Land Sold for Quit Rents 1822

Land to be sold for arrears of Quit Rent


From List of Patents of Land, &C. to be sold in January, 1822 for arrears of Quit Rent
Compiled by E. E. Brownell, B.E.E. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1937
Printed by E. and E. Hosford, Albany

Contributed by Marion

STATE OF NEW YORK,  Comptroller's Office

WHEREAS, there are arrears of QUIT RENT due upon each of the Patents or Grants of Land, within this State, herein after mentioned and described, viz:
Patentees Name Date of Grant Acres County in which situated when Granted County in which now situated Description of Property, Popular Name, etc.
John Morin Scott, Martin Garretsen Van Bergen, Thomas Lynott, William Kane, Hugh Denniston, James Cobham, Gerrit Van Bergen, John McFarlan, Thomas Shipboy, Peter Dox, David Edgar, Gerrit Marcellus, Derick Van Dyck, John Van Valkenburgh, Isaac Van Valkenburgh, JohnMonk, John Fendell, Martin Van Bergen, John Taylor, Roger Smyth, Abraham Bloodgood,  Robert Henry, Robert McClallen, John Vernor,  Joseph Greswold,  Thomas Greswold, Wolfe Camp, Patrick Smith, Egbert Benson,  Gilbert Burger, William Thompson, Gerard G. Beeckman, Whitehead Hicks, Abraham Lott, Robert Benson, Evert Bancker, Abraham Brasher, Galtherus DuBois, , Steven Steele, Joseph Blanchard, Alexander McDonald, Alexander Haire, Michael Price, Gamaliel Wallis, Daniel Crowther, Richard Wenman, Samuel Stevens, George Wilson, James Gilliland, John McKenney, Samuel Deal, Andrew Breested, Benjamin Helme, Samuel Schuyler, Jacobus Tine, John Tine, Jacobus Lefferts, Abraham Van Alstyne, Jacamiah Allen, Thomas Grant, John Datton Crimshier, John Morton, John McCombs, Eleazer McCombs, Nicholas Low, Joseph Pearson, John Wandell, Isaac Burson,  Henry Kip, John Low Jr., Cornelius Clopper Jr., Benjamin Griffiths, Richard Kip, Elias Kipp, William Crawford, James Mitchell, William Needham and John Baster             2 Jan 1770 42500 Albany Greene and Schoharie This patent is divided into three tracts, the two first of which, containing together about 4660 acres, are in Greene county. The third tract, being 37840 acrs, is in Schoharie county.
Vincent Matthews, Michael Duning, and Daniel Denton 24 April 1736 6000 Albany Greene  Called Batavia. The patent is in three tracts, two of which are on Batavia Creek, in Greene County. The other is on Schoharie creek, where the Batavia creek joins it. A part of this tract is perhaps in Roxbury, Delaware county.
John Lindsay 22 Aug 1738 460 Albany Greene This appears to be the patent on which the village of Catskill stands. Bounded E. by Hudson river, S. by the Catskill, W. by Vassen kill.
Johannes Hallenbeck 24 Aug 1717 or 25 June 1719 1000 Albany Greene  This is called the Freehold patent and is on both sides of the Catskill in Cairo, Durham and Greenville.
Johannes Hallenbeck 1 Feb 1727 500 Albany Greene and Ulster The first tract, or 300 acres of this patent, is on the Kater's kill near the corner of Windham, Catskill and Kingston. The 2nd tr. or 200 in Cairo.
Vincent Matthews, John Cornwell, Samuel Heath and Abraham Lodge 3 Oct 1733 150 Albany Greene In the town of Catskill, bounded southerly and easterly by the Kater's kill
Elizabeth Van Dyck, and Martin Garretsen 29 April 1688   Albany Greene In Catskill, and is commonly called the Catskill patent
Abraham Salisbury, William Salisbury and Casparus Bronk 20 April 1749 4000 Albany   In two tracts, bounded by Coeymans, Scott, and Catskill patent.
Casparus Brunck, Gerrit Van Bergen, Martin Van Bergen, and Hendrick Remsen 30 June 1743 2530 Albany Greene In Coxsackie, north of Catskill patent and joining westerly on 700 acres granted to Salisbury
Jacob Roseboom, John Jacobs Roseboom and John G. Roseboom 12 April 1751 4530 Albany Greene   Situate in the town of Coxsackie, between the Lunenburgh patent and one to Casparus Bronk
Ury Rightmeyer, Hendrick Weaver, John Lansingh, Abraham Lott, Isaac Goelet, and Edward Taylor 6 May, 1754 8000 Albany Schoharie & Greene This patent is in three tracts, and is commonly called Dice's manor.
Martin Garretsen Van Bergen, Thomas Lynott, John French, William Cain, Hugh Dennison, John Morin Scott, Daniel Dennison, Joseph Blanchard, Abraham DePeyster, Lawrence Reade, Hugh Wallace, William Axtell, Thomas Crabb, Simon Johnson, Richard Corson, Thomas Petitt, William Weyman, Hugh Caine, Roger  Smyth, John Smith, Thomas Lowrie, Robert Hull, John Allen, Thomas Newland, John Bowles, Simon Metcalf, Jacob Wilkins, James Deas, Moses Nicolls,Adam Gilcrist, John Moore, Benjamin Garretsen, Gilbert Burger, George Wilson, James Blanchard, Egbert Benson, Wessel Van Dike, Simon Stevens, Garret Van Bergen, John McFarlane, Thomas Shipboy, Peter Dox, David Edgar, Garret Marselus, Dirck Vandike, Isaac Van Volkenburgh, John VanVolkenburgh, William Pemberton, William Charles, Gerard G. Beeckman, Whitehead Hicks, Samuel Stevens, Abm. Lott, Robert Benson, Thomas Durham, Abm. Kip, Richard Kip, Elias Kip, Balthasar Kip, Henry Kip, Nicolas Low, Joseph Pearson, John Lowe Jr, Cornelius Clopper, John Wendell, Abraham Duryee, Evert Bancker, Abraham Brasier, Nicholas Roosevelt, John Tennant, David Brown, Malachi Treat, Galtherus Dubois, Joel Stone, Martin Van Bergen Jr., Samuel Deal, Andrew Breested Jr., and John McKenny 11 July, 1767 35500 Albany Greene This patent is in three tracts and three small islands. The 1st tract contains 2560 acres, the 2nd 17910 acres and the 3rd 14969 acres. They lie in the towns of Durham and Cairo. The three islands are called Blenderflat, Doverflat and Nutten Island and contain together 31 acres.
Richard Maitland 23 June 1767 5000 Albany Greene   In the town of Durham, bounded N. by Albany County, E by Seton and Lane
Hugh Frazier 17 June 1767 2000 Albany Greene In Durham; bounded N. by Stewart, E. by Maitland.
George Butrick 26 Jan 1768 2000 Albany Greene  In the town of Catskill, bounded E. by Beekman and Livingston and Catskill patents
Augustine Prevost 10 Mar 1768 5000 Albany Greene In the town of Greenville, bounded E. by Coeymans patent, and N. by Rensselaer manor.
James Glassford 18 April 1769 200 Albany Greene In the town of Catskill, beginning at or near the junction of Kater's kill and Beaver kill.
Daniel Crean, William Whitefield, Felix Dougherty, James Relay, and Francis Elliot 17 May 1770 1000 Albany Greene and Schoharie This patent is in the towns of Durham and Broome.  Bounded N. by Scott's patent and Stringer's pat.  E. by Van Bergen
Christian Alloon, Edward Slingsby, John Flintlam, William Douglas, John Elder, and Andrew Flint 14 April 1772 300 Albany Greene In the town of Windham, bounded N. by the Batavia patent, E. by McIntosh's 600 acre patent
Daniel McIntosh, Thomas Browne, and Alexander Leslie 14 April 1772 600 Albany Greene In Windham. Bounded N. by Batavia patent, W. by C. Alloon's patent
Daniel Lowcas 26 May 1772 50 Albany Greene In Catskill. Bounded W. by Matthew's, N. by Stephenson.
William Stephenson 26 May 1772 200 Albany Greene In Catskill. Bounded W. by Beekman and Livingston, E. by D. Abeel, Jr.
Kenneth Morrison 26 May 1772 200 Albany Greene In Catskill. Bounded N. by D. Lowcas, E. by David Abeel, Jr.
Charles Tate 4 Aug 1774 200 Albany Greene In Durham. Bounded E. by Campbell, N. by D. Crean
George Smart 4 Aug 1774 200 Albany Greene In Durham. Bounded E. by Tate, N. by Crean
John Craney 27 Mar 1775 200 Albany Greene In Durham. Bounded S. by James Black, W. by Dice's manor
James Black and John Grigg 27 Mar 1775 100 Albany Greene In Durham. Bounded W. by Dice's manor, E. by Smart

NOW, THEREFORE, public notice is hereby given, that on Tuesday, the 15th day of January, in the year 1822, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Capitol, in the city of Albany, I will, pursuant to the directions of the act entitled "An act concerning Quit Rents, and to increase the Literature and School funds, respectively," proceed to sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, so much of each grant or patent mentioned and described in the preceding list, as will be necessary to pay all arrears of quit rent due thereon at the time of sale, together with all the charges of notice and of sale, and shall continue such sale from day to day until the whole shall be completed. 

The conditions of the sale will be , that the purchasers pay the purchase monies within forty-eight hours after the sale, upon payment of which they will receive certificates of their respective purchases, and that if any parcel of land purchased by them shall not be redemed within two years after the close of the sales by the payment into the treasury of this state, for their use, of the amount for which any such parcel of land may be sold, with interest at the rate of twenty per centum per annum, that then the said purchasers shall be entitled to a conveyance of such parcel of land, subject however to the payment of all taxes then remaining due thereon.

ARCH'D. M'INTYRE, Comptroller.          
Albany, 21 September, 1820          

It is recommended to persons owning lands in any of the grants mentioned in the proceeding list, which were heretofore forfeited to the people of this state, to exhibit satisfactory proof to the Comptroller, before the day of sale, that their lands were so forfeited, in order that the quit rents theron may be cancelled and the sale thereof be prevented.

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