Jacob Bogardus - RW Pension

Jacob Bogardus-

Revolutionary War Pension Application

Soldier in the Revolution
Submitted by Annette Campbell
his gggg grand daughter

On this thirty-first day of August, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Two (1832) personally appeared before me, Dorrance Kirtland, Esq., first Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Greene and State of New York (the said court being the Court of Record) Jacob Bogardus, aged between eighty and eighty-two years, a resident of the town of Greenville in the county of Greene and State aforesaid, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
That he was born in the town of Coxsackie in the County of Greene and State of New York on the 16th day of September 1750---That his sister-in-law Elizabeth Bogardus of Coxsackie aforesaid has a family record in which his age is set down--That he continued to reside in the town of Coxsackie until 1777 when he removed to what is now called Greenville, in the same county, where he resided ever since. That in the commencement of the Revolutionary War he enrolled in the Militia Company commanded by Capt. Thomas Houghtaling of Coxsackie aforesaid, in a regiment under Col. Anthony VanBergen, both of whom are dead.  Henry VanBergen of Coxsackie also deceased was Lieutenant, That upon his enlistment he was ordered to be prepared and in constant readiness for actual duty. That pursuant to such orders, he furnished himself with (illegible) and ammunition, and (illegible) prepared and ready for active duty during the whole of said War. That he considered  himself bound to Military Service for the United States during that War.
That previous to the surrender of Burgoyne he went west of Albany and did Military duty and was gone sometime, but how long he cannot say, nor does he remember the names of the officers under whose command he went.
That he also did duty before the surrender of Burgoyne, but the year he does not recollect, at Schoharie in a fort--That he was then under the command of two Lieutenants of the Militia to wit--Jehoachim Tay---(rest illegible), and Leonard Bronk both of Coxsackie, both of whom are dead.  That he remained there more than a month, it could have been six weeks.
That in the year 1770 in the fall of that year he did duty at a place called Gerr___burgh, now Athens in the county of Green aforesaid---that he was then commanded by Capt. Thomas Houghtaling and Lieutenant Ryckert Vanderberg both of Coxsackie and deceased. That the Militia then (illegible) service in boats and canoes and defended the country against the anticipated attack of tories. That he did duty then at that time about six weeks.
That in the summer of 1777 he was ordered out north against the British forces under Gen. Burgoyne. That he went under the command of the aforesaid Lieutenant Henry VanBergen and Ryckert Vandenbergh. That he went about five miles north of Fort Edward. That the American forces under Gen. C. Schuyler commenced retracting and that he remained in active duty until the army retracted to Saratoga. That he was then in active duty about six weeks.
That he was also ordered to and did duty for two or three seasons at a place called Passamacossac in the town of Catskill in the County of Greene aforesaid under Philip Conine, a Capt. Lieutenant in the New York line of the Continental Army and he believes he did actual service from four to six months.
That he also did duty on the Mohawk River and he believes it was in the year 1779 at Johnsons Hall.  That he thinks the aforesaid Henry VanBergen and Ryckert Vandenbergh were his officers. That he was then on duty but left them in two weeks. That Johnsons Hall was at least seventy miles from Coxsackie.
That after he was enrolled in Thomas Houghtaling's company as aforesaid, the company was divided into classes to guard a district of country extending along the north river about twenty miles, and west from the same river about thirty or forty miles. That the said classes were alternately called out in such a manner as to have a class out constantly and thus have a guard on duty every day and night. That the company so relieved this class and did duty for a number of successive seasons in that manner. That the duty was done under different officers, both commissioned and non commissioned, all of whom he believes are now dead. That he cannot state precisely how much duty he did in each of these seasons but he went when called out and did duty generally twice a week, (_____) once and occasionally once a fortnight. That at each time one or two days and nights were directed to the fulfillment of the duties aforesaid. That he was also called out as claimed, on other special occasions and or scouting parties. That all these services he rendered were on his own account and not as a substitute. That he has no discharge.
That he has been very infirm for several years last past. That his memory has considerably failed and that he cannot recollect dates of his services so particularly as might otherwise be able to do. Yet he has (___) (____) that the actual services he has rendered as a soldier for the United States during the Revolutionary War exceed the term of two years.
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and he declares that his name is not on a pension roll of any agency in any state.       Sworn to and subscribed the day aforesaid
                                              Signature of  Jacob Bogardus
Sworn statements of Peter Brandow and Peter Bogardus, Jr. attesting to the fact of his residence and age and that he was a soldier in the War. Signed by both men.
NOTE:   Some of the words in (   )   were not readable. This document was obtained from another Bogardus cousin and friend and was from a copier on fax paper.  The original Pension papers are with Evelyn Goodine in Avoca, Steuben Co, NY who is also a gggg grand daughter of Jacob Bogardus.

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