John Barr 1781

The Diary of Ensign
John Barr

Courtesy of Don Wilt. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

January 1781        Monday 1st dine with Coll Weissenfels in Company with Lieutinants Hovenberg, Frilick, Barrett, Dinniston and Tuthill, Ensign Talmage, Woodruff, Morril and Dodge. Doctr Prior of our Regt and Lieut James Brewster of Capt Moodies Compy of Artillery where the following Toasts Past, 1 Congress, 2d Genl Washington, 3d the United States Army 4th May the Righteous Cause of America flourish by the Coll 5th the United States by Lt Barrett 6th the Independancy of North America by myself 7th The King of France by Lt Hovenbarg---and so finished in Good Order.

Tuesday 2d   
     Thursday 4th was ordered from this Point and marched to Day and came in Mr. Graham’s Sleigh as far as Fort Harkimer distance 35 Miles.

Tuesday 4th         very Cold, and Wind insists upon blowing from the N. E. grows more moderate towards Dark.

Friday 5th             marched in such order as far as Cannojohary and Lodged at Mr. Wormwood’s.

Saturday 6th        Went to Fort Plank

Sabath day 7th     dined at Fort Plains with Capt Wright *(Captain Jacob Wright, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 607) at the reverend Mr. Gross. *(Rev. Johan Daniel Gros of Canajoharie, N. Y. Clinton Papers, v. X, p. 417)

Monday 9th         Set off for Albany arrived there on Tuesday where we remained until the 15th when I was appointed in the Quarter Master General’s department arrived at the Nine Partners the 17th hired my board of David Boland Jur. In Sharon the 15th of March and lived there until the 18th of June. Following this moved to Lieut Thomas Cripen’s in the same Neighbourhood the 21st of June when I remained until the 21st of May 1782. I was appointed in the 8 Months Levies. 

Monday 27th    Snowed

29th [May]        Set off and arrived at Fishkill took Quarters at Capt

[1782] Bocrums with some other Officers. Distance 40 Miles. 

June 2d             Set out for home Stayed Monday & Tuesday. Distance 40 Miles  

Wednesday 5th     arrived at Fishkill marched from thence to the Landing went on Board a Public Schooner Lay on board all Night. 

Thursday 6th         arrived at Esopus about Dark Lodged at Mr. Cornelius Elmendorphas. Distance 30 Miles 

Friday 7th             marched for Stone Ridge arrived there about 2 OClock where the Coll was Quartered. took Quarters at Mr. John Tack’s Innkeeper 

Saturday 8th         all the officers of the Regt met at Col *(Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Weisenfels, New York Levies. Archives, p. 259) Quarters, but Capt Thos Hunt *(Captain Thomas Hunt, New York Levies, Ibid., p. 259) Lt Tuthill *(Lieutenant Azariah Tuthill, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) and Lt Young, *(Lieutenant Samuel Young, New York Levies, Ibid., p. 259) Capt Bowen *(Captain Prentice Bowen, New York Levies, Ibid., p. 259) & Lt McArthur *(Lieutenant Alexander McArthur, New York Levies, Ibid., p. 259) to whose Company I belong, Viz Capt Pauling *(Captain Henry Pawling, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Lt Finch *(Lieutenant John Finch, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) and Lt Ostrander *(Lieutenant John Ostrander, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Capt Westfall *(Captain Abraham Westfall, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Lt Aldert Roosa *(Lieutenant Aldert Roosa, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Lt Charles Stuart *(Lieutenant Charles Stuart, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Capt. Gilb. Livingston *(Captain Gilbert I. Livingston, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 257, 259) Lt Dubois *(Lieutenant Cornelius I. DuBois, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) & Lt Dubois *(Lieutenant John I. Dubois, New York Levies, archives, p. 259) Capt Andrew White *(Captain Andrew White, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Lt. Nottingham *(Lieutenant William Nottingham, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Lt Weissenfell *( Lieutenant George P. Weissenfell, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Capt John Hardenbargh *(Captain Johannis L. Hardenbargh, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Lt Johnson *(Lieutenant Johannis T. Jansen, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) & Lt Vanwyck *(Lieutenant Theodorus Van Wyck, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Placing Capt Pauling on the Right Capt Abrm Wesfall on the Left Capt Livingston on the Left of Capt Pauling Capt White on the Right of Capt Westfall and Capt Hardenbargh in the Center, Capt Hunt at Bedford, West Chester County Capt Bowen at orange Town—orange County *(In the margin of the manuscript is written: “These five Companies are in Ulster county.”) 

Monday 10th     set off to take my Station as ordered by Coll Weisenfills at Peenpack, *(In Ulster county, N. Y.) in Company with Lt Stuart and two Servants Rode in Mr. Benn Roosa Waggon as far as Nepanough thence marched as far as Turinkill Distance from Stone Ridge 24 Miles Lodged at Matthew Newkirks. 

Tuesday 11th     Set out in Company with Coll Weisenfells. Major Dewit *(Major Thomas De Witt, New York Levies. Ibid., p., 259) and Wynkoop *(Major Adrain Wynkoop, 1st Regiment New York Militia. Ibid., p. 298) with Stuart *(Lieutenant Charles Stewart, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 259) Servants and Guard arrived at Nervinkill *(Possibly Neurenkill (Lurenkill). that day about 12 oclock Distance 23 Miles took Quarters at Capt Jacob R. Dewitts *(Captain Jacob Rutsen De Witt, New York Militia. Ibid., p. 299) in Peenpack. 

Friday 14th     went to Company with Lt Roosa to Capt Westfalls Distance 3 Miles 

Sunday 16th     Rode with Capt Westfall & Lt Roosa to Lt Stuarts Post at the Block House Distance 8 Miles and Returned. dined at Mr. Jacob Chamber’s where Lt Stuart Quartered. 

Wednesday 19th     Lt Stuart & Mr. Chambers paid us a Visit to Day. 

Saturday 22d         moved to Esqu Harmanis Vaninwagen’s for Quarters have a Guard of one Corpl & Six privates thundered 

Sunday 23d         Rode in Company with Capt Westfall & Lieut Roosa to Bashes Land Distance 8 Miles where there is a Guard of one Serjt and 10 Privates. thundered & Rained. 

Monday 24th     are busy with Day Cleaning and repairing the Fort went to Capt Westfalls Quarters about three Quarters of a Mile 

Tuesday 25th     rode in the Cart in Company with Lt Stuart as far as Capt Jacob Rutsen Dewitt’s Distance 3 Miles Dined there returned by the way of Capt Westfalls. 

Wednesday 26th     had orders for one Subaltern, one Sergeant one Corporal and 20 Privates for Command to be at the Colonel’s Quarters on the first Day of July next to be relieved the first of August by the like Number—one Corporal and Seven Privates the Detail of Capt Westfall’s Company for the above Command the Orders were brought me by Lt Aldert Roosa. 

Thursday 27th     The Centinal discovered a Panther about forty Yards off our Fort last Night but he did no Damage. 

Friday 28th     was Visited by Major Dewitt, Captain Westfall and Lieutenant Roosa; went to the Captains. 

Saturday 29th     went to Capt Dewtt’s in Company with Captain Wesfall parted with Major Dewitt and drawed my Proportion of Ammunition for my Post which amounts to ten Dozen Cartges Sent of [f] the Corpl and Seven Privates with two others for the Colonel’s Guard, with Major Dewitt appointed Emmanuel Middough Corpl at this Post. 

Sunday 30th     a Large Star or Commet broke on the South flying North East being admirable Large by appearance Seemed to be Several Rods in Length and braking oppisite the East into Several Stars or Parts and intirely dissolved before it Struck the Earth Continuation about 3 Miles Capt Westfalls Company but only Small guards at each Post convened at the Captain’s to Day Manouvered a Little went to their Respective Posts about half after one oClock 

***July 1782

Monday 1st     was Visited by Captain Westfall & made out a Monthly Return of his Company, conveying him home met Capt Bundle was introduced to him by Capt Westfall and also to Capt Chambers. 

Tuesday 2d     Capt Westfall came to my Quarters on his way to Bashes Land, I could not go with him for want of a Horse, busied myself in repairing the Fort. 

Wednesday 3     went to Capt Westfalls and dined there to Day. 

Thursday 4th     being the anniversary of the 6th Year of the Independence of the United States of North america Rode in Company with Capt Westfall to the Block House Distance 5 Miles dined to Day at Mr. Jacob Chambers in Company with Capt Westfall & Lt Charles Stuart. 

Saturday 6th     went to Squire Depuy’s to Visit the men that Garrison that Place found them in good order after returning for Squire Depuy’s received the following Letter directed to Cap Westfall.

Well’s Farm Shangum July 5th 1782 
Dr Sr

Yester Morning five men armed with Pistoles called at House that one Kelly lived at in Smith’s Clove a few weeks ago, but is now moved, and his Place is Supplyed by a Whig, when they found their mistake withdrew,--which Men, tis expected have gone through from Niagara to N. York, in the Time of Goshen Court, and now have a Mind to get back; if they could be taken, tis likely would be of Material Consequence, last Night Guard were Planted at the Different Bridges on Wallkill, and will be again to Night, if they should Escape our Vigilence perhaps they may not yours, with Respect I am your friend and very Humble Servant. Jonathan Swezy

To Capt Westfall Peenpack 

Sent out Patroles in Consequence of the above Letter in the following order viz. A Corpl & 4 Privates Patroled from the Block House to Capt Westbrooks where the like number met them from Capt Westfall’s Quarters the same Number from my Quarters to Capt Westfalls the Same Number ordered from Capt Dewitts to my Quarters by Lt Roosa Distance 8 Miles but discovered nothing. 

Monday 8th     Recd a Letter from Coll Weissinfells informing that the Enemy were fortifying Oswego. 

Wednesday 10th     Recd orders to make Muster Rolls for May and June Capt Westfall came to my Quarters I accompanyed him home made our one Description Roll of his Company. 

Thursday 11th     rode to Lt Stuarts Qrs 5 Miles to see him being unwell dined at Mr. Chambers returned home by Evening. 

Sunday 14th     went to Capt Aldert *(Probably the first name should be Jacob R. Earlier in the manuscript the writer crossed out the name Aldert and substituted Jacob R.) Dewitts 3 Miles to visit Lieut Roosa dined there. 

Monday 15th     walked to Capt Westfall’s on Business. Received a Note from Lt Roosa on account of our Rations. Our Party returned from Nepanough with the Waggon sent off Sunday the 14th Inst with 3 Bbs of Peas and 9 Gallons of Whiskey for the Troops here. 

Tuesday 16th     Recd a Letter from Coll Weissenfels with an account, that it was reported that the *(Proves to be false) Marquise De La fyatte had arrived in the Chesapeek Bay with 8 Sail of the Line and 5000 Land Troops on Board—and also a Large Party of Indians was discovered at Schoharry lately Rode with Capt Westfall as far as Capt Dewitt’s and after our Return Jonathan Pierce and Caterlin being Scouters returned & reported that they had discovered Signs of Small Parties of Indians on our Fro[n]tiers 

Wednesday 17th     made two Muster Rolls for Capt Westfalls Company for May and June Last. 

Thursday 18th     went fishing to Day but catched nothing. In the other part of the Day employed myself in making Muster Rolls. 

Friday 19th     Capt Westfall’s Company was Mustered to Day for May and June by Major Dewitt. I recd a Letter from Coll Weissenfells wherein was order for me to Join Capt Bowens Company at Orange Town immediately. 

Saturday 20th     finished Capt Westfall’s Muster Rolls and carryed them to his Quarters 

Sunday 21st     rode in Company with Capt Wesfall to Capt Dewitts to visit Lt Roosa Dined there on an Extraordinary Roast Pig. 

Monday 22d     Rode to the Block House in Company with Captain Wesfall to see Lt Stuart returned by the Way of the East Side of the Nervinkill caught 5 Dozen of Trouts To Day 

Tuesday 23d     was alarmed this morning between 8 and 9 oClock by a Small Party of Indians who took 2 Men and two Horses from Capt John Westbrook. *(Not found) we collected the Company pursued them in the following disposition Viz Dividing the Company in four Divisions Lt Roosa had the advanced Party, Capt Wesfall in the front Lt Stuart on the Left & I in the Center pursued them 9 or ten Miles but in Vain Sent a detached Party on and we returned on our return detached a Nother Party North they discovered some tracks of them, our first Party returned thinking they had discovered a Large Body but was deceived Capt Helmus Westfall of the Militia pursued them as far as MonGalp and discovered the party to be on more than 6 or 7 Strong but Could not come up with them gave up the Chase to Night in order to pursue to morrow. 

Wednesday 24th     Paraded our Company in order to prosecute our Design but it Rained Sent out a Small Party to make further Discoveries. The Party returned in the Evening but made no further discoveries than before. 

Thursday 25th     received a letter from the Coll informing that he was a Lurinkill, had the rest of the Regt under marching orders for to reinforce us if Necessity required. Wrote a Letter to Capt White on the Subject 

***Friday 26th     Set off from Pien Pack in Company with my waiter Timothy Howe and James Williams for to Join Capt Prentice Bowen’s Company at Orange Town. Refreshed at William Roosa’s on Shangum Mountain distance 4 miles coming over a very Rocky Mountain and Barren Land. 

Friday 26th     Thence proceeding through a very rough and Stonny Country to Mr. James Dolson’s in Wallkill distance 9 Miles where we dined, thence throug [h] a pretty good Part of the Country to Mr. John Kenedy’s in Florida distance 10 Miles total march 23 Miles and Expenses 3/6.  

Saturday 27th     from Mr Kenedy’s to Capt Minthorn’s *(Captain John Minthorn, 4th Regimen, Orange county militia. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, v. I. pp. 292, 542) in Warwick through a fine Country distance 7 Miles, where we Eat Breakfast, thence over a very Steep Mountain to Mr. Macey’s in the Bound of Sterling distance 5 miles where we refreshed—thence to Mr. Staggs at Sterling distance 5 miles where we Eat Dinner, thence to Mrss Sidman’s in the Clove where we Refreshed Passing Sterling Iron Works in 3 Places—from Staggs to Sidman’s 7 Miles thence to Squire John Suffrans distance 3 Miles in New Antrim where we Lodged distance to Day 27 Miles Expences 10/6. 

Sunday 28th     Thence we proceeded about East to Mr ________ in Kekeate where we eat Breakfast wrote a Letter to Mjr Gilbert Willett and one to Lt Thos Crippen in Sharon Connecticut and one to Mr. Peter Shavelear in Oblong in N. York State Expences 1/6 distance 7 Miles. Thence we Proceeded to Esqr David Py’s in Clerks Towns distance 6 Miles where we refreshed, thence proceeded to Orange Town distance 7 Miles, total to Day 20 Miles Expences 4/6. Orange Town lies about South East of Peenpack and is in Genl but a Rough Mountainy & Rocky Barren Country between; whole Distance 70 Miles 

Monday 29th     prepared Capt Bowen’s Muster Rolls. 

Tuesday 30th     Mustered Capt Bowen’s Company about 3 Oclock P. M. 

Wednesday 31st     wrote a Letter to Coll Weissenfels Stationed at Marble Town, one to Lt Edward Conner at Napanogh and one to Capt Abram Westfals at Peenpack in Ulster County. 

August 1782

Friday 2d     Sent out a Scout of 16 men commanded by Lieut Alexr McArthur *(Lieutenant Alexander McArthur, New York Levies. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State. V. I. p. 259) to the Lines was alarmed this Evening on acct of some horse thieves in Kekeate took away 3 Horses Proved to be false. Lt McArthur returned with the Scout but preposes to go out to Night with an addition Lt McArthur went out Last Evening with a Party had nine Refugee Prisoners, 2 of which are Sailors, Sent here for Exchange, they were sent here on the 2d Inst wrote a Letter to Coll Skinner *(Colonel Abraham Skinner, commissary general of prisoners. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 499) Comt Genl of Prisoner sat Dobbs Ferry but he was gone from Quarters had no ansr. Lt Mc Arthur returned with his Party about 10 OClock but met with nothing remarkable. Got half a Pound of the flour of Sulpher of Doctr Stephen Gano *(Dr. Stephen Gano, surgeon’s mate, 2d Continental Artillery, Ibid., p. 242) for to take in the Morning one Table Spoonf. Daily for 40 Days on Purpose to cure me of the Rhematism. 

Tuesday 6th     began to take the Sulpher as I mentioned Capt Bowen went out with a Party to return on Thursday the 8th read a York Paper of the 3d Inst which give an acct of a Severe action between a French and British Frigates of 36 Guns each—also of 13 Sails of the Line of French on the Coasts Consisting of one 82 4, 10 and 8, 74, Gun Ship 2, 36 gun Frigates and one Cutter. wrote Letter to Mr. Gilbert Wall at Sharon. 

Wednesday 7th     Dr. John ______ was here in Company pretty Jolly. 

Thursday 8th     Lieut McArthur went on Scout Seized one Elihu Cranes Waggon who had on Board Capt Solomon Strongs Wife and Children the Waggen is detained for tryal tomorrow. 

Friday 9th     walked with Capt Bowen to Squire Coopers in the State of New Jersey, the Waggon was purposed for tryal when I returned – the Waggon and articles were not condemned 

Saturday 10th     went on Scout, went as far as the Liberty Pole Eat supper at Mr. Bensons Divided my Party in three divisions, keeping three Men with my Self, the Corpl and 2 in another and 3 in another covering Several Roads 

Sunday 11th     In about 4 Miles in Length—found nothing, met about 6 OClock in the Morning Eat Breakfast at Mr. Anderson’s in the English Neighbourhood, then marched as far as Fort Lee took a View of the British Encampments on York Island. 

Sunday 11th     returning by the Wary of Moore’s Mill crossing the Marsh into Tenack, *(Teaneck, N. J.) observe Moore’s Mill is a Tide Mill, dined at Mr. Vanwageners than marched across the fields to the New Bridge Hackensack—then marching North to Mr. Boskirk’s Lodged there, marching in the Morning Still North 2 or 3 Miles thence East, Eat Breakfast at Mr. Abram Demeree in 

Monday 12     Kenedimack, then Prosecuted our March to Mrss English’s Harrington’s then home to Orange Town having accomplished a March of between 50 or 60 miles having found nothing Material—afterwards walked as far as Mrss Englishes in Company with Capt Bowen & Mr. Thos Lefoy returning this Evening getting very Wet being the only Shower that has been for Some Months. Serjt Valentine went our with a Party. 

Tuesday 13th     Nothing Material happening to Day Serjt Valentine returned but without any Intelligence. 

Wednesday 14th     walked as far as the Reverend Mr. Gano’s in Company with Capt Bowen Mr. Thos Lefoy and Doctr Stephen Gano. Capt Bowen went home 

Thursday 15th     Capt Bowen went out on Scout. 

Friday 16th     blank 

Saturday 17th     Capt Bowen and Party returned without any material Intelligence. 

Sunday 18th     walked in Company with Capt Bowen as far as Lt James Barrett’s *(Lieutenant James Barrett, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 89) about 1 ½ Mile. on my Return Stopped at the Reverend Mr. John Gano’s. 

Tuesday 20th     walked with Lt Alexr McArthur *(Lieutenant Alexander McArthur, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 363) as far as the Sloat being 2 Miles. 

Wednesday 21st     the Prisoners which were sent here on the 2d Inst Set off for N York this morning. Lieut McArthur Set out on a Scout downwards. 

Thursday 22d     Lieut Mc Arthur returned about 9 OClock P. M. but no news. 

Friday 23d }
Saturday 24th } Capt Bowen very Sick 

Sunday 25th     The Remainder of Lt McArthurs Scout returned went to visit Capt Daniel Gano who was very ill returned in Company with Doctr Stephen Gano Thos Lefoy & John Hoglin. Corpl Garrison with four men went out on Scout. 

Monday 26th     walked as far as Clarks Town with John Hoglin distance of 7 miles dined at Mr. John Coleman’s, thence visited Capt Bowen about half a Mile East attended the Lodge at Mr. Coleman’s where Capt Sandford *(Captain John Sandford, New York Levies. Ibid., p. 481) was deputed Master Vice Capt Bowen Sick, Doctr John Van Bewerin was raised to the Sublime Degree of a M. M. went home with Esqr David Pye Senr Warden of Said Lodge—Lodged there—in Company with Capt Frothingham *(Captain Benjamin Frothingham, 3d Continental Artillery. Ibid., p. 238) of Artillery at Stony Point. 

Tuesday 27th     Breakfast with Esqr Pye—walked to Mr. Coleman’s Drank Grogg in Company with Captain Bowen and Mr. James Riker—went home with Capt Bowen where I dined, Visited Lt George Lee Craft in the Afternoon—drank Tea at Mr. Coleman’s, when I set off for Orange Towns where I arrived about 10 OClock P. M. 

Wednesday 28th     walked in Company with Doctr Gano and Thos Lefoy to Mr. John Hoglin’s in the Evening. 

Thursday 29th     went a hunting in Company with Mr. Hoglin and Mr. Hadley; Killed only one squirrel which I did myself—drank Tea at Mr. Hoglin’s this afternoon 

Friday 30th     went hunting to Day as Yesterday wrote 2 Letters *(The other three letters were probably recorded in afterthought.) one to Coll Weissenfells & one to Doctr Vanderlyn at Marble Town on to Capt White at Nepanough one to Capt Westfall and one to Lt Stuart at Peenpack—was visited by Capt Robert Johnston of Clarks Towns.

Saturday 31st     walked in Company with Mr. Hoglin and Mr Isaac Hadley to Greenbush about 4 Miles to a Horse Race went to Clarks Town with Lt Joseph Frilick, Lodged at Mr. Coleman’s Innkeeper 

September 1782
Sunday 1st     visited Capt Bowen who was very sick, went for Docr John Ferrin for him---dined with Capt Bowen returned to Orange Town about Dusk 

Monday 2d     Walked in Company with Mr. Hadley as far as Mr. Kenedy’s in the Jersey’s about 5 Miles where Capt Haring’s and Blanches Militia Companies met for Exercise I manouvered them a little returned in Company with Capt Haring. 

Tuesday 3d } blank
Wednesday 4th } blank 

Thursday 5th     Lt McArthur and I went on Scout Lodged at Mr. Abrm Lasheers at the Liberty Pole. 

Friday 6th     marched to Fort Lee, Stopp’d at Mr. Peter Pardetts—thence to Mr Garlock’s where we eat Breakfast, about a Mile below were fired upon by a Boat returned the fire briskly no Damage done We beat the Boat to the other side of the North River, continued our march as far as Mr Petersons when we turned West, thence turned towards the English Neighbourhood—Stopt at Mr. Andersons dined there about Sun down marched about 2 or 3 miles Where we put up for Quarters—2 Men appeared which were challenged by our Centinel, did not answer were fired upon by the Centinel we pursued them Give them Several Shots but to no purpose returned to our Quarters. 

Saturday 7th     Set off for home Stopt at mr ________ where we breakfasted, then purs[u]ed our Course home where were arrived about noon having compleat[ed] a march of upwards of 60 miles but to very little Purpose, and nothing turning up advantageous. 

Sunday 8th }     went out on a Scout as far as Fort Lee Lay by Peter Monday 9th }    Pardett’s all Night by the side of the North River, at Tuesday 10th } break of Day took the Mountain west of Pardett’s watching the Traders motion at Nigh took Post by the River but found nothing. 

Wednesday 11th     took the mountain at Day break rained very fast the Sun about half and hour high being the first Shower that happened in ne[arly] 2 Months—were obliged to quit our Post on account of the Rain Stopped 5 Girls which we Suspected had been trading with the Enemy. Got home about 2 OClock. 

Thursday 12th     was visited by Capt Robert Johnstone of Clarks Town—walked with Mr. Lefoy as far as the Revd Mr. Gano’s. Capt Bowen returned to Camp. 

Saturday 14th     Capt Bowen with four men went to Van Planks Point after ammunition. Mr. Hadley went on Scout with 4 men. 

Sunday 15th     went on Scout Lodged at fort Lee in the woods. 

Monday 16th     detached Corpl Hillman *(Nicholas Hillman of the New York Levies. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, v. I., p. 72) three miles farther Lay opposite Fort Lee this Night 

Tuesday 17th     Lay all Day waiting a trading Boat Lodged in the woods all Night. 

Wednesday 18th     Lay in woods all Day and Night 

Thursday 19th     marched down the North River 3 [?] Miles Eat Breakfast at Mr. Garlough’s—returned home having accomplished a march of near 70 Miles. Mr. Hadley took 4 Prisoners on the 16th one made his Escape two were Paroled to Hackensack one Whose Name is Capt Everitt remaining here 

Friday 20th     Lieut Mc Arthur went on Scout. 

Saturday 21st     dined at Mr. John Hogland’s about ¾ of a Mile North East of Orange Town Church. 

Sunday 22d     received a Letter from Capt Bowen at Clarks Town Lt McArthur }      desiring me to go and See him Concerning moving our Everit }             Company to let make Room for Commissioners from our have the }        and the British army to settle accounts Concerning Liberty of }                    Prisoners Provisions agreed that I should Look Quarters *returned }      on the morrow* returned from Clarks Town about 8    about }             OClock in the Evening found Lieut McArthur  returned 8 OClock }          and had Enlarged Capt Everitt a Prisoner taken by  Mr 
P. M. }              Hadley on the 16th Inst and given him the Liberty of

Monday 23d     drank Tea at the Revd M. Gano’s went to Clarks Town Got Quarters }  attended the Lodge held at Mr. John Coleman’s Lodge for the }             there in Company with Mr. Willson.
Company } 

Tuesday 24th     returned to Orange Town found our Company somewhat confused—thinking best to acquaint Capt Bowen of some Particulars Set off to visit him. on my way dined at Mr. Barrett’s about 1 ¾ from Orange Town—then proceeded to Clarks Town Lodge at Squire David Pye’s. 

Wednesday 25th     Breakfasted with Capt Bowen Returned to Mr. dined with }                        Coleman’s  whilst there Mr McArthur Came there Mr. Coleman}         informing me that Everitt had forfeited his Parole and made his Escape also that he had moved the Company to Judge John Perry’s where I had got Quarters for them on the 23d. I returned to Orange Town found some of the Commissioners arrived—marched to Judge Perry’s and took Quarters there. 

Thursday 26th     walked as far as Mr______ Maybie’s Mill about a Mile Shot some Ducks Placed a Guard there on that Road returned about 3 oClock. 

Friday 27th     walked as far as the Mill to Day Ordered the Guard in and men to keep it there in the Night only walked as far as Orange Town in Company with Mr. Hadley where all the Commissioners were convened. 

Saturday 28th     the Commissioners afore mentioned dispersed having done no Business, I walked to Clarks Town in Company with Mr. Hadley—was at a Vendue at Squires Pye’s where were sold some Countraband Goods, Seized by Capt Frathingham *(Captain Benjamin Frothingham, 3d Continental Artillery. Heitman, Historical Register. p 238) dined at Mr Coleman’s and returned to Judge Perry’s. 

Sunday 29th     returned with our Company to our old Quarters in Orange Town. 

Monday 30th     attended the Lodge at Clarks Town Carried the Monthly Returns to Capt Bowen. Lodge with Mr. Garrett Myer about 2 Miles E & B-S of Mr. Coleman’s Lt McArthur acquainted me this Day that he had been down to Mrss Anderson for to get money 

October 1782
Tuesday 1st     Breakfasted with Mr. Myer returned to Capt Bowen’s where he & Lt McArthur had a Quarrel. Lt McArthur Challenged Capt Bowen to fight him in an hour from that Time which was near Eleven OClock A. M. Capt Bowen and I walked to Mr. Coleman’s where the Quarrel rather Ceased--& I returned to Orange Town on my way dined at Lieut James Barrett’s *(Lieutenant James Barrett, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 89) moved my Quarters to Mr. Thomas Lefoy’s in Said Town 

Wednesday 2d     went a Squirrel Hunting with Mr. Hogland Kil [led] Some Breakfasted with Mr. Hogland. Mr. Hadley went on Scout. 

Thursday 3d     dined with Mr. Hogland walked with mr. Hogland to Capt James Wessals 

Friday 4th     Mr. Hogland and I went a Squirrel Hunting took a Circuit of 12 or 14 Miles but had no Success also in the Evening walked as far as Mrss Englishes about 2 Miles 

Saturday 5th

6th                 Paraded the Company on purpose to march to Clarks Town, but remained until Monday. 

Monday 7th     march by 5 OClock for Clarks Town and I took Quarters with Capt Tunis Thew. *(Captain Theunis Thew. Archives. P 533) 

Tuesday 8th     went on Scout with Corpl Garrison and 5 Men, was Joined by one Burges a Continental Solder at orange Town, left orange Town at ½ and hour before Sun Set, halted at Anderson near Hackensack, to refresh, then continued our march till midnight, and Lodged within 2 Miles of Fort Lee in the Woods until Day. 

Wednesday 9th     then continued our march to fort Lee, where we Lay until the afternoon where I left the Corpl and 3 men—whilst I and the other 3 went about 6 miles down the north River oposite Bull’s ferry, lay by the River Side all night but very much chilled with the Cold when we got up and Searched after Sun rise found the Ice to be near of an inch thick. 

Thursday 10th     found the Ice this morning near of an Inch thick kept our Quarters in the Bush until 8 OClock then being hungry and fatigued went to Mr. Peet’s where we Breakfasted, and refreshed, when we took woods west of his House, marched up again to where I left the Corpl, lay in the woods all night the wind blew very hard. 

Friday 11th     marched down about a Mile and Breakfasted with Mr. Garlough and old high Dutchman, Who informed me of a Party of Refugees in pursuit of me after I found their number to be no more than mine I went in Quest of them, I at Last came up with them near Peter Pardet’s taking a boat away, which they were obliged to leave and Sculk for, have a Large Gut or inlet between them and me Secured their retreat otherwise some of them Perhaps should have fell a victim for some of their inhumanity, having made their escape we thought it necessary to return being our of Provisions came to mr Andersons in the English Neighbourh[ood], refreshed ourselves at his Expence he being one of the Illicit traders were thought it no harm we eat and drank plentifully, thence continues our march to Mr. Noghoughs where I received Lt Hamilton 

[Here follows an account or a bill bearing the date December 15, 1783. See Footnote.]

  1. Jeremiah Shavelear Drs

Decemr 15th [Deleted ……………………………………….
To 1 Pr Leather Breeches………………………1:10:0
Ta 1 Pr Worsted Stockings…………………….. [?]
To Velvet for Jacket & Breeches……………….2:0:0
To 2 Sticks of Twist at 9d……………………..0:1:6 

Friday 11th     Chalmers, who absconded the British the Preceeding Night, Sent my Corpl and Party to Weehawk with him where he had his wife and Bagage. I dined at Mr. Nagloughs and walked out about 3 Miles being somewhat uneasy being alone amongst my Enemies although I was confident they dare not insult me—returned to Mr. Naglough’s and went to bed but slept none the family assuring me they would conceal me if any of British Party appeared—tho. Telling me they frequently came there. 

[The following page bearing the date December 15th 1783 carries the accounts paid to Mary Shaevlear and a Mr. Williams. See Footnote below.} 

Saturday 12th     the Corpl returned with Lt Chalmers and his wife Child and Baggage about 11 OClock Last Evening when it rained violently. 

  1. Mary Shavelear Drs

Decemr 15th To Cash………………………………….0:3:6
To l yd Silk Lace ………………………..0:4:0
To Cast to Sila Shavilr…………………..0:1:3
To 2 ¼ Yards of Mode }…………….1:7:0
At 12s pr yard
To 2 Yards of Durant }……………..0:6:0
At 9s pr yd 
2-1-9  1:15:0

To Sundries at Mr. William’s……………0:16:9
To Rum, Sugar & Tea at do……………..0:4:9
2 pr Contra Cr
By Cash ……………………………………0:9:0
By 2 Bushels of
Wheat at 78 s………………………………0:14:0
3 Pr of Sleeve Button at 6 d pr……………………1: [ ]
3 Skeans Silk………………………………………2: 3
1 Stock Buckle……………………………………1: [ ]
2 Bushels wheat Cash……………………………14:0

Set out for our Quarters. Breakfasted with Mr. Benjamin Westerfelt arrived at Orange Town about one OClock, conducted Lt Chalmers to Mr. Lawrence agreeable to Major Smith’s Orders where he had ordered to remain at Mr. Dewitt’s in Orange Town for Genl Washington’s Directions, dined at Mr. Lawrence’s with a Number of French Gentlemen returned to Clarks Town Lodge with Capt Thew. 

Sunday 13th     Breakfasted with Capt Thew—and dined with Mr Coleman walked to Garret Myers and Lodged  

Monday 14th     wint a fishing with Mr. Myers he being a b[rother] Mason, dined with Brother Abram Thew, and Lodged with Mr Myers 

Tuesday 15th     Breakfasted there returned to Clarkes Town and marched our Company to Orange town, took my Quarters at Mr. John Hoglands. 

Wednesday 16th     had orders to march our Company to Clarkes Town, I would just remark that Capt Bowen and Lt McArthur have not been fit for Duty for Some weeks before and I have the whole Care of the Company, where we arrived by 7 OClock Lodged at Mr Myers. 

Thursday 17th     dined with Mr Coleman Lodge at David Pyes Esqr. 

Friday 28th     being something in the fall and being from home since the first of June, having a desire to see my family began think about home Set off to try to hire a horse but in vain Lodges with Majr De Witt in Orange Town 

Saturday 19th     dined with Mr. Hogland and returned to Clarks Towns  

Sunday 20th     Set off in Company with Capt Bowen in Mr. Coleman’s waggon as far as Kings ferry crossed the ferry and prosecuted march and Lodged at Absalom Neilson’s in Peekskill [ ] Lands Distance [ ] Miles. 

[Here the daily recordings of the journal cease. The next eight leaves, which probably formed a continuation of the diary, have been cut from the manuscript in toto. The following leaf is covered with staves of music for several pieces. Viz: “Snow Balls [ ],” “Waggon Wheels.” And “Flowers of Edenburgh.”]

[Promissory Note] Due to John Barr this Seventh Day of December AD. 1792 forty one Shillings and Six pence which I promise to pay to the Said John Barr or his assigns on Demand in Good Merchantable White Pine Boards at the Market Price [No signature] 

***[Three pages totally missing at this point. The last page of the manuscript is unnumbered and attached by a pin. It records an enactment of the State Legislature respecting the payment of certificates to soldiers, as follows:]

In Compensation for the Defficiency of Pay as is above mentioned, Officers and Privates who are still in actual Service and the Accounts of Officers non Commissioned Officers and Privates shall be audited by the said Auditors accordingly, and the Said Officers now Commissioned Officers and Privates shall be intitled to such Certificates a [afore] said for the Balance due to them Respectively.

and be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid that the Accounts of all Persons deceased Shall [be se]ttled and liquidated by the Auditors to be appointed [in] pursuance of this Act, in like Manner as if such Persons should have been in full life, and Certificates for the Bal[ances] which shall appear to have been due to such persons at [the] time of their Death, respectively shall be given to and [in the] Name of the Executors or Administrators of such Persons Respectively.

and be it further enacted by the auth[ority] aforesaid the Gold or Silver only and no other Species of [money] Shall be received by the Commissioners in Cases where the [re shall] be a Difficiency of Certificates, any Law making other [currency a] tender, Notwithstanding and that all the Gold and S[ilver] which shall be so received by the Commissioners shall [be by]them paid into the Treasury of this State there to [remain as a fund for the redemption] of such of Said Certificates, [as may not be redeemed with lands in the manner prescribed by this act. And that the said auditors shall, from time to time, keep regular accounts and make due] Returns to the Treas[sury] of this] State of Abstracts of all Accounts Liquidate and Certificates Issued by them. *( Laws of the State of N. York, v. I, p. 301-2.)

Senate of N. York and Assembly 23d 1780 This Bill having been read the third Time re[solved] that the Bill do pass by Order of the House

Signed Everit Barker Speaker 

State of N. York in Senate Septr 25th 1780

This bill having been read the third Time resolved the Bill do pass by Order of the Senate.

Pier Van Cortlandt President

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