John Barr 1780

The Diary of Ensign
John Barr

Courtesy of Don Wilt. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

January 1st      Saturday New Years day Clear and Cold. Drew a Quart of Rum agreeable to yesterdays Orders Lt Hyatt returned from Furlough

Sunday 2d     continues Cold but Clouds up, turn to Snow with a Strong N. E. Wind which makes a violent Storm

Monday 3d   the Storm continues, quits snowing about Dusk but the Wind and Cold Sticks by.

Wednesday 5th     Cloudy but warm, Snow about 9 OClock, clears off about 10, Ensign Tuthill goes for Furlough—has leave of Absence for two Months. 13th Snow

Thursday 6th      Cloudy and Cold turns to Snow blown by a Strong N. W. Wind.

Friday 7th     the Storm continues from the N. W.

Saturday 8th     excessive Cold the wind from N. W.

Sunday 9th     More Moderate.

Monday 10th     very pleasant and Warm but very Cloudy which brings on a Warm moderate Snow. 15th Snow

Tuesday 11th     very pleasant but Clouds over.

Wednesday 12th     pleasant for the Season but turns to Snow

Thursday 13th     very Cold a Detachment of two Thousand Men and Nine Pieces of Cannon, with Mortars and Howatzers Passed my Quarters to Day to Surprise Statten Island, commanded by Mjr. Genl. Lord Sterling *(Major General William Alexander, Earl of Sterling, Continental Army. Heitman, Historical Register, pg. 66) 16th Snow

Friday 14th     five hundred Sleighs were empressed to follow the Detachment which carried 2000 Troops more passed here Today.

Saturday 15th     Had Intelligence of Major Genl. Lord Sterling going on Statten Island with the Detachments aforesaid.

Sunday 16th     our Troops returned off the Island with 500 Sleigh Loads
Loads of Divers Articles and burnt 9 Sloops Loaded with Wood & c

Monday 17th     Nothing remarkable

Tuesday 18th     Lieut Frilick Lodged with me at my Quarters on his Return from Statten Island Expedition Lieut Hyatt came from Camp to see me.

Wednesday 19th     Something Cold.

Thursday 20th     very Cold nothing else Stirring.

Friday 21st     went to Camp red 5 Month’s Pay, viz, from the 1st of June 1779, to the 1st Novr also received a Quart of Rum agreeable to this Days’ Orders.

Saturday 22d     Nothing Stirring

Sunday 23d     drew a Nother Quart of Rum agreeable to Orders

Monday 24th     moved from Mr. Broadwell’s to Camp paid him Sixty Dollars for my Trouble 30 Days.

Tuesday 25th     400 Men were detached with 4, 8 Inch Howatzrs Six 6 Pounders, two 12 Pounders and one 18 Pndrs with 700 Sleighs to got to the Lines.

Wednesday 26th     No News

Thursday 27th     were Mustered by Major Nicholas Fish *(Major Nicholas Fish, 2d New York Regiment. Hietman, Historical Register, p 227.) for the Months November and December Snowed to Day

Friday 28th     Not Notable.

Saturday 29th     Chose Capt Charles Graham, *(Captain Charles Graham, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 255.) of the 2d N York

Sunday 30th     Regt Lieuts Bowen *(Second Lieutenant Prentice Bowen, 3d New York Regiment. Ibid., p 112.) and Hutton *(Lieutenant Christopher Hutton 3d New York Regiment. Ibid., p 312.) as a Committee to wait on his Excellency with the Resignations of 64 Officer of the Brigade on acct of ill treatment from the Senate and Assembly.

Monday 31st     attended the Lodge at the Half Moon Tavern where Lt Abraham Hyatt and Mr. Burnside *(Second Lieutenant John Burnside, 2d Continental Artillery. Ibid., p 135.) of the Artillery were I. t. d. *(Initiated)

Tuesday  February 1st  1780     were inspected by Coll Reginer *(Lieutenant Colonel Pierre  Regnier de Roussi, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 195) and Major Fish. *(Major Nicholas Fish, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p 227)

Wednesday 2c     No News Stirring

Thursday 2d     our Lodge Formed at Capt Hamtramacks *(Captain John Hamtramack, 5th New York Regiment. Ibid., pg 271) Hutt.

Friday 3d     Nothing remarkable.

Saturday 5th     orders for a Reserve Piquett in every Brigade to remain in their respective Brigades

Sunday 6th     Alexander Richey *(Alexander Richey, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 216) try’d by a Regimental C. M. for Stealing was found Guilty & sentenced to receive one hundred Lashes on his bare Back. And James Connoley *(James Connoley, 2d New York Regiment, New York in The Revolution as Colony and State, v. I, p. 31.) Corpl for buying a Pair of Shoes of Said Rickey, forfeited the Price of the Shoes, viz, 18 Dollars reserved for the Benefit of the Sick and the Regt Sentences put in Execution this Evening.

Monday 7th     Nothing Remarkable

Tuesday 8th     Snowed all Last Night and chief of this Day 18th Snow

9th     Nothing Remarkable

Thursday 10th     Capt Job Vernon *(Captain Job Vernon, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 560) of the 5th Pennsylvania and Ensn Bartholomew Venderburgh *(Ensign Bartholomew Vanderburgh, 5th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 555) 5th N. York were I. T. D.

Friday 11th     rained a little to Day

Saturday 12th }
Sunday 13th } Nothing Notable

Monday 14th     Lieut Andrew Little *(Lieutenant Andrew Lytle, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment. Ibid., p. 362) In.t. D. *(Initiated)

Tuesday 15th     Left Camp on purpose to go home to the State of New York to recover my Health rode with Mr. Abraham Frears, rained all Day Lodged at Mr. Cornelius Davenports 27 Miles from Morris Town Cost this Day 13 Dollars

Wednesday 16th     Eat Breakfast at Coll Sewards *(Not found; probably colonel of a militia regiment. L[o]dged at Mr. Azariah Martins *(Azariah Martin, quarter master in Captain Ebenezer Woodhull’s light house of Cornwall. Clinton Papers, v. I, p. 551) 10 Miles from Coll Stewards & 16 from Davenports whole Cost to Day Night 46 Dollars.

Thursday 17th     Lodged at Mr. Mapes near goshen Distance 16 Miles Cost to Day 21 Dollars Bought 3 Dozn Coat Buttons & 3 do of Jacket Do which Cost 56 Dollars bought them at Goshen Court House.

Friday 18th     Lodged at Mr. Anthony Frears *(Lieutenant Anthony Freer (Frair), 1st Regiment, Ulster county militia, Ibid., v. IX, pg 362.) in the Palts from Mapes 28 Miles Cost to Day 6 Dollars.

Saturday 19th     Came to Esopus & From thence rode with a Negroe 5 Miles to Capt John Stevenbarghs *(Not found) at Redineback Flatts, thence walked four miles to the Widow Westfalls, there Lodged 28 Miles from the Plats Cost to Day 24 Dollars.

Sunday 20th     walked two Miles to Capt Stewart Little Nine Partners, thence rode with Capt Benjamin Vanluver *(Not found) as far as Capt Ingles’s *(Captain Joseph Inglis, Charlotte county militia. Archives, p. 276) 9 Miles thence walked 12 Miles to Capt Wheeler’s *(Captain Valentine Wheeler, 3d Regiment of Dutchess county militia. Archives, p. 281 Clinton Papers, v. VI, p. 646; or Captain Noah Wheeler, 6th Regiment of Dutchess county militia. Clinton Papers, v. V, p. 31) in the Great Nine Partners there Lodged. Distance from the Widow Westfalls 23 Miles Cost to Day 12 Dollars.

Monday 21st     walked home to Mr. Joseph Pennoyers in the Oblong Dutchess County & State of New York distance 3 Miles, Eat Breakfast at Major Gilbert Willets *(Not found)

Tuesday 22d     Snowed and rained to Day
19th Snow

Wednesday 23d     wrote a letter to Lieut Abram Hyatt *(Lieutenant Abraham Hyatt, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 312.) Snowed and rained to Day

Thursday 24th     Snowed and was very Cold, Lodged at Ensign Saml Johnsons to Night.

Friday 25th     At Mr. Johnson’s all Day more Moderate

Saturday 26th     returned to Mr. Pennoyer’s

Sunday 27th     Nothing Remarkable

Monday 28th     Rode to Sharon on Business

Tuesday 29th     went to the Pine Plains after my Portmantua that I left at Capt Stevenbarghs found it at Mr. Youngs Tavern, delivered a Black Silk Handkerchief to Old Mrs. Graham Sent in my Care to her by Capt Charles Graham, *(Captain Charles Graham, 2d New York Regiment, Ibid., p. 255; Clinton Papers, v. X, p. 398.) dined at Capt Ingles’s my Expense to Day 19 Dollars

March 1st     Nothing Material to the 6th

Monday 6th     went to the Great Nine Partners dined at Captain Roger Sutherlands *(Captain Roger Sutherland, 6th Regiment of Dutchess county militia. Clinton Papers, v. VI, p. 7) lodged at Mr. Saml Jones.

Tuesday 7th     rained this Afternoon returned home.

Wednesday 8th     went to Capt John Pennoyers in Sharon where Lieut David Strong *(Lieutenant David Strong, 5th Connecticut Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 525) had Joel Johns a Deserter from the Connecticut Troops Who had been absent upwards of two Years Cost 11 Dollars

Thursday 9th     Nothing Moving

Friday 10th     Snowed and rained Chief Part of the Day.

Saturday 11th     Pleasant Weather

Sunday 12th     Snowed and haild all Day

Monday 13th     Lodged at Mr. Robert Freeman’s Jur

Tuesday 14th }
Wednesday 15th } Nothing Remarkable

Thursday 16th     Snowed all Day & chief of the Night.
22d Snow

[From Friday 17th through Sunday 20th the writer notes "Nothing Material."]

Tuesday 21st     rode to the City in the Great Nine Partners bought 3 ½ Yards Linnen of Mr. Hildridge which cost me 166 Dollars dined with Mr. John Punderson *(John Punderson (Penderson) of Colonel Roswell Hopkins’s Regiment of Dutchess county militia. Clinton Papers, v. X, p. 755) at his Father in Laws Mr. Curtiss.

Wednesday 22d }
Thursday 23d }
Friday 24th } Nothing moving but snowed a little on Thursday.
23d Snow

Saturday 25th     at Mr. Joel Harvey’s all Day & Night Snowed this
24th Snow Afternoon.

Sunday 26th     returned home to Day

Monday 27th     this Evening with Company at Mr. Roys Lodged at Mr. Joel Harvey’s.

Tuesday 29th     went to Sharon this afternoon Lodged at Ensign Saml Johnson Cost 6 ½ Dollars.

Wednesday 29th     Nothing Material

Thursday 30th     Do

Friday 31st     Snowed all Day and Fell about 3 Inches.
25th Snow

April 1st [From April 1st to Monday 3d "Nothing Remarkable."]

Tuesday 4th     Rode Mr. Robert Freeman *(Possibly Robert Freeman of Amenia precinct, Dutchess county, N. Y. Clinton Papers, v. IX, p. 362) Junrs Horse to Town Meeting Cost 26 Dollars

Wednesday 5th     bought 1/8th of a yard of Cambrick of Capt Brown at Mjr Willetts Cost 30 Dollars

Thursday 6th     Nothing Remarkable

Friday 7th     went to Sharon Cost 17 Dollars

Saturday 8th to Thursday 13th     Noting notable.

Friday 14th     rode Mr. Willetts Horse to Mr. Isaac De Lamaters in Oblong dined at Mr. Wm Youngs.

Saturday 15th     Nothing Remarkable

Sunday 16th     went to the Red Meeting House no Minister

Monday 17th     Snow fell Last Night in some Places 6 Inches
26th Snow

Tuesday 18th }
To }                     No Strange
Thursday 20th }

Friday 21st     went to Mr. Wm Youngs Mr. [ ]

Saturday 22d     dined to Day at Mr. Mygatt’s

Sunday 23d }
& }                     Nothing notable
Monday 24th }

Tuesday 25th     being Election at Mr. Simeon Cooks *(Clinton Papers, v. IX, p. 225.) in the Great Nine partners for Governor and Lieut Governor Senate and Assembly, Expensed 16 ½ Dollars

Wednesday 26th     a Genl Day of Fasting, Prayer, & Humiliation throughout the 13 United States of North America.

Thursday 27
&                         Nothing Notable to the 30
Friday 28th

Sunday 30th     attended Meeting at the Red Meeting House heard Mr. Thompson, rained on us coming Home.

May 1780
Monday 1st     dined at Mr. Peter Shavalear’s Lodged at Ensn Saml Johnson’s

Tuesday 2d     eat Breakfast with Ensn Johnson

Wednesday 3d     on Business at Sharon Expences 22 Dollars.

Thursday 4th     went to Mr. Wm Youngs for a Pair of Shoes.

Friday 5th }
Saturday 6th }     Nothing Material

Sunday 7th     attended Meeting at the Red Meeting House heard Mr. Thompson

Monday 8th }
Tuesday 9th }     nothing Notable.

Wednesday 10th     drank Cider at Mr. Elias Shavalear’s in Compy with Mr. Silas Marsh and Mr. Garrett Wianegar.

Thursday 11th     went to Ellection in Sharon Connecticut Lodged at Mr. Boardman’s Expenses 10 Dollars

Friday 12th     to Day at Sharon also drawed Provision for March and April to Mr. Saml Canfield A. C. of Issues Expenses to Day 10 Dollars.

Saturday 13th     went this fore Noon to Mr. Elias Shavelears to drink Cider with Mr. Silas Marsh.

Sunday 14th     dined at Mr. Silas Marsh’s, was taken this afternoon very suddenly with the Putrid Fever.

Monday 15th     Continues in Great Pain, was Let Blood by Doctr Jonah Barns, after which I felt easer.

Tuesday 16th     find myself Considerable Better.

Wednesday }
And }                 I find myself much recovered
Thursday }

Friday 19th     Thundered and rained some this Morning, but when the Sun arose it appeared to be Eclipsed, tho, contrary to Nature, as the Moon fulled this Morning at 6 OCLock of the Preceeding Day, this Phenomenon Continued until 10 or Eleven OClock A. M. making a wonderful appearance both in the Horrizon and on the Earth, terrible indeed to all the beholders.

Saturday 20th }
To }                         nothing Remarkable
Thursday 25th }

Friday 26th         went to Doctr John Chamberlain’s on business

Saturday 27th     dined at Ensn Saml Johnson’s and went this afternoon to Mr. Elias Shavelear’s in Company with Lieut John Lloyd to drink Cider Expenses 12 Dollars

Sunday 28th         Nothing Remarkable

Monday 29th        dined at Mr. Peter Shavelears.

From Tuesday 30th }
Saturday }             nothing material
June the 3d }

Sunday 4th     rode in Mr. Robert Freeman Jrs Waggon to the Red Meeting House, heard Mr. Thompson. Lodge at Lieut Isaac Darrows. *(Lieutenant Isaac Darrow in Colonel Roswell Hopkins Regiment of Dutchess county militia. Archives, p. 283)

Monday 5th     breakfast with Lieut Darrows

Tuesday 6th     being Set apart as a Day of Prayer and Humiliation in Mr. Thompson’s Congregation on account of the unusual Drought in the Land.

Wednesday 7th     went to Litchfield in Company with Ensn Saml Johnson 23 Miles and returned 5 Lodged at Capt Amos Barnes *(Not found) in Blue Swamp. Expenses 22 Dollars.

Thursday 8th     dined in Day at Lieut Parterson’s, *(Not found) as also as on the Preceeding day, arrived at home this Evening distance 18 Miles.

Friday 9th }
And }                 Nothing notable.
Saturday 10th }

Sunday 11th     being Indisposed did not attend Meeting.

Monday 12th }
To }                    nothing Material
Wednesday 14th }

Thursday 15th     attended a Frolick at Mr. Roys.

Friday 16th     went to Litchfield Lodged at Mr. Thomas Blakesly’s in Water Towns in Northbury State of Connecticut distance of 31 Miles, Expenses 9 Dollars.

Saturday 17th     Returned to Day being very fatigued. Distance 31 Miles, Expenses 5 Dollars.

Sunday 18th     did not attend Meeting to Day being fatigued

Monday 19th }
To }                    Nothing Remarkable
Wednesday 21st }

Thursday 22d     at a Training to the Militia at Mrss Wheelers when there was a Detachment of the Militia to go to West Point for 8 Days. Expences 13 Dollars Lodged at Lieut Isaac Darrows.

Friday 23d }
To }                     Nothing Notable
Saturday 24th }

Sunday 25th       Went to Mr. Simeon Cooks *(Major Simeon Cook of Colonel Roswell Hopkins’ Regiment of Dutchess county militia. Clinton Papers, v. IV, 400; v. VI, 7)

Monday 26th     a Genl alarm throughout this State.

Tuesday 27th     the Militia from this Neighborhood marched for Fish Kills to Day.

Wednesday 28th     Ploughed Corn to Day & to Saturday

July 1st             do

Sunday 2d       did not attend Meeting by Reason I took Physic

Monday 3d      Nothing Remarkable

Tuesday 4th     being the Anniversary of the Independence of the 13 United States of North America, being the first Day of the 5th year thereof. Expenses to Day 7 Dollars.

Wednesday }    the Militia are ordered to rais Eight Hundred Men 3 Thursday 6th }   Months to be ready to March to Fish Kills on the 14th inst

Friday 7th     went to visit the Revd Mr. Elkanah Holmes who was bit by a Mad Dog about 3 Weeks ago.

Saturday 8th     eat Breakfast with Ensn Saml Johnson, dined at Mr. Boardman’s Sharon State of Connecticut, thence to Mr. Jeduthan Grays who fetched a Letter from Capt Isarel Smith *(Captain Israel Smith, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 503) Paymaster to the 4th N. York Regt Genl Clinton’s Brigade directed to me.

West Point Thursday 29th June 1780

Dear Sir
Yours of the 24th Inst came safe to Hand and Sorry to hear so little Prospect of your Recovery. I am very unwell myself at the Present, but hop to get Better.
I wish it was in my Power to comply with your Request, but have not drawn any Money Since December & believe the Officers in General have been out of Money two Months, Should always be Glad to hear from you
In haste I am Dear Sir yours
Signed Israel Smith

To Ensign John Barr
In the Oblong.

Sunday 9th }
To }                         Nothing Remarkable
Wednesday 12th}

Thursday 13th       do

Friday 14th             Rode out on acct of my Health in Company with Lieut Isaac Darrow Stopt to refresh at Doctr John Chamberlain’s. dined at Wm Youngs, Stopt again at Capt Wm. Chamberlain’s *(Captain William chamberlain of Colonel Morris Graham’s regiment of levies. Clinton Papers, v. II, p. 120) Rode about 6 Miles and stopt at Lieut Ichabod Pains, *(Not found) Rode about 4 Miles and stopt at Major Simeon Cooks wher the 3 Month’s Men above mentioned came to Rendezvous, but the Orders were Countermandd and Prorogued until 25th Inst

Saturday 15th     Nothing Remarkable

Sunday 16th     attended Meeting at the Red Meeting house heard Mr. Thompson Preach from the 65th Chap. of the Prophicy of Isaiah & th [e] 1st Verse

Monday 17th }
& }                     Nothing Stirring
Tuesday 18th }

Wednesday 19th     Serjt Selah Brush *(Sergeant Selah Brush, 8th Company, 4th New York Regiment, Archives, p. 218) & Ezekiel Gee *(Ezekiel Gee, 8th Company, 4th New York Regiment, Ibid., p. 218) & John Shavel [ear] *(Joseph Shevalier, 8th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 219) of the 4th N York Regt came to my Qurs being sint after Serjt John Holly *(John Holly, 1st Company, 5th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 222) deserted.

Thursday 20th

Friday 21st     Went to Mr. Shavelears to drink Cider in Company with Mr. Stone Expenses 15 Dollars.

Saturday 22d     Nothing Remarkable

Sunday 23d     at home all Day

Monday 24th     at Ensn Samuel Johnson’s dined and supped there.

Tuesday 25th     Rode with Ensn Saml Johnson as far as Mr. Enos Northrups in the Great Nine Partners. Distance about 15 Miles Expences 20 Dollars

Wednesday 26th     Nothing Notable

Thursday 27th     Reaped with Mr. Joseph Pennoyer

Friday 28th     do Recd a Letter by Pierce Baker *(Pierce Baker, 8th Company, 4th New York Regiment, Ibid., p. 218) of the 4th N. York Regt from Lieut Abraham Hyatt as follows.

Camp West Point July 21st , 1780

Dear Sir
I recd Several Letters from you, and you wrote to me that you had not recd any from me. I have wrote four Letters to you, and would have wrote by Serjt Gray of the Militia but was on Duty, I send you by the Bearer Pierce Baker one Coat and a Pair of Shoes, which is all the Cloathing we have drawn since you left the Rest for the Officers the Shoes and Stockings of Lines and Wickham I could not get, these are some that I have procured for you as I am doing Pay masters Duty I wrote you that you were arranged in Capt Norton’s Company, but since there has been another arrangement and you are in Capt Smith’s Company and I am likewise as to News I have none, should be glad to see you

I am you friend and humble Servt
Signed Abraham Hyatt

To Ensign John Barr in Oblong Dutchess County
A true copy.

Saturday 29th     Reaped for Mr Pennoyer to Day heard a heavy Cannonade supposed to be at Rhode Island.

Sunday 30th     being weary Stayed at Home all Day

Monday 31st     Reaped for Mr Pennoyer to Day

Tuesday 1st     do

Day of August

Wednesday 2d     Something unwell

Thursday 3d     Nothing Material

Friday 4th     at Night [ ]

Saturday 5th     No News

Sunday 6th     had the good News of the Second Division of the French’s arival our brave allies Consisting of Eleven Sail of the Line and on Board 6000 Land Troops as also all the Teems of the Neighborhood empressed for the purpose of the Removal of the Continental Army to the White Plains

Monday 7th }
Tuesday 8th }     Nothing Material

Wednesday 9th     Rode to Mr. Quackenbushes, Esqr Grisold’s & Capt Pennoyers in Sharon Recd a Letter from Lieut Hyatt by the Hands of Lieut Darrow as follows.

Camp Kings Ferry 3d August 1780

Dear Sir
I recd a Letter from you the other Day wherein you informed me, that you was in a Poor State of Health which I am very sorry to hear.

I had Just before sent you a Letter by Pierce Baker and likewise sent you a Coat and Pr of Shoes—and have a Shirt and Pr of over halls for you if I had an Opportunity 
I should be glad to have you to Join if you are able, as there had been in our Encampment one Mr. Basley *(Given below as Beardsley) who reported that he had understood you was teaching a School in the Place where you now are which will be nothing in your Favour if it be true.

I should be glad to see you.
I am you humble Servt and well wisher
Signed Abrm Hyatt

Directed to Ensign John Barr
Oblong Dutchess County
A true Copy . Pr favr of Mr. Basley

Thursday 10th     went to Capt Colby Chamberlains’ *(Captain Colby Chamberlain of Colonel Morris Graham’s Dutchess county regiment. Clinton Papers, v. IX, p. 120) & delivered the following Letter directed to Lieut Abraham Hyatt of the N York Regt Viz.

Oblong Amenia Dutchess County N. Y.
10th 1780

Dr Sr

Recd yours of the 21st July last as also about a Pr of Shoes by Pierce Baker, you Kindness I gratefully acknowledge, as also yours of the 3d inst by Mr. Beardsley yesterday, wherein I found that Mr. Beardsley had reported that I teached a school, but this is groundless as he will acknowledge, he tells me that he is going to the Camp to morrow and will inform your of the mistake as to that or any other Business if I had been capable of Performing, I think I have more honour that to be engaged in it while I am in the service, otherwise Should be unworthy of supplying the Station I have the Honour to be appointed to. I can produce many honourable Evidences that I have been hitherto unable for any sort of Camp Duty, but if my word is not sufficient I am unworthy of my Post there, though I have through mercy recovered Past Expectation yet I am Still unfit to Join, but by divine Assistance expects to Join soon, it would be mere madness in me to Stay in a Place where three times my Wages will not defray my Expences.

In hopes of seeing you soon
Dr Sr I am you most obt & very hmbl servt
John Barr

To Lieut Abraham Hyatt 4th N. Y. R. at Kings Ferry

was at Capt Wm Chamberlains *(Captain William Chamberlain of Colonel Morris Graham’s Dutchess county regiment of levies, Clinton Papers, v. IX, p. 120) in Compy with Lieut Isaac Darrow Spend Chief of the Evening at Doctr John Chamberlain in Company with Capt Colby Chamberlain Lieuts Darrow Boyd *(Lieutenant John Boyd of Colonel Roswell Hopkins’ Dutchess county regiment., Ibid, v. IX, p. 71) & Doty *(Not found) And Lawyer Reuben Hopkins returned home with Lt Darrow.

as also a visit to Mr. Elihu Beardsely’s who acknowledgd that he was mistaken in reporting that I teached a School and give me proper Satisfaction, as also went after Moses Cook *(Moses Cook, 3d Regiment of Dutchess county militia. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, v. I, p. 139) a Deserter from our Regt but did not find him Expences 7 Dollars

Friday 11th     Nothing Material

Saturday 12th     Rode as far as the Pine Plains with Mr. Girdon Johnson Stoped at Mr. Inglis’s Rained whilst there Returned and dined at Mr. Moses Meads on our Return rained on us the Chief of the Way from there home.

Sunday 13th     at home all Day

Monday 14th     Breakfast at Ensign Saml Johnson

Tuesday 15th     Breakfast at Lieut Isaac Darrow

Wednesday 16th     was taken very unwell this Morning Expence 6 Doll [ars]

Thursday 17th     Took a Vomit this Morning, & in the afternoon took Some Salts & c.

Friday 18th     found in the Fishkill News Paper the Names of some Deserters from the 4th N. York Regt went after one of them Names Job Randle *(Not found) found him dined with Lieut Isaac Darrow.

Saturday 19th     This Morning before Daybreak Set out after another of the above Deserters Named Jonathan Harrington *(Not found) to Capt Hamlin’s *(Not found) on Sharon Mountain but found that he had Set off to Join the Regt in the afternoon went after another named Gideon Brockway *(Colonel John Harper’s Regiment, New York levies. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, v. I, p. 68) in the lower Part of Sharon near Kent but found him not Expence 13 Dollars breakfasted at Mr. Benjn Sages on Sharon Mountain & dined at Mr. Wm Young in the Oblong.

Sunday 20th     Eat Breakfast with old Mr. Robert Johnson.

Monday 21st     nothing Material

Tuesday 22d     Rode Mr. John Freeman’s Horse to Litchfield in Connecticut Lodged at Capt Amos Barns’s in Blue Swamp Expence 6 Dollars

Wednesday 23d     Returned to Day dined at Mr. Benjn Sages Sharon Mountain

Thursday 24th     Eat Breakfast with old Mr. Robert Johnson

Friday 25th     went to Town Meeting at Mr. Simeon Cooks where the Minds of the Precinct was taken in Respect of Supporting the Credit of this New Emission, & getting a Law made to prevent the illegal Trade with the Enemy unanimously agreed to sign the following Petition.

To the Legislature of the State of N. York, The Petition of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Dutchess County, humbly Sheweth that our Petitioners for the Defence and Security of their Just Rights and invaluable Priviliges are engaged in a bloody and expensive War, with a Powerful and cruel Enemy, that should they overcome us nothing will remain but the blackest Prospest of Abject Salvery, under the most cruel and relentless Taskmasters, that without Money we cannot carry on the War to any considerable Effect, that through the ***Scarcity of Specie, there is a Necessity of Substituting a paper Currency, that in Order to make Paper supply the Place of Specie, it is Necessary to prevent its Depreciation and give it a free Circulation, ---and your Petitioners beg Leave to observe further, that though Sufficient Funds may be Established for the Redemption of our Paper Money yet as a Great Part of the Inhabitants of this State are opposed to Independence, there is Reason to expect that they will do all in their Power to ruin us through our Paper Currency, and by every Means in their Power endeavour to depreciate its Credit and Stagnate its Circulation,--and your Petitioners beg Leave further to observe that there is within the State a vile Set of Men whose God in their Gain, who are lost to every Principle of Virtue, and distitute of any Regard for the Public Good, are carrying on a trade with the Enemy in hard Money, and refuse to sell their Goods otherwise than for Specie, to the Great Discouragement of those who endeavour to keep up the Credit of the Paper Money---and you Petitioners beg Leave further to observe, that the Disaffected People are confederate to gether to avoid as much as Possible the taking of Paper Money, and with that View refuse to sell the Necessaries of Life to those who Stand in Need, except for hard Money, to the insuperable Discouragement of those whose wish it is to Support our Paper Currency—and you Petitioners beg Leave further to observe, that though they have a high Sense of the Wisdom manifested in the Legislature, at that last Meeting, by the Laws that were then made for the Security of the Paper Currency, yet they beg Leave to express their fear that unless further Measures are taken in the Premises the New Bills emitted by the Act of Congress of the Eighteenth Day of March last, will be in great Danger of depreciating, in Consequence of which we fear that we shall be reduced to the most deplorable and Remediless Situation, ---we therefor beg Leave to request the Legislature to make Laws Effectually to prevent the illicit Trade with the Enemy, and to compell all those who have the Necessaries of Life to Spare to sell reasonable Quantities of the same, to those who stand in Need, for the Said New Bills at the Price that those Articles are usually sold for in Silver and Gold---and you Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray.

A True Coppy

[Friday 25th]     Expences to Day 8 Dollars

Saturday 26th     wrote three of the above Petitions for the circul[ate] in the Different Precinct.

Sunday 27th     went to the Red Meeting House, no Minister went in the After Noon to Mr. Lewis De Lavergne’s delivered the three Copys as above Mentioned to Judge Eperaim Paine, heard the Revd Mr. Elkanah Holmes Preach from these Words, He that Standeth Take Care least he falleth, dined at Mr. Selah Trowbridge’s.

Monday 28th     Nothing Material

Tuesday 29th }
& }                      Nothing Material
Wednesday 30th }

Thursday 31st     had Intelligence of Some of our Army taking Possession of Powleshook, Where they took 600 Load of Forage 200 Tun of which was Hay the Remainder Wheat in the Sheave, with 70 Prisoners.

Friday September 1st     dined at Mr. Joel Harvey’s then rode out as far as Capt Lewis De Lavergne’s. Expences 11 Dollars

Saturday 2d     returned home Stoped at Mrss Wheelers had a glass of Bitter eat Breakfast with Mr. Joel Harvey. Expences three Dollars and a half.

Sunday 3d     raines pretty hard all Day

Monday 4th     at the raising of Mr. Robert Freeman’s Barn at a Dance at Mr. Roys in the Evening Expences 14 Dollars

Tuesday 5th     Nothing Material

Wednesday 6th     do

Thursday 7th     Rode Mr. John Freeman’s Horse to Litchfield on Business in Company with Ensn Johnson Lodge at Mr. Thos Blakesleys in Water Town in North Bury Expences 9 Dollars.

Friday 8th     Breakfasted with Mr. Lewis about 3 Miles East of Mr. Blakeslys returned to Litchfield about Noon was detained on Business recd ten dollars Connecticut State Money for three Months & 20 Days Provisions

Friday 8th     Lodged at Lieut Patersons in Cronwall Expences 24 Dollars

Saturday 9th     returned home to Day eat Breakfast at Ensn Johnson’s *(Ensign James Johnson, 5th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 322) walked with Mr. Johnson & Mr. Lloyd to Capt Noah Wheelers *(Captain Noah Wheeler, 6th Regiment, Dutchess county militia. Clinton Papers, v. X, p. 976) in the Great Nine Partners. Expences to Day 17 Dollars dined to Day at Mr. Daniel Guernsey’s.

Sunday 10th     at home all Day being fatigued by my Journey

Monday 11th     dined with Ensn Samuel Johnson [ ]

Tuesday 12th     rode Lieut Isaac Darrows Mare to Capt Reeds in Oblong for to get me an Hat but was disappointed came to Mr Mase Hamlins had some Grogg in Company with Lieut David Strong, Mr. Wm Young and a Number of Others Expences there 30 Dollars. Supped with Mr. Wm Young rode home about 11 OClock rained the Chief Part to the Night.

Wednesday 13th     Supped with Lieut Isaac Darrow Lodged there Expences 12 Dollars

Thursday 14th     Rode Ensn Saml Johnson’s Horse as far as Mr. Wm. Young was at Mr. Delamarters House Warming Expences 13 1/3 Dollars.

Friday 15th     went with Mr. Isaac Pearson as far as Mr. Moredocks dined at Mr. Peter Shavalears

Saturday 16th     Noting notable

Sunday 17th     Set off to go to meeting dined at Mr. Peter Shavalears

Monday 18th     went to Mr. Wm Young rode Mr Peter Shavalears Horse, bought a Pair of Boots of him Cost me 36 Dollars Expences for Liquor 15 Dollars

Tuesday 19th     Rode Mr. Daniel Guernsey’s Horse to Sharon thence to Mr. Wm Youngs in Oblong State of N. York Expences to Day 33 Dollars.

Wednesday 20th [ ]

Thursday 21st     Rode Mr Joel Harvey’s to Sharon thence to Capt Wm Chamberlains bought a hair Comb for Mss Lucy Pennoyer as a Present Cost 36 Dollars Settled for my Board and Washing Paid 443 Dollars for my Board for three months at Mr. John Pennoyers.

Friday 22d     Set off for Camp in Company with Capt Lieut David Strong *(Captain Lieutenant David Strong, 5th Connecticut Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 525.) of the Connecticut Line Lodged at Mr. Hurds near Fredericksburg Expences 57 Dollars

Saturday 23d     eat Breakfast at Mr. Everitts near Cromb Pond thence prosicuted our Journey as far as Mr Joshua Hyatts at Cromb Pond was Horse Ran there to Day Expences 66 ½ Dollars

Sunday 24th     Eat Breakfast at Mr. Stillwells Peekskill thence proceeded to Cross Kings Ferry, thence proceeded to Clerks Town Eat Dinner at Mr. John Coleman’s in Compy with Majr Scott *(Major John Paul Schott, Ibid., p. 484.) Capts Solomon *(Captain Solomon Strong, 5th Connecticut Regiment, Ibid., p. 526) & David Strong reached Camp about 4 OClock P. M. in Orange Town in the State of N. York, about 18 Miles for Kings Ferry near South being 80 Miles for Sharon Expences 30 Dollars

*N. B. Attended the Lodge on Sunday Evening the 24th inst where Coll Thos Chambers *(Not found) of the Pennsylvania Line & Ensn Saml Talmage *(Ensign Samuel Tallmadge, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 532)

Monday 25th     was a Genl review of the whole Army

Tuesday 26th     was ordered to be ready to March on a Minutes warning on acct of the Enemy coming up the River. Had intelligence of one Mjr John Andre Adjt Genl of the British Army, as a Spy he was detected by Mr. Polding*(John Paulding) at Sing Sing on his return to New York, as also the Genl Arnold had deserted his Coulours fled to N. York, this Day paid Mr. Nathaniel Richard 191 Dollars for the use of his Horse to ride to Camp, the first and Second Pennsylvania Brigades Marched last Night for West Point on the Intelligence that Arnold had betrayed the Garrison there.

Wednesday 27th     Nothing Material

Thursday 28th     detached for Brigade Camp Guard blustry Weather the aforementioned adjt Genl as a Spy was brought to Camp. Parole to Night Rotardam,

C Sign { P. W. Word advan[ce].

Friday 29th     relieved this Morning by Ensn Bartholomew Venderburgh went in Company with Lieut Rudolph Van Hovenbaragh *(Lieutenant Rudolph Van Hoevenbergh, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 556.) to Dobb’s Ferry to see the Works where there is Block House built with a very Strong Redoubt round it. Expences to Day 15 Dollars

Saturday 30th     went to see Capt Lieut David Strong of Coll Bradleys *(Colonel Philip Burr Bradley, 5th Connecticut Regiment. Ibid., p. 117) Regt Genl Huntington’s *(Brigadier General Jedediah Huntington, Continental Army, Ibid., p 311) Brigade Connecticut Line

October 1789
Sunday 1st     Detached for Officers of Police, Major Andre Adjt Genl to the British Army was tried for coming a Shore within our lines, Changing his Cloats, and taking the Plan of Stonny Point, and west Point as a Spy, found Guilty by a Board of General Officers, and condemnend to be hanged to Day at 5 OClock P. M. but reprieved until the 2d Day at 12.

Monday 2d     Major Andre was executed at 12 OClock this Day concluding his life with repeating these Words—that he was reconciled to his death, but was disappointed at the Mode of it, & that the Spectators would bear Witness that he met his fate like a brave Man.

Tuesday 3d     Nothing Remarkable

Wednesday 4th     on Brigade Camp Guard, Parole Warwick
{N. W Word C. S. {B. Hark

Thursday 5th     relieved by Ensn Saml Dodge, *(Ensign Samuel Dodge jr, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 199) Rained all Last Night built a Chimney to our Tent & c

Friday 6th     had Orders to march, the Genl to beat at 7 OClock, the Assemble to beat half after 8 and March precisely at 9 A. M.

Saturday 7th     marched at 9 A. M. being the Left wing consisting of the N. York, N. Jersey, Starks and New Hampshire Brigades encamped on Noyells Farm in harvey Straw *(Haverstraw, Rockland county, New York) 5 Miles below Kings Ferry, distance from Orange Town 15 Miles

Sunday 8th     Marched by land on the West Side of the North River Sent our Baggage by Water to West Point, we encamped on ______ Farm Distance from Noyells 13 Miles our March to Day being very tedio [us] Occasioned by a very Rough and Stony Road as also very Mountainous.

Monday 9th     marched to West Point by the Way of Fort Montgomery distance 9 Miles reached the Point about 1 OClock P. M. Expences to Day 15 Dollars.

Tuesday 10th     went Fishing in Company with Capt Silas Gray, as far as Mr_____ being 9 Miles had a very tedious Time of it. Lay out all Night near Fort Montgomery.

Wednesday 11th     returned to Camp about Dark Expences 12 Dollars

Thursday 12th     was Ordered for Guard, but by reason of a Dispute with Ensn Bartholw Venederburgh *(Ensign Bartholowew Vanderburgh, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 555) concerning our Rank were both arrested by Lt Coll John Conway *(Lieutenant Colonel John Conway, 1st New Jersey Regiment. Ibid. p. 168) of the 1st N Jersey Regt foe Disobedience of Orders. N. B. He was officer of the Day.

Friday 13th }
Saturday 14th }     Nothing remark [b]le

Sunday 15th     drew my Defence on Purpose for Tryal on Monday the 16th

Monday 16th     come to Trial

Coll Shreve President
Capts { Members }
Mr John Strong Judge Advocate

1stly I produced a Resolve to the honourable the Council of appointment Passed as at Kingtons July 1st 1780

his Excellency George Clinton Esqr Governor of the State of N. York

{Rynier Myndorse }Eqrs
Honourable { Levi Pawling } Members
{Isaac Rosevolt }

being a Resolve respecting many Officers of the Brigade as also, Resolved that Joseph Morril, *(Ensign Joseph Morrill, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 402) John Barr, *(Ensign John Barr, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid,., p. 89) Samuel Dodge *(Ensign Samuel Dodge jr., 4th New York Regiment. Ibid, p. 199) and Stephen Griffing *(Ensign Stephen Griffing, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 263) Gentlemen be and are hereby appointed Ensns in the 4th New York Regt and their Respective Commissions Bear date from the 1st January 1779, they doing Duty as Such from that Time.

As also a Brigade Order by Coll Cartlandt, *(Colonel Philip Van Vortlandt, 2d New York Regiment, Ibid., p. 555) that the appointments made by the Council of appointment of the State of New York, of the Officers Concerned as Published in Brigade Orders of July the 8th Inst is to take Place immediately, and the Officers whom it Respects are to be obeyed accordingly.

My Defence as follows.

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Court.

I have admitted the Charge which the Prosecutor had Produced against me to prevent you any unnecessary trouble or Delay by the Examination of Witnesses, it only remains therefore with me to Explain to you Gentlemen the Principals upon which I acted, and the Motives of my Conduct, I believe I can with Confidence declare that Coll Conway as Prosecutor will not impute the Disobedience in me to a Designed Disrespect or Contempt of his Orders, for my Part I must totally disclaim any Intention of that Nature, the order was Occasioned

By a Dispute of Rank on the Grand Parade between a Gentleman of the Brigade and myself, Coll Conway was Officer of the Day ordered us to Determine it by Lot, Confident of the Justice of my Claim, and at the same Time unwilling to hazard or cede my Rank, I in the most respectful words declined complying with the Order, I wished also to bring the Dispute (as it was frequently repeated) to a Settlement, and conceived this to be the most proper and Effectual Method. I will state to the Court the Nature of my Claim, and submit it to your decision, how far my Conduct was Proper the honourable the Council of Appointment of the State of N. York, upon the Recommendation of the Commanding Officer of the Regt by a Resolve bearing Date the 1st of July 1780, appointed me with several other Gentlemen of the Regiment Ensns in the 4th N. York Regt, and Expressly ordered that we should take Rank from the 1st January 1779, upon the Publication of this Arrangement of the Council in the Brigade Orders, Several other Gentlemen of other Regiments conceiving themselves Injured, entered a Complaint to Coll Gavsivoort (Colonel Peter Gansevoort, 3d New York Regiment, Heitman, Historical Register, p. 242) at that Time Commanding the Brigade, who Issued an Order that we should take Rank from the 1st of June 1779, but afterward revoking that Order, and Stating our Rank at the 15th of May 1779 conceiving Coll Gansivoort had no Right, as the appointment of the other Gentlemen was younger than ours, to counteract the Resolve of the Council of Appointment, or to destroy the appointment we paid very little attention or Regard to this Order, but still insisted on our Rank given us, a Copy of the arrangement had been read in Evidence to the Court, from which you may Judge the Validity of our Appointment, I shall not detain or trouble you Gentlemen with any further Observations on the Subject, and Shall rest the Matter on the Determination of the Court.

I am with Respect and Esteem Gentlemen you very humble servant

John Barr

Coll Gavsivorts Regt embark to Day for Albany

Tuesday 17th     appeared before the Court made a few observations on the Subject as also produce a Muster where I was Mustered from the 1st Jany 1778 Shewing the inconsistancy of Coll Gansivoorts Order.

Coll Vanscoil’s *(Colonel Goose Van Schaick, 1st New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 557) Regt arrived here last Night. Expence to Day 10 [?] Dollars

Wednesday 18th     our Regt embarked for Albany Sailed this Evening about 4 OClock but I with Ensn Griffing were left behnd on Acct that the Proceedings of the Court were not yet Published Expences 18 Dollars.

Thursday 19th     lodged last Night with Capts Charles Nukirk *(Captain Lieutenant Charles Newkirk, 3d new York Regiment. Ibid., p. 412) and Charles Graham *(Captain Charles Graham, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p.255) of the 2d Regt.

Friday 20th     do

Saturday 21st     Lodged this Evening with Adt John L. Hardenbergh, *(Lieutenant John Hardenbergh, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 273) had Orders of Genl James Clinton to Join the Regt embarked on Board of Mr Abraham Travises Sloop for Albany in Company with Lieut Prentice Bowen *(Second Lieutenant Prentice Bowen, 3d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 112) of the 3d Regt and lodged with him on Board.

Sunday 22d     arrived at Poughkeepsie about 2 OClock. Walked 16 Miles and lodged at Mr. Thomas Smith’s in Oswago.

Monday 23d     Rode one of Mr. Smith’s Horses as far as the Red Meeting house in the Great Nine Partners *(A land tract of Dutchess county. See Sauthier’s Chorographical Map of Province of New York, Documentary History of New York, v. I, p 774) Distance of 18 Miles. Dined at Mr. Topheer Jones in Tilking Town Expences 16 Dollars.

Tuesday 24th     got home dined at Mr. Saml Johnson in Oblong

Wednesday 25th     at Troming at Major Cook’s Expences 8 Dollars

Thursday 26th     eat Breakfast with Mr. John Freeman

Friday 27th     Set off to Join the Regt lodged at Mr Peter Millers in Clawvarack *(Present Claverack, Columbia county, New York) in Albany County
Distances 38 Miles Expences 78 Dollars

Saturday 28th     prosecuted my March lodged at Mr. Daniel Northrups in said County Distance 34 Miles Expences 26 Dollars

Sunday 29th     Come to Albany Distance 15 Miles Dined at Mr. Hugh Dinniston’s Expences 127 Dollars

Monday 30th     prosecuting my March in Company with Lieut Benscotten *(Lieutenant Peter van Buchotten, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register. P. 132) & Ensn Griffing arrived at Mr. Isaac Truaxes *(See Clinton Papers, v. X, p. 886) distances 11 Miles Exps 5 ½ Dollars

Tuesday 31st     reached Schenectady at 9 OClock where found the Regt distance 5 ½ Miles.

November, 1780
Wednesday 1st     drawed one Gallon of Rum from the State Store had a Company of Indians this Evening.

Thursday 2d     Snowed to Day have Orders to March to morrow Morning for Cannojoharrie. Had a Forlick with the Indians give me the Name of Tuaghseraro.

Friday 3d     Marched for Connojohary took Quarters on the South Side of the Mohawk River distance 12 Miles Lieuts Hyatt & Tuthill *(Lieutenant Azariah Tuthill, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 552) and Ensn Morrill *(Ensign Joseph Morrill, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 402) and Lt Denniston *(Lieutenant Daniel D. Denniston, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 194) and I Crossed the River to the Widow Groots Supped and Lodged there.

Saturday 4th     Breakfast & Supped there as also was sent after Flour for the Regt got some of Mr. Abner Willson Wt 60 for which he got Beef. Lodged at Mrss Grooats.

Sunday 5th    Settled with Mrss Grooat Expence 182 Dollars march today Crossing the River & Quartered at Dort Steadards 20 Miles.

Monday 6th     Crossed the River at Mr. Wolradt’s to Fort Plains distance 10 Miles Took Quarters at Mr. George Crouses

Tuesday 7th     Sent on Express to Governor Clintons Head Quarters at Mr. Crouses Connojoharie

Wednesday 8th     Nothing Remarkable

Thursday 9th     drew half a Gallon of Rum of the State Store [ ] drew 9 lbs of Sugar and 12 Oz of Tea had some Company to drink Milk Punch. Lodged at Capt Henrys House in Fort Plains in Compy with Lt Hovanbargh *(Lieutenant Rudolph Van Hoevenberg, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 556)

Friday 10th     Nothing Material

Saturday 11th     Wrote to Comy James Moore

Sunday 12th     do Snowed.

Monday 13th     The Express arrived which we sent off the 7th

Tuesday 14th     Drank Milk Punch at Capt Gray’s *(Captain Silas Gray, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 258) Quarters

Wednesday 15th     have Orders to march to Fort Schuyler to morrow.

Thursday 16th     did not march for want of Waggons Capt Titus *(Captain Jonathan Titus, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 545) retired from Service.

Friday 17th     Marched about 8 OClock had 97 Waggons. halted at Mr. Digarts distance 15 Miles Expences 28 Dollars

Saturday 18th     came to Fort Harkimar *(Fort Herkimer.) where we were received by the Fire of 3 Cannon, returned 13 with Three Cheers and Joined by 120 of our Regt Sent with Stores to Fort Schuyler Commanded by Capt Dunscomb, *(Captain Edward Dunscomb, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 207) Lieuts Thomas Hunt *(Lieutenant Thomas Hunt. 4th New York Regiment, Ibid., p. 310) Abrm Hyatt and Joseph Frilick *(Lieutenant Joseph Froelick, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 238) and Ensn Woodruff *(Ensign Ephraim Woodruff, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 604)

Sunday 19th     marched about 1 OClock P. M. halted at Fort Pickering in the German Flatts Distance 11 Miles Passed Fort Dayton 1 ½ Mile from Fort Harkimar also got a Barrel of Potatoes here to carry to Fort Stanwix as also Crossed the Mohawk River.

Monday 20th     Marched about 8 OClock arrived and encamped at Old Fort Schuyler Distance 9 Miles.

Tuesday 21st     Marched about 8 OClock Crossed the Mohawk River broke one Waggon left it on the Ground halted at Orisco Distance 9 Miles Expence 8 Dollars.

Wednesday 22d     arrived at Fort Schuyler about 3 OClock P. M. where we relieved Major Hughes Comdt of the Fortress with the Militia & Capt Brown *( Captain Jonathan Brown, 2d Continental Artillery. Heitman, Historical Register. P. 125) of the Artillery.

Thursday 23d     The Militia and Artillery marched to Day as also Major Daviss *(Major John Davis, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 188) to See the Committee Chosen for new arrangement of the two Regiments of the State of N. York by whome I returned myself to retire.

Friday 24th     drew for the Rooms and Lieut Hyatt and I drew No. 1 on the Left of the North Side of the Fort.

Saturday 25th ……………………….

Sunday 26th ……………………….

Monday 27th ……………………….

Tuesday 28th ……………………….

Wednesday 29th     drew the last of 4 ½ Gallons of Rum and ¾ lbs of Tea and 15 lbs of *(Evidently and omission of some article from the list of stores.) Being given us as a Present from the State and Stores of Rum & Tea for 3 Months and Sugar for 5 Months all the Officers of the Garrison assembled here & had a Dance Edward Collins *(Edward Collins, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 216) Soldier was confined to Breaking open our Door with an Ax in a Comtemptuous Manner. Expences 32 Dollars.

Thursday 30th     Collins tried to Day by a Garrison Court M. for his Conduct Last Night the Court adjudged him to receive 100 Lashes which was put in Execution of Retreat beating.

December 1780
Friday 1st }
Saturday & }         Nothing Notable Snow
Sunday }

Monday 4th     wrote a letter to Ensn Johnson *(Probably Ensign James Johnson before referred to.) & one of Jesse Pennoyer Capt McKinstry *(Captain John McKinstry, 15th Continental Infantry, Heitman, Historical Register, p. 373) arrived here with 50 Men of the Militia as an Escort for 47 Cattle of this Garrsion.

Tuesday 5th     Wrote a Letter to Mr. Joseph Pennoyer Snowed Last Night

Wednesday 6th }
& }                       two Indians with three Squaws came in from Niagara
Thursday 7th }

Friday 8th         Nothing Material

Saturday 9th     Capt Gray Lieutenant Abraham Hyatt with two Serjeants and two Corporals and 20 Men with 5 Sleights together with Lieut James Brewster *(Lieutenant James Brewster, 2d Continental Artillery. Ibid., p. 120) of Capt Moodies *(Captain Andrew Moodie, 2d Continental Artillery. Ibid., p. 397) Compy of Artillery with 11 Men one Brass 3 Poundr went to the Oneida Castle after Corn.

Sunday 10th     Rained all Last Night

Monday 11th     Capt Grey returned fetched some Corn & Potatoes and two Swivels which he found at the Oneida Castle & reports that there is one Thousand Bushels of Corn there Yet.

Tuesday 12th ……………………….

Wednesday 13th     dined at Mr. Tucker’s in Company with Capt Silas Gray Lt Snow Abraham Hyatt Lt Azariah Tuthill, Ensign Samuel Dodge and Doctr Abner Prior *(Dr. Abner Prior, surgeon’s mate, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 453) had an Eligant Dinner & drank Green Tea in the Evening retired about 8 OClock P. M. Snowed Last Night and all this Day.

Thursday 14th }
& }                     Nothing Material
Friday 15th }

Saturday 16th     The Express arrived but no Great Intelligence

Sunday 17th        Sent Sergt Daniels *(Sergeant John Daniels, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 215) as an Express to Albany

Monday 18th     rained all Last Night & Chief of this Day

Tuesday 19th }
To }                     nothing remarkable
Wednesday 20th }

Thursday 21st     Capt Norton *(Captain Nathaniel Norton, 4th New York Regiment . Heitman, Historical Register, p. 416) arrived here from Albany. Recd a Letter by him from Capt Charles Nukerck as follows viz.

Fort Renslear Decmr 19th 80

I recd yours from Cannojohaire Dated ________ and should have Sent you an Answer together with the Proceedings of the Court Martial you was tried by, but was Just then on my March from the Point to Albany or Schenectady, where I was hardly Seated when I was ordered to this Post. I am Sorry its not in my Power to send you the Proceedings Verbatum in short they amount to a reprimand, for not agreeing to a Temperary Settlement on the Parade. Ensn Venderburg, agreeing to or Proposing his, was acquitted with honour any Time this Winter should you or any of your Officers come down to Schenectady by applying to Adjt Hardenberg may have them in full. I am sire

My Complements Your Humble Sert
To the Officers Charles Nukerck
To Ensn John Barr Fort Schuyler

Friday 22d }
Saturday 23d }     rained

Sunday 24th         Snowed Last Night and rained to Day

Monday 25th     CHRISTMAS Snowed the Day through had a Frolick at our Room dine at Capt Andrew Moodies (Captain Andrew Moodie, 2d Continental Artillery. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 387) of the Artillery in Company with Lt James Brewster ( Lieutenant James Brewster, 2d Continental Artillery, Ibid., p. 120) of the Artillery, Lts Tuthill *(Lieutenant Azariah Tuthill, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 552) Denniston *(Lieutenant Daniel D. Denniston, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 194) & Frilick *(Lieutenant Joseph Froelich, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p.238) of *(Omission in the manuscript) Ensns Woodruff *(Ensign Ephraim Woodruff, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 604) Morrill *(Ensign Joseph Morrill, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p 402) & Dodge (Ensign Samuel Dodge jr, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 199) of our Regt & Doctr Prior *(Doctor Abner Prior, surgeon’s mate, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 453)

Tuesday 26th     serjt Daniels *(Sergeant John Daniels, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives. P. 215) arrived here about 12 OClock which went on Express the 17th Inst which brought me the following letter

Amenia *(In Dutchess county, New York) November 1st 1780

The Express Just getting on Horse Back nothing of Importance to acquaint with, I am appointed in the Q. M. Department, and Stand in Need of such a Man as you are have been told you expect to come home shortly. Should that be the Case, should be glad to employ you with me as I am not certain what Pay can’t make you any Proposals, only this, as a clark and at some times something else Should it Suit Should be Glad of a Line from you soon

I am Sir with Respect
Yours & c.
Gilbert Willett

To ensn Barr
Fort Schuyler


1st Regt Second Regt
Coll Van Shaick Coll Cortlandt
Lt Col Vandyck Lt Coll Cochran
Major Graham Major Fish

Captains, Captains,
Hick Pell
Wandle Wright
Parsons Hallet
Aorson Walker
Jansen Fowler
Bleeker Hamtrameck
Sytez Duboys
Gregg Vanderbergh
Teabout Smith

Liutents Lieutenants
Tenbrook Fairly
Tearse Munday
Hardenbergh Hutton
Snow Weissenfels
Lewis Van Hovenbergh
Van Voort Connoly
Wandle [Wendall] Frilick
Bogardus Dinniston
Bagley Colbraith
Kenny McGee

Ensigns Ensigns
Ryckman Brown
Gilbert Talmage
Marsh Carpenter
Lansing Johnston
Funda Woodruff
Renslear Dodge
Clinton Herring
Venderbergh Swatourt [Swartwout]
Morrell Griffing

Wednesday 27th     Wrote a Letter to Major Gilbert Willett in ansr to his of the 1st of Novr letting him understand that I retire from Service by the 1st of January 1781.

Thursday 28th     Make Muster Rolls for Septr Octr Novr & Decmr 1780 as also Pay Rolls for the Same & one for Augt Preceeding

Friday 29th }
Saturday 30th }     nothing Moving

Sunday 31st          were mustered for the above Months by Lt Thos Hunt *(Lieutenant Thomas Hunt, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 310) had a Billett to dine with Coll Weissensels. Let Close the Year with Joy and Gladnes and drive away all Griefs and Sadness

On the Night of the 17th of May 1803 I was informed by a Vision in My Sleep that I should live but Six Years---John Barr *(Apparently a later interpolation on a space left blank in the manscript.)

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