Interpreting the Past - Research by the Windham Town Historian

Interpreting the Past - Research by the Windham Town Historian

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by Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian

Originally published in the March 3, 2005, issue of the Windham Journal.

At the beginning of the year Raymond Beecher, the Greene County Historian, asked the local historians to compile a list of their community's war memorials. Over the next few weeks I would like to share information on some of those memorials that are located in the Town of Windham.

The citizens of Windham, NY have honored their veterans in various ways. The oldest act of recognition is a Civil War document compiled by the Windham Town Clerk. Although one hundred twenty-eight names were recorded in this booklet, the total number is probably higher when other sources, such as contemporary newspaper accounts, the 1865 New York State census, the 1890 federal military census and gravestones, are consulted. It should also be noted that local men who enlisted in other states were not included in this document.

The State of New York distributed booklets to all town clerks at the conclusion of the Civil War asking them to compile information on officers, soldiers and seamen from their community who had entered military or naval service since April 15, 1861, as required by Chapter 690 of the Laws of 1865. Since the original booklet was supposed to be returned to the Bureau of Military Record, the copy in the Windham Town Hall may be a duplicate.

Henry Bagley, the Windham Town Clerk, completed his roster on October 9, 1865. He was asked to record the full name, date and place of birth of each man along with his residence, present rank and regiment, the letter of his company, dates he enlisted and mustered, his period of enlistment in months and years, place of enlistment, color, bounty paid by the town and county, whether relief was granted to his family by the town, marital status, names of his parents, his previous occupation, promotions, resignations, discharges, wounds received, whether taken prisoner, date and cause of death, place of burial and present post office address if no longer in service. A few additional names were added to the list in a different hand, and a third person recorded information on those who had been drafted, volunteered late in the war, or had been substitutes, namely men who were compensated to take another's place.

The names, presented here in alphabetical order and with the spellings left as they were recorded, are as follows:
Frank Backer
Austin Munson Barber
Romane Warren Barber
Moses Barkman
Joseph Barlow
Hiram Bartholimew, Jr.
George W. Blakesly
Andrew Bleaksley
John A. Blodget
Amos Briggs
Jacob M. Brink
David H. Bullard
Mahlon Bentley Calkins
Orlando Clark
Willis Parker Clark
Isaac Nichols Cornell
Leonard Belden Cornell
John F. Crandle
William H. Cummings
Henry Harison Darby
John Deasy
William Wallace Delamater
Rubin I. Delong
Thos. Dillon
Georg Hermance Distin
Michael Dunn
Addison Fairchild
William Fairchilds
Chas. Fisher
Amos P. Ford
William Wallace Fuller
Jacob Henry Garvey
Saml. German
Alfred Gilbert
Daniel Greenwood
David Hadden
Lewis Hadden
Robert Hapeman
William Hapeman
John Hardick
Samuel Addison Hayes
Augustus Hermandt
Frank Hermon
Wm. Hickey
Martin Hoagland
Jacob Henry Hoghtaling
Sterling Hadley Holcomb
Asa Holmes
Charles Edward Holmes
William W. Hopkins
Lewis Hough
Peter Houghtaling
Daniel Howard
Wesley Howard
Wilsey Howard
George Lyman Hughson
John Huson
John F. Jenny
Andrew Johnson
Egbert Jones
Dennis Judd
Ezekiel Fitzroy Judd
Jehiel J. Judd
William Judson
Barney Kane
Vernon D. Lake
John Lanigan
James Lewis
George Washington Like
Wm. Maller
George Andrew Mansfield
W. H. Mansfield
John Marshal
Joseph Marshal
Jackson Matthews
Francis Maynard
Hiland Maynard
Randolph McGregor
Dewight McQueen
Abram Miller
Harlow Miller
Zeba Clark Miller
Thos. Monague
Chas. Montague
James Garrett Newbury
George Amasiah Parker
Elbert Romayne Parsons
Geo. T. A. Patterson
Charles Russel Payne
Edwin Payne
Oscar Payne
Charles Peterson
Silas Edward Phelps
John Henry Pierce
David Preston
Albert B. Procter
David Radcliff
Hiram Turney Reynolds
Ira Smauling Reynolds
James Rice
Chas. H. Robens
Edwin D. Rosseter
Caleb Russel Sanford
Edward Smith Seeley
Albert Sheffield
Milo Sheffield
Charles Jerrome Sherman
Edgar Lamore Sherman
Edwin Shufelt
Smith Slater
Jacob Smith
Edward Snyder
Theodore Southard
William Nelson Southard
James Stratton
Asahel Sutton
George Howland Tibbals
Giles Van Aiken
Talmadge Warrenner
Charles Webster
Peter Wecht
Albine West
Henry White
Chas. Wilson
George Wiltsie
Caleb Tompkins Woolhiser
Charles Palmere Woolhiser
Sylvester Hall Woolhiser

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