Giles Sutton

Giles Sutton

October 29, 1769 - July 8, 1856

Submitted by Robert A. Rowe

WILL OF GILES SUTTON: dated 29 May 1855; February, 1857 Petition to Probate by son, William as Executor; February, 1857 Proving of Will in Surrogates' Court (copy of will produced and verified); February, 1857 Guardian for minor selected and certified; February/March Legal Notices, for six weeks in Albany Evening Journal; 6 Apr 1857 will read, which had been "Proved," and now "Approved." The will file contains copies of the Legal Notices submitted to the Albany newspaper, plus (on the back of the hand-written notice) the Citation of Proof of Signatures. Also, certification that the notice had appeared, accompanied by a true copy of the notice, and the fee charged, plus the signature of the Commissioner of Deeds. Also, a copy of the notice presented to the beneficiaries, and their signatures as proof that they had received it.

SUMMARY OF WILL CONTENT: No widow surviving; William Sutton [son] Executor. Petition for probate by Augustus R. Macomber, guardian and attorney for Esther Sutton, minor; Item: 1 - to son Ebenezer and heirs, Giles's farm on which he resided in Windham/ 2 - to daughter Hannah, wife of Lyman Hurlbut [Hulbert], $90.00 - and to daughter Lydia, wife of Samuel Rowe, $90.00/ 3 - to granddaughter Maryette Stone [Stowe], child of my daughter Eleanor, now deceased, $90.00/ 4 - to daughter Mary Ann Lewis, wife of Nabath [Nathan?] Lewis, deceased, $100.00/ 5 - to granddaughter Caroline Gladding, daughter of John and Margaret, his wife, now deceased, $90.00/ 6 - to son William, $100.00/ 7 - to grandson Giles, son of William, $50.00/ 8 - son Thomas already has his share/ 9 - son John, deceased, nothing to his heirs, had his share

NAMED IN ORDER AS HEIRS IN LAW - in Newspaper Legal Notice: Ebenezer [son], of Windham, Greene Co.,NY; Thomas [son], of Windham Mary Ann Bishop [dau.] wife of Hollister [sighed "Williston"] Bishop, of Ashland; Sarah Brandaw, wife of Nathaniel Brandaw, of Ashland; Giles Sutton [grandson], of Windham; Halsey Sutton [grandson], of Conesville, Schoharie Co.; Nettleton Sutton [grandson], Conesville; Hannah Hurlbert [Hulbert] [daughter], wife of Lyman Hurlbert [signed Hulbert] of Colchester, Delaware Co.; Lydia Rowe [daughter], wife of Samuel Rowe, of Colchester, Delaware Co.; Maryette Stowe [Stone}, [granddaughter] wife of Hezekiah Stowe, of Prattsville; Parma Pearson [granddaughter], wife of Levi Pearson, Bell Fontaine, ColumbiaCo., Wisconsin; Caroline Dalrymple [grandaughter], wife of Daniel [signed Wesley], Groveland, Livingston Co., NY; Rebecca Sutton and Augustus R. Macomber, guardians of Esther Sutton, infant, of Conesville, [daughter of John and Rebecca Sutton].

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