George Webb to Abraham Van Vechten 1845

George Webb
Abram Van Vechten


From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

George Webb
4 Sept 1845

Letter & answer

Middletown Sept 4, 1845 

Abram Van Vechten Esq. 


Since writing to you yesterday I have had an application for rent of the high falls building. ~~~~ 

When at Providence I found I should not succeed with Mr. Smith and I advertised the property in the papers hoping to find some one who would join me & I yet may ~~ Now the proposition I wanted has not come but a man has a lot of cotton Machinery and will be glad to rent a mile to put it in  ~~ Will you name a rent for two years or if you will sell on so long a credit, on the purchase, by a small part being paid down ~~ I will buy and rent ~~ 

Your immediate answer is desirable ~~ 

Yours very respectfully 

PS If I negotiate a lease ~ I shall be entitled to commission on the amount.

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