Henrietta Bogart Letter 1822

Letter from Judith to Henrietta Bogart 1822

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

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Miss Henrietta Bogart
To the care of Mr. John Bogart

Catskill July 24, 1822

My dear Henrietta

Your kind & welcome I received yesterday and was happy in hearing although I had not received a line from you that I had not been forgotten, and sincerely trust I was  remember’d in your prayers also, I think it is a great gratification to me, when absent from friends that we love, we have the pleasure of thinking of them, & make known our thoughts by writing……& I can assure you my dear & it affords me pleasure, that I can address you by writing, perhaps you will accuse me of flattery, but believe me my dear & when I say that you are one of my friends which I sincerely love, & more dear are you now to me then ever you were before, --- & why ---- because I humbly trust that we are both sincere followers of the meek & lowly few, who my dear …that has heard of of the blessed Saviour, & his great compassion to sinners, but what will willingly give themselves up to him, to be entirely his surely into better hands we never can commit ourselves, & I sincerely trust we may always abide in his love, ----- Gitty has …… a severe loss but I trust she knows to whom she must look for that comfort & consolation which she so much stands in need of & I trust she knows that it is her heavenly father that has afflicted & that no doubt for some wise end, for he does not afflict or grieve the children of men willingly, for whom the Lord loveth he chastiseth &scourges every soul whom he receives, many precious promises have the sons & daughters of afflictions offered to them in the Gospel, God never lays more upon his children then they are able to bear, --I think it is well for us my dear… that we have trials & afflictions in this live, they often prove our greatest blessings and every  thing work out as we wish, & we pass through life without trials of some kind or other, we would forget we are mortal forget that there is a day comeing in which we shall all have to give an account of the life that we have spent, & would also forget that there is an all wise being to whom belongs all our praise, it is very often through afflictions that we are brought to a sense of our unworthiness, ---------- Yes my dear Christian friend, I have openly professed the name of Christ & feel happy , for without Christ , what is then in this life or in the life to come that can make us truly happy, surely nothing, & it shall always be my sincere prayer that I may continue steadfast until the end, & I sincerely trust & pray that I may be kept from the wicked ways of sin & folly --- & that my (……?) & conversation may always be such as I have possessed, & that I may grow more & more in Grace & in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ & live by faith upon the divine premises, ---, it affords me great pleasure to hear that you have been pleased with the conduct of Emeline Benson, --- I think that she is not willfully wicked & I am really in hopes that she will make a smart Scholar, I am very much attached to her, --- tell her from me that I hope she will be a good girl & I mind all you say, --- I (missing) really in hopes I should before another Sabbath be at home, but Gitty thinks she cannot go until next Tuesday  (missing) know how it will I am very anxious to go home (missing) all my friends, --- but it will be all right, therefore it is my wish to submit, to him who knows what is best, & who orders all things wise & sure, ---- if you possibly can my dear Henrietta, I wish you would write to me by the Fridays Boat, excuse all mistakes you will find in this letter, give my love to your mother & all enquiring friends, & in your prayers to the Throne of grace remember me your friend, Judith

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