Jewett Schools

Jewett Schools


 Jewett School circa 1918, on Rt 23C.  Owned by Harrision Soule, son
of Charlie Soule, brother to Helen Soule, Robert Harring's 
          Grandmother. Lillian, his mother is top right.  Helen married Lloyd Cross, Tax collector   

Courtesy of Robert Harring

1910 photo of the East Jewett School

Courtesy of Sylvia Story Magin

Likely the East Jewett Schoolhouse, circa 1910
Contributed by Sylvia Story Magin 

Her mother, Lillian Holdridge, is the little girl seated center front with two braids looped up.  Lillian's sister Mary Frances is standing next to the lady teacher, at her left side.  Lillian's other sister Minnie is seated on the lap of the male teacher.

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