Maggie Van Cott

Maggie Van Cott

Contributed by Karol Hugh - article found in her family files.


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Mrs. Maggie N. Van Cott, Evangelist


First Woman Licensed to Preach by the Methodist Church in America.


Picture Caption: Will Celebrate Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Her Birth To-Morrow, and on Monday Next Will Start for Iowa, Where Until the Middle of June She Will Personally Conduct Revival Meetings.

Our justly-esteemed townswoman, Mrs. Maggie Newton Van Cott, who at her home on Liberty street to-morrow will celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of her birth, furnishes conclusive refutation of the theory of “Chloroform-at-Sixty” Osler. Born in the city of New York on March 25, 1830--her father, William K. Newton, occupying the position of manager of real estate, and having under his control at different periods the estates of Peter Lorillard, Isaac Greenwood and the enormous real property of John Jacob Astor--she was wedded at an early age, two daughters (the survivor being Mrs. John I. Olney of this village) blessing the union. Mr. Van Cott died on March 1, 1866, and in 1868, while Mrs. Van Cott was visiting Mrs. John Battersby of South Durham, she began her first revivals in Greene county. On Sept. 6, 1868, she received from Windham Center Conference an exhorter’s license, and on March 6, 1869, a local preacher’s license from the Conference of Stone Ridge, Ellenville District.

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