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The MacGlashan
Family Gallery

Contributed by Joanne Mead

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  1. Nathaniel (Niel) McGlashan   b. 04 Mar 1792 (from his baptismal record) in Coupar Angus, Scotland.  Family Bible record says Dundee.  His father was listed as "John".  Emmigration records list his name as Niel so he must have changed it to Nathaniel after arrival.  Came in 1835 (family records have 1834) on the ship Bark "Lady of the Lake" arriving in New York City on 22 Jul 1835 with his wife, Margaret M. Carr McGlashan (1799-1878) and children:  Margaret, Isabella, Alexander H. and John C.,  Margaret and Isabella died in 1848 and 1845 respectively, apparently unmarried.  Mary A. (1837-1910) and George W. McGlashan (1839-1909) were born after Nathaniel and Margaret's arrival and settlement in Acra, Greene Co., NY.

  2. Margaret Carr McGlashan  b.1799 in Gallowhill, Perth, Scotland;  d. 24 Aug 1878 in Big Hollow, Greene Co. NY.  Her baptismal record is dated Sept. 1799 and her father listed as John.

  3. John C. McGlashan    b. 31 May 1830 in Scotland d. 02 Mar 1911.   This story was told to us by my aunt, Alice Hitchcock:
     "John came over from Scotland when he was a boy. He lost his cap in the ocean on the trip over.  He was a carpenter and built the MacGlashan house in Maplecrest. He lived with his brother, George, and his family.  John never married though at one point everyone thought he would marry Alice Moss" (Aunt Alice's great aunt ).
  4. John C. MacGlashan

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  1. Alexander H. McGlashan   b. 30 Sep 1826 in Scotland; d. 19 Sep 1882 in Hensonville, Greene Co. NY.  On 04 Oct 1864 he married Mary Jane Newcomb of Hensonville and they had two sons:  Charles A.  and Harry Deyoe McGlashan.

  2. Charles A. McGlashan  b. 17 Jun 1870 Big Hollow; d. 10 Jan 1937. 
  3. George & Mary Ellen Moss McGlashan  They are my great grandparents.  George:  b. 30 Apr 1839 in Acra (Cairo); d. 04 Jan 1909 in Big Hollow.   They were married 20 Apr 1871.  Their children were:  Margaret S. (my grandmother), Orwill G., Grace Alice, George Nathaniel and Leon Alexander.
    4.     Mary Ellen Moss McGlashan, dau. of Orwell and Sophrania Brand Moss, b. 09 Oct 1850 in West Durham;  d. 15 Aug 1906, and wife of George MacGlashan..
    5.   George N. McGlashan  b. 04 May 1878 in Big Hollow;  d. 20 Apr 1937 in Maplecrest. 
    6.  George N. McGlashan as a young man.

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    1. Margaret S. MacGlashan (my grandmother) b. 25 Aug 1872 in Big Hollow; d. 24 Apr 1947 in Windham.  She married in 1902, Alfred Dwight Hitchcock and had two children:  Alice Elizabeth and Herbert Dwight (my father).  Following the death in 1818 of Alfred Dwight she married James Cryne of Windham.
       As related to me by my aunt, the McGlashan family, at some point changed the spelling of their name to MacGlashan to appear more Scottish rather than Irish.
         2.      Margaret S. MacGlashan
      3.  Orwill G. MacGlashan ("Orrie")   His name is seen in various family records as "Orvill", "Orwell" and "Orwill".  b. 06 Sep 1873;  d. 27 Mar 1916.  He owned a farm in upper Big Hollow and at one time was elected Collector for the town of Windham.  He married Addelaid Frances Dunham and had two children:  Jennie Ellen and Hillis Orville.  He died quite suddenly of pneumonia. He went to town in the rain, got sick and died a couple of days later.
      4.    "Orrie" MacGlashan  "taken 1906 at age 33"
      5.    Orrie MacGlashan

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  1. Grace MacGlashan Peck  dau. of George & Mary Ellen MacGlashan;   b. 22 Aug 1875 big Hollow;  d . 02 Apr 1953.  Married 09 Oct 1895 Newell Peck and had Robert, Bessie, Sheldon and Lawrence
    2.   Sheldon Peck (1910-1979) son of Newell and Grace MacGlashan Peck and Leon MacGlashan (1911-1993), son of George Nathaniel and Lola May Whitcomb MacGlashan. Lola was b. 1877 and d. in Jewett in 1969. George Nathaniel and Lola May also had two daughters , Ellen, b. 1909 and Dorothy, b.1915 d. 1995.  George Nathaniel was the son of George W. MacGlashan, the one who immigrated.  George N. probably named his only son after his brother, Leon Alexander MacGlashan, b. 1892 d. 1907, who died at age 14 of appendicitis. 
    3.    Bessie Peck   dau. of Newell and Grace MacGlashan Peck  b. 24 Apr 1902  d. 30 Sep 1982;  unmarried
    4.    Robert Peck  son of Newell & Grace MacGlashan Peck;  b.18 Sep 1896  d. 14 Dec 1953;    Married 10 May 1927 Gladys Davis.  He owned and operated a garage in Maplecrest
    Robert Peck    Robert was in the military in Dec 1918,  3rd Brigade, Battery "C", 7th Regiment, Camp Jackson, South Carolina. 
    6.    Children of Newell and Grace MacGlashan Peck:  Robert holding Lawrence,  Sheldon and Bessie.

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    1. This picture was taken in 1911 in front of the large MacGlashan farm house in Maplecrest.  

      Left to Right:  Robert Peck,  George MacGlashan holding  Leon MacGlashan,  Bessie Peck,  Newell Peck,  Grace MacGlashan Peck holding  Sheldon Peck,  Alice Hitchcock,  Margaret MacGlashan Hitchcock (in back with)  Dwight Hitchcock,  Lola Whitcomb MacGlashan, (sitting) holding  Ellen MacGlashan,  Hillis MacGlashan,  Addelaid Dunham MacGlashan,  Orrie MacGlashan,  Jennie MacGlashan.
      2.   This is a picture taken about 1913 of the MacGlashan family and some related Moss family members. 
      Back row of the men left to right
      :  Orrie MacGlashan, Peter DeGroote (husband of Lulu Moss, dau. of Reuben Moss),  Newell Peck (husband of Grace MacGlashan), Dwight Hitchcock (husband of Margaret MacGlashan), Robert Peck (son of Grace and Newell), George N. MacGlashan.
      Row of women and children: 
        Addelaid Dunham MacGlashan (wife of Orrie), Hillis MacGlashan (their son), Lulu Moss DeGroote and son, Leland, Lulu DeGroote (their daughter), Margaret MacGlashan, Alice Hitchcock (standing), Sheldon Peck and his mother, Grace MacGlashan Peck,  (sitting) Lola Whitcomb MacGlashan (wife of George) and children, Ellen and Leon MacGlashan, (standing behind) Bessie Peck (dau. of Grace & Newell) and Jennie MacGlashan (dau. of Orrie and Addie).

      Lulu Moss's father (Reuben) was a brother to Orwell Alonzo Moss, who was the father of  Mary Ellen Moss MacGlashan (the mother of these MacGlashan adults). 

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