Jerome Wasson Letter

Jerome Wasson
Letter 1876

Contributed by Karen Wasson

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Centre Village, New York
April 5th, 1876

Dear Cousin Frank

Yours of February 27th was received in due time. We were very glad to hear from you.

The papers which you sent me has been received. I will mail my paper to you with this letter. We do not take many papers this year. Stamps are scarce.

I received a letter from Melvin Simmons about three weeks ago. He lives in Marseilles LaSalle, Illinois. He writes that Uncle Morris was quite sick with the rheumatism and seemed to be getting worse all the time. I hope I shall hear from him again in a few days. He talks of coming East as soon as he can leave home. He will probably come sometime during the Centennial.

Aunt Polly’s son Stephen Green lives in Philadelphia near the Centennial grounds.

Melvin writes that he has just found out where two of Uncle Samuel’s children live in Mich. And that he was going to write to them.

Bateman Wasson was here a few weeks ago, and staid two days. He and his wife has parted. I guess that his family has got about all of his property away from him and he has not got much of a home any where.

We expect Nathan Greene here this week he is going to Philadelphia to live with his son a while.

It is very ____able weather here yet and it looks as though we were going to have a late spring. There has not been any sleighing here since about the first of March and that only lasted about a week and it was the only real good sleighing that we had in all Winter. There was not a day in all Winter that the wheeling was good.

I do not think we should burn much coal ____ ___and to pay $__ per ton. We can buy stove coal for $6.00 per ton and chestnut coal for $5.85 per ton. We only burn coal in one stove now. We have to draw our wood three miles.

The Black Hills fever does not bother me any. I thing there is a good deal of humbug about some of the reports about the Black Hills.

We shall only have nine cows this summer. We want to break of some of our old meadows and get so we can set more hay and after about two years we can keep about twenty cows and young stock.

Good dairy cows sell for from $50 to $75 this spring. A pretty good price.

With love and best respects to all. I will close.

We hope you will let us hear from you often and we will write often.

From your affectionate Cousin

Jerome Wasson

Please write soon.

P.S. Please excuse my haste in writing. I __abbled this off in such a hurry. I do not know __ there is much ____.

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