Johan William Brandow and sons

Johan William Brandow and his sons - 1748

Original Indenture located in manuscript box 4 at the Vedder Memorial Library
Transcribed by Annette Campbell

THIS INDENTURE made the fourth day of September in the ninth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, George the Second, by the grace of God, of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, King Defender of the faith and in the year of our Lord Christ, one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-five.  By and between JOHAN WILLIAM BRANDOW and Elizabeth, his wife, of the County of Albany in the Colony of New York, of the one part and Johannis Brandow and Godfrey Brandow of the same county and colony aforesaid, sons and children of the said Johan William Brandow and Elizabeth, his wife of the other part.  Witnesseth, that whereas, the said Johan William Brandow did the nineteenth day of November Annoquidom, 1748 in the Second year of this present Majesties reign purchase of GILBERT LANE and Hannah, his wife, a certain tract or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the County of Albany on ye southerly side of Kats Kill Creek or Kill, and on the west side of the Hudson River reference thereunto, being had may fully and at large appear; now those persons further Witnesseth that the said Johan William Brandow and Elizabeth, his wife, for and in consideration of such exceptions and reservations as here after shall be excepted and reserved, do hereby acknowledge , and thereof and therefrom, and of, and from every part and parcel thereof do aquitt, exonerate, release and forever discharge the said Johannis and Godfrey Brandow, their heirs and assigns forever, have given, granted, bargained, and sold, alinated, conveyed and confirmed and by those presents, do fully freely and clearly, give, grant, bargain, sold and convey and confirm unto them the said Johannis and Godfrey Brandow, their heirs and assigns forever, the before mentioned part or parcel of land buted, and bounded, as followeth (__) beginning at a beech tree marked at a ___ ___ _____, and at the north west corner of JOURY OVERPAGH, from home running north seventy two degrees west twenty nine chains to a nutt tree marked, at or near the limestone hill, thence south thirty degrees westerly thirty five chains, at or near the bounds of MICHAEL Van VECHTEN, then south seventy two degrees easterly twenty nine chains, to the southwest corner of said Overpagh, then along said bounds to the first station, containing one hundred and one acre ____ ___, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said granted and bargained premises with all the privileges to them the said Johannis Brandow and Godfrey Brandow, their heirs and assigns forever, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, so as the same is made over by said Gilbert Lane and Hannah, his wife---as also our dwelling house, barn, orchard and the one-halfe of our household goods, horses, cows, sheep, swine, slays, plough, wagons, horses, hoes, axes, and all utensils being and belonging on said part of land before mentioned, the said Johannis Brandow and Johannis Brandow, their heirs and assigns ___ _____ fulfilling and paying yearly therefor and for every year, for and during the natural life of the said Johann William Brandow and Elizabeth, his wife, as folleweth,  fourty ____ of good winter wheat, two cows for milk, three sheep for wool, a horse in the pasture in the summer, to fodder him with straw in the winter in the barn as also the sheep and cows fodder threw the winter and also to deliver every year a swine of a half year old and to have the use of one acre of land for lowing and or planting and plough for planting the same and ____ as they improve that piece of mowing ground by the spring or fountain that ____ easterly from said Brandow dwelling house and when said cows bring any calfs to give them pasturing while winter, that is to say from Spring to Winter and to provide sufficient firewood, but the said Brandow must cut said firewood while he is in strength of body to do it for his own use yearly but when his strength of body fails him, then they the said Johannis and Godfrey Brandow must cut, drive, or fetch it home, or cause it to be done, and at the expiration of three years after the date hereof, to build for said Brandow and his wife a dwelling house large as that he now hath and also to enclose a good convenyant piece of land for a garden, and  also to allow one third of the orchard after the barn and also free privilege of the peaches and cherries, and to procure and provide for the said Johan William Brandow yearly and ___ during his life time a pair of good new shoes and a pair of recommended with good new soles, further it is agreed upon, by and between both parties that if in case the said Johan William Brandow shall be left a widower that he shall have but thirty ____ of wheat of the forty and two of the sheep and Elizabeth Brandow, his wife also to have the same privilege if she be left a widow and the other particulars to be in the improvement of  never the less, and the non payment or delivery of the before mentioned particulars and every and each of them to the said Johan William Brandow and Elizabeth, his wife for and during their and each of their natural life time, that then it shall and may be lawful for the said Johan William Brandow and Elizabeth, his wife with their deputies? or bailefs to come in to the preformentioned premises and there to disfrain for their dues yearly when, and to ___, as such neglect happen, furthermore ye said Johannis and Godfrey Brandow oblige them sons by these persons to deliver the quitt of wheat so as the same is mentioned in the indenture of said Gilbert Lane, and also to let their two sisters, namely Cristine and Catrine have free privilege in their dwelling house for washing and sewing their own goods whilst unmarried.

In testimony whereof either of the parties have hereunto interchangably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. And also the said Johannis and Godfrey Brandow to pay all the just and honest debts, and also to receive debts due of or belonging to the said Johan William Brandow, these were here underwritten, was before signing and sealing and agreed on by both parties.

                                                                                    Johannis   "B"    Brandow
his mark

                                                                                   Godfrey   "GB"   Brandow
                                                                       his mark

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of:

 Paul  "PS"  Smith
      his mark

Jacob Freese

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