Ledger 10

Ledger 10
All Name Index

The Durham Center Museum has a large collection of ledgers. This project is an effort to index the ledgers and post the indices online. Researchers are encouraged to visit the Museum to view this important collection.

Eric Hesse donated the ledger to the Durham Center Museum. Sylvia Hasenkopf created the all name index.

This ledger is called the Wright St. Ledger and covers the period 1847 to 1870. It appears to be the account book of the Zelie Family for the sale of goods to local residents in Durham, although the earliest entries indicate that the customers lived in Ballston.

Name Page Location
E.S. Purinton 1 Ballston
Vanburen and Stilwell 2 Ballston
J.N. and D. Knights 3 Ballston
Harvey Stilwell 4 Ballston
Henry Vanburen 5 Ballston
James L. Morse 6 Ballston
C.C. Becker 7 Ballston
Harvy Fullerton 8 Ballston
Anson P. Wright 9, 12, 22, 53, 56 Durham
Bradford Wright 10, 18, 31, 60, 66 Durham
Josiah Stanard 11, 27, 62, 69 Durham
Walter Barlow 13 Durham
Ezra Allerton 14 Durham
Elias Wright 15 Durham
Joel Wicks 16, 41 Durham
William Meeker 17, 36, 67 Durham
N. Ramsdell 19 Durham
Ambrose Wright 20 Durham
Scholl District 11 21 Durham
Lyman Stannard 23, 47 Durham
Calvin Wright 24 Durham
Henry Ingalls 25 Durham
Christopher Wright 26 Duham
Peter Miller 28, 48 Durham
Calvin Martin 29 Durham
George Wright 30, 37 Durham
Lyman Utter 32 Durham
Ezra Cleaveland 33 Durham
John Web 34 Durham
Beni Utter 35  
William Meeker 38  
R.T. Wilson 39  
George Clark 40 Durham
Edward More 42  
Stephen Hedges 43  
Augustus Mygatt 44 Durham
Cyrus Fields 45 Durham
Philo Hicok 46 Durham
Thomas Shoreman 49 Durham
Wm Dewitt 50, 52, 55 Durham
George Wilbur 51 Durham
Warren Barlow 54 Durham
Reuben Pierce 57 Durham
John Megarity 58  
Wm. Morehouse 59 Durham
Seth Rundel 61, 64  
Charles Taylor 63  
Leonard Litchfield 65  
Titus Delamater 68  
Ransom Stannard 70  
Wm Wright 71  
Worden Lusk 72  
Lafayette More 73  
Silas Wright 74  

At the rear of the ledger can be found entries for the following individuals for the period 1838 to 1850:
Ambrose Wright, Margaret More, John Sarles, Mr. Humeson, Peter Snyder, John Miller, Tunas Shorman, Walter Barlow, Jackson Simkins, Lyman Stannard, Lyman Smith, Christopher Wright, A. Snyder, David Turner, James Stanton

Also located at the back if the ledger was the Zelie Family Record.

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