Mr. David Jane of Troy to Miss Mary Willard of Athens.

Married January 1st, 1857 by Rev. R.B. Welch, Mr. John Patton of Columbia to Miss Mary Elizabeth Norton of Catskill.

January 10, 1857
Married in Brooklyn on the 24th ult. by Rev. Mr. Kelsey, Mr. Colvin Beckwith, formerly of Cairo to Miss Jenny Warren of Brooklyn.

Married at Albany on Thursday evening, January 1st, by Rev. Dr. Wyckoff, William Davis to Jane L, daughter of James D. Pinckney, formerly of this village.

Married in Catskill, January 7th by the Rev. Thos. Rickey, Mr. Frederick M. Van Gorden to Miss Eliza Bell, all of this village.

January 17, 1857
Married at the residence of Mr. Rushmore, in the town of Athens, January 6th, by rev. G.A. Howard, Mr. Daniel Haviland to Miss Martha C. Hazzard.

January 24, 1857
Married at Conesville, Schoharie Co, on the 14th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Burr, Mr. Walter R. Mott of Durham to Miss Almira H. Gaylord of Conesville.

January 31, 1857
Married by Rev. J. Minor on the 27th inst., Mr. John A. Mower to Miss Emily Stewart both of Catskill.

February 7, 1857
No marriages

February 14, 1857
No marriages

February 21, 1857
No marriages

February 28, 1857
No marriages

March 7, 1857
No marriages

March 14, 1857
No marriages

March 21, 1857
No marriages

March 28, 1857
Married by the Rev. R.B. Welch, on the 25th ult., John A. Perry of Athens to Miss Emeline Tiffany of Catskill.

By the same on the 25th inst., Mr. Hazard Coffin and Miss Sarah E.G. Hoffmann, both of Catskill.

Married by Rev. S.W. Roe on the 10th inst. at the house of the bride’s father, Mr. Jeremiah Schermerhorn to Miss Hannah Edgerley all of Cairo.

April 4, 1857
Married April 1st by rev. J. Minor, Mr. Ira J. Sax to Miss Caroline Mower, both of Kiskatom.

April 2nd by the same, Mr. Mills Winans of Cairo to Miss Lydia M. Rouse of Catskill.

April 11, 1857
The Catskill Elopement. The Hudson Star of Saturday says:

“Our readers will be surprised, as we were, to learn that Miss Sophia Finney (if indeed she can any longer be called so) of Catskill, is again living with Konold, the German music teacher, with whom she eloped to Montreal. Mrs. Konold proper recently returned from that place, whither she had gone at her recreant husband’s request, having obtained her other child, which he cruelly carried away with him at the time of leaving. She is now living in this vicinity. We are informed that Miss Finney returned to Montreal soon after the foolish errand on which she suffered herself to be sent to this city – and pending which Mrs. Konold administered to her such a befitting testimonial of her indication – arriving there but a short time subsequently to Mrs. K. – The two are even said to have confronted each other there under circumstances so anomalous and withal so improbable that we refrain from giving publicity o the report. There seems to be no dispute however that the matter has been measurably adjusted, and that the girl remains with Konold, the graceless scamp, while his lawful wife is endeavoring to maintain the 2 children at her home in this city.

April 18, 1857
Married April 13th by Rev. R.B. Welch, Albert Van Tassel of New York to Miss Julia Dodge of Catskill.

Married April 15th by Rev. J. Minor, William H. Hollester to Rachel Ann Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie.

April 25, 1857

Married on Thursday, the 16th inst. at the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. Thomas Rickey of St. Luke’s church, Mr. Charles W. Woodhouse, Esq. of Burlington, VT to Miss Emma E., daughter of the late Russell Day of Catskill.

Married at Clintondale, Ulster Co on the 22d inst. after the manner of the Society of Friends, John A. Griswod, Esq. of Catskill to Miss Elizabeth M. Roberts, daughter of William B. Roberts of the former place.

Married in Leeds on the 15th inst. by Rev. J. Minor, William H. Hollester to Rachel Ann Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie.

Married April 16th, 1857 by rev. G.A. Howard, Mr. Isaac Champ to Miss Catharine Fay, both of Catskill.

May 9, 1857
Married April 27th by Rev. T. Bordish, Mr. Edwin C. Terry to Mrs. Elizabeth F. Coffin, daughter of Charles McArthur, Esq., all of Hudson.

Married May 3d at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. O.P. Matthews, Merritt J. Haynes to Miss Hannah C., daughter of Catherine Emerick, both of Cairo.

Married May 3d by rev. Geo. Webster, H. Edgar Selleck to Miss Mary A. Barnum, all of this village

May 16, 1857
Married Tuesday May 5th by Rev. G.A. Howard, Mr. Geo. B. Bender of Catskill to Miss Clarrissa J. Worth of Cairo.

May 23, 1857
Married at Coxsackie, May 17th by Rev. J. Steele, Mr. J.W. Wilson of new Brunswick, NJ to Miss H.M. Dean of Coxsackie.

Married may 19th by Rev. R.B. Welch, Charles Henry Dodge of New York to Miss Amanda Stocking of Catskill.

May 30, 1857
No marriages

June 6, 1857
Married at Andes, Delaware Co, on Wednesday May 27th by Rev. D. Torrey of Delhi, Mr. Henry J. Acker of New York City to Miss Sarah B. Dowie of Andes.

June 13, 1857
No marriages

June 20, 1857
Married at St. Luke’s Church in this village Thursday June 18th by Rev. Thomas Ritchey, Mr. B.G. Stone of Boston to Mary Allen, only daughter of Samuel Dubois of this village.

Married at Hudson on the 6th inst. by Rev. Wm. S. Leavitt, Rev. E.B. Collins of Franklin, Essex Co, NY to Miss Mariah H. Utley of Hudson.

Married on the 11th inst. in the City of Oswego by Rev. R.B. Welch, D.L. Couch, Esq. and Miss Helen Arabella Cherry, both of Oswego.

June 27, 1857
Married in Fayette, Seneca Co, on the 17th inst. by Rev. S.H. Gridley, Mr. John Newton Greene of Leeds, Greene Co to Miss Kate W. Coryell of the former place.

Married at Ashland on the 16th inst. by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. Silas Kurau to Miss Laura C. Sage, all of Ashland.

Married on the 21st inst. at Durham, by Rev. E.L. Boing, Mr. Luman Ramsdell of Greenville to Mrs. H.L. Andrews of the former place.

July 4, 1857
Married on the 30th ult. at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. John Spoor, Mr. John McKinstry Smith of Oroville Beetle Co, California to Miss Minerva A. Jennings of East Durham, Greene Co, NY

Married at the residence of her father, in Freehold, Greene Co, NY on Wednesday June 24 by the Rev. J. Spoor of Freehold, NY, the Rev. John N. Spoor of Milford, NJ to Mrs. Augusta D. Smith of the former place.

July 11, 1857
Married at Palenville, July 4th, 1857 by Rev. Mr. Case, Mr. Alonzo L. Legg and Miss Jane E. Morris all of that place.

July 18, 1857
No marriages

July 25, 1857
Issue missing

August 1, 1857
No marriages

August 8, 1857
No marriages

August 15 – 22, 1857
Issues missing

August 29, 1857
Married by Rev. L.M. Purrington on Sunday August 16th at East Durham, Mr. Osmer W. Lounsberry of Rensselaerville to Miss Hotchkiss B. Gilbert to Miss Lydia E. Hotchkiss, of East Durham.

Married at West Durham on the 19th inst. by Rev. Mr. Stone, Mr. Hotchkiss B. Gilbert to Miss Abby E. Newell, both of Durham.

September 5, 1857
No marriages

September 12, 1857
Married September 10th by rev. R.B. Welch, Mr. Jas. T. Becker of the firm Goetchius and Becker, to Miss Helen M. Allen.

Married August 31st by the same, Mr. Tunis Van Allen of Stuyvesant and Miss Mary Acker of Catskill.

Married August 1st by Rev. Howard, Mr. Peter F. Fitchett of Coxsackie to Mary Rushmore of Catskill.

Married August 31st by the Rev. Mr. Campden, Mr. Walter A. Barlow of Hudson to Miss Anna Rogers of North East, Dutchess Co.

Married September 6th by Rev. Thomas Lape, at his residence, David H. Van Gelder, of the Town of Catskill, to Margaret C. Myers of Saugerties.

September 19, 1857
Married September 5th by Rev. C.D. Sitzer, Mr. Samuel Cole of Lexington to Mrs. Harriet Benjamin of Ashland.

Married September 7th by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. Josiah Dudley to Miss Minerva Horn, all of Prattsville.

September 26, 1857
Issue missing

October 3, 1857
Married in the Methodist Church, Catskill on the 30th ult. by Rev. Mr. Stevens, Mr. I. Louis Coffin and Miss may F. Jennings, all of this village.

Married September 23d by Rev. J.C. Dutcher, Casper J. Collier to Miss Rachel E. Armstrong all of Coxsackie.

End of  Greene County Whig records.

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