James Bogardus

James Bogardus, Inventor

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James Bogardus was born 14 Mar 1800 in Catskill, Greene Co, NY.  He is believed to be the son of James Bogardus and Martha Spencer. He married Margaret McClay.
Mr. Bogardus was an inventor and built the first building using cast iron supports. This was a five story factory erected in New York City in 1850. This building was the forerunner of all skyscrapers.
Among his many other inventions were the first dry gas meter, a dynanometer, and several grinding mills of many types.  Mr. Bogardus improved timepieces, developed delicate engraving machinery, and built machinery for cutting rubber, pressing glass, and drilling.
Mr Bogardus dropped out of school at the age of 14, and became a watchmaker apprentice.  He patented his first important invention, a device used in cotton spinning machinery when he was age 30.  He died 13 April 1874 in New York City, New York.

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