Henry Van Bergen to Martin Van Bergen 1769

Henry Van Bergen to Martan
Van Bergen - 1769

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From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


To - Mr. Martan G. Van berbern at Albany

From - Henry Van Bergen, letter to Martin G. Van Bergen


Cocksakie March the 20 1769


Acording to your Desire I have sand a span of good wagon horses  one of my  one the wite won four fourteen pounds ten shillings  the dark gray for the same prise  with out you tinck it to much you and any other person the ten shillings but twinty eight pounds is the loest  the wite won you may sand back if you dont like him but the dark gray you must keep  I bought him  the dark gray is 5 year old, the wite 7 year

                                                                                                                        Your humble sarvant

                                                                                                                        Henry V Bergen

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