Gayhead Temperance Society 1843

Book of Record Belonging to the
Gayhead Temperance Society

Containing the Pledges, Bye Laws, Names etc.

Bought August 8th Anno Dominii 1843
Robert Webber, secretary

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Extract from the original manuscript in the files of the Vedder Library. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Temperance Pledge

We the undersigned do agree that we will not use intoxicating liquors nor traffic in them as a beverage; that we will not provide them as an article of entertainment or for persons in our employment and that in all suitable ways we will discountenance their use throughout the community~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Constitution of the Gayhead Temperance Society 

Article 1st  This society shall be called the Gayhead Temperance Society of the Town of Greenville 

Article 2nd  The objects of this society shall be to promote the cause of temperance by entirely abstaining from the traffic and use as a beverage of all intoxicating liquors: and by persuasion as well as by example to exert an influence to stimulate others to adopt the same principle

Article 3rd  The officers of this society shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, one secretary and one Treasurer, together with ten Managers who shall constitute a board

Article 4th  It shall be the duty of said board to transact the business during the interval of the annual meeting

Article 5th  The officers and board of managers shall hereafter be elected annually at the annual meeting of the society which shall be held on the 1st Saturday of September in each year

Bye Laws

Resolutions passed at a meeting of the society
John W. Hallenbeck, President
John W. Lampman, Vice President
Robert Webber, Secretary

Cyrastus Betts, Treasurer

Barney Spring       )
Oliver C. Rogers   )
John T. Rogers       )  Managers
Eliab Yeomans      )
Leonard Yeomans )

Resolved that a book be procured by the secretary and paid for by the society for the purpose of transcribing and recording the names of members of society, the Constitution, Bye Laws, etc, etc.

The above resolutions were passed at a meeting called for this purpose on the 15th September 1841 at the Gayhead School House

                                                                                                     John W. Welch, President         
                                                                                                     Robert Webber, Secretary         

At a meeting of the society held at the Gayhead School House October 12th 1841. It was  Resolved that it shall be the duty of the board of Managers to search out and visit all delinquents and use all suitable means to restore them, but in case of their refusal to reform said board shall report them to the society and they shall be declared expelled by a majority of votes of the society then present

John W. Welch, President
Robert Webber, Secretary

Proceedings of the Gayhead Temperance Society

At a meeting of the male members of the temperance society of Gayhead pursuant to notice held at the School House on Saturday evening August 27th 1842 preparatory to the Annual meeting to be held on the 15th September the following officers for the society was unanimously appointed and subsequently sanctioned at the annual meeting for the ensuing year

Eliab Yeomans, President
George Weeks         )
Stephen B. Scryver  ) Vice Presidents
Jeptha Barnum, Treasurer
Robert Webber, Secretary

Cyras L. Betts                          David Vermilyea
John Allerton                           George W. Spring
Ira Yeomans                             Cyrastus Betts
Ephraim Brandow                   Sineca Austin
Charles Weeks                         Lorenzo P. Webber

                                                                                                Eliab Yeomans, President
Robert Webber, Secretary

List of Names belonging to the Gayhead Temperance Society

Stephen B. Scryver                                              Lucretia Niver (dead)
Oliver C. Rogers                                                 Christina Brandow
William Earls                                                       Harriet Webber
Charles Bullock                                                   Amy Vermilyea
William H. Webber                                             Lucinda Betts
Philip Hoose                                                        Harriet Rogers
George Weeks                                                      Bridget Hallock
Lewis Weeks                                                        Rhoda Ann Smith
Stephen Howard                                                  Lavinia Spring
Levi King                                                              Emeline Yeomans
George Milligan                                                   Bethany Hallock
Aaron Whitbeck                                                   Orpha Hallock
Philip R. Anteus                                                  Loisa Cook
Elisha B. Yeomans (Expelled Sept 1st 1843)     Isabel Cunningham (dead)
James Allerton                                                       Eunice Cook
Olney J. Spring                                                      Ann Cook
Addison P. Webber                                              Caroline Welch
Samuel Earl (dead)                                               Adaline Allerton
James Milligan                                                      Anne Mariah Welch
Sineca Austin                                                         Mariah Allerton
Alanson P. Webber                                               Ruth Weeks
Lorenzo P. Webber                                               Maranda Spring
Jeptha Barnum                                                       Eliza Ann Lampman
David S. Wilsey (Expelled)                                  Sarah Neuman
Horace Cook                                                           Edward Williams
Milton Webber                                                       Barney Spring
Harriet Winans                                                       Robert Webber (dead)
Clarissa Scriver                                                       John W. Lampman
Alexander L. Scryver                                             Solomon Earl (Expelled)
Betsey Ann Brandow                                             Silas Slawson
Sally Winans                                                           Edmond Y. Spring (dead)
Louiza Austin                                                         Hiram Peary
Lucina Barnum                                                       William Peary
Jacob W. Story                                                         Lydia Sisson
Cyrus L. Betts                                                          Jane Ann Scriver
Hiram Scriver                                                          Edwin Green
Alzora Spring                                                          Richard Peary (Died)
Matilda Scriver                                                        John Allerton (Died)
Henry Winans                                                         Amos Story
Phebe Earl (Dead)                                                   Jacob Winans
Sarah Earl                                                                 Michael Earl
Katharine Earl                                                          Daniel Austin
Anna Finch                                                               Seley Williams
Caroline Finch                                                          James Dewight Webber
Temperance Spring (Dead)                                    Orrin C. Welch
Seymor Winans                                                        George W. Spring
Ephraim Earl                                                            Edgar Pine (Dead)
Julia Ann Spring (Deceased)                                  Susan Spring
John F. Story                                                             Sarah Betts (Died March 17, 1842)  
Elizabeth Story                                                        Ann Hoose
Esther Ann Story                                                      Lucretia Earl
Katherine E. Story                                                   Anna Yeomans
John Austin                                                              Katharine Story
Elizabeth Story                                                        Harriet Bennett
David Vermilyea                                                    Polly Allerton (Died)
John S. Smith                                                            Hannah Welch (Died)
Seth M. Eggleston                                                    John Welch (Dead)
Eliab Yeomans                                                        Alexander Pitcher
Caroline Barnum                                                     Gideon Brownell
Mary Losee                                                              Alvira Earl (Died)
Elizabeth Eggleston (Dead)                                   Betsey Ann Brandow
Roxina Palmer                                                         Mary Finch
Rachel Place                                                             Caroline Spring (Died)
Christina Lumador (Dead)                                     Ambrose Walters
Lucy Bullock (Deceased)                                        Edwin Gardner
Lucy Ann Allerton                                                   James Reed
Phebe Yeomans                                                       George Smith
Loisa Chichester                                                      Matthew Story
Jane Ann Bullock                                                     Minor Stevens
Jane Bunt                                                                   Lewis Bullock
Jonathan Earl                                                            Horace Slawson
Joseph Webber                                                         Edmond Y. Spring
Nathaniel Smith                                                       Eliza Ann Shephard (Dead)
Gurdon Welch                                                          Phebe Ferris
Mordicae Brogue                                                     Harriet Finch (Dead)
Ira Bunt                                                                      William Palmer
Rachel Fosburg                                                         Jeremiah Bennett
William Yeomans (Died)                                         Jeremiah Smith
William Brandow Jun                                              Sally Bunt
Polly Peary (Dead)                                                   Netus Abrams           
Matilda Peary (Dead)                                               William Ira Yeoman
Charles Weeks                                                           George Anson
Jemima Vermilyea                                                     Elisha Anson
Betsey Brogue                                                            Henrietta Palmer
Eliza Swart                                                                  Hellen Rossman
Edward Bush (Dead)                                                 Abel Townsend
John Story                                                                    William Allerton
Eleanor Brandow                                                        David Botsford
Daniel Losee (Dead)                                                   Sally Botsford
David E. Barnum                                                        Michael H. Fosburg
Absalom C. William                                                   Katharine Fosburg
Rulandus Smith                                                           John Showers
Alla Smith                                                                     Harriet Pine
Merdulia Williams                                                     Aaron Dibol (Died)
Katharine Earl                                                              Betsey Dibol
Susannah Vermilyea                                                    Jospeh Shephard (Died)
Margaret Walters                                                          Dennison Anson
Araminta Walters                                                          Olive M. Fosburg
Mariah Walters                                                              Anthony Robins
Zera J. Walters                                                               Keziah Smith
Francis G. Walters                                                         Joseph B. Rossman
Lydia R. Walters                                                            Olonzo Slawson
Sarah Pine (Dead)                                                          John M. Webber
George C. Weeks                                                           Alexander Jump
Sally Lake                                                                        Ephraim Hoose
Jeremiah Bennett                                                            Wilson Howard
Elizabeth Fosburg                                                          Christina Shephard
Elisha Smith Jun                                                             Ann Eliza Shephard
William Billingham                                                       Andrew Shephard
Oliver M. Webber                                                          Abigail Vannatten
Hannah Brandow                                                           Rebecca Rossman
Mary Brogue                                                                   William Winters
Jane Waldron                                                                   Harriet Winers
Sarah Huntington                                                            Celia Jane Vining
Betsey Brandow                                                               Christina Mariah Vining
Almira Earl                                                                       Hannah Ann Brown                              
Miriam Brogue                                                                 Zada McMurry
Peter Gilmore                                                                   Ira Tucker
Ruama Smith                                                                    Sarah Walters
Rachel Smith                                                                    Mima Ann Hoose
Emelissa Smith                                                                Katharine E. Betts
Emery Smith                                                                    Rebecca Bennett
James H. Betts (Died)                                                     Elizabeth Hallenbeck
Thomas H. Smith                                                            Clarissa Ann Palmer
John A. Griswold                                                             John Hollenbeck
Mary Palmer                                                                    Hannah Eliza Simpkins
Martha Bennett                                                                William Story
Sarah Smith                                                                       Benjamin F. Rogers
Osborn Palmer                                                                 Mary Jane Palmer
Levi Marquoit (Expelled)                                               Stephen Hotchkiss
Mary Ann Marquoit                                                         Lyman Howard
Elizabeth West                                                                  Mary Jane Wilson
John McFarling                                                                  George Wright
Adaline Lampman                                                            Rachel Shephard
Freelove Bogardus                                                            Edwin Hoyt
Affa Mariah Bogardus                                                      Alanson Cash
Jane Ann Van Loon                                                           Sylvia More (Died)
John Hallenbeck Jun                                                         Samuel Lewis Simpkins
William F. Winter                                                             Rebecca Ann Simpkins
William Husted                                                                 Truman H. Simpkins
Calvin Howard jun                                                            Robert L. Simpkins
Sarah Mariah Winter                                                          Levi Seabridge
William James Weaver                                                      Eliza Yeomans
Aaron Hoyt                                                                          Sarah Williams
Oliver J. Walters                                                                 Mary Ann Williams (Dead)
Nelson Walters                                                                   Hannah Williams
Samuel Parsoll                                                                    Perlina P. Williams (Died)
Lucy Ann Webber                                                              Stephen Williams
Lutetia Roberts (Dead)                                                      Phebe Ann Hannah
Andrew D. Hannah                                                            Frederick Niver (Expelled)
Martha Walters                                                                   Oliver Earl
Gideon B. Austin                                                                Ebenezer Stevens (Dead)
Mary Earl                                                                             George Fancher
Judson Tyler (Died)                                                            Charles Youngs
Curtis Lacy                                                                           Stephen Hawley
Thomas V. Williams                                                           David Hawley
Elizabeth Cheritree                                                             William Blenis
Alfred Green                                                                        Lewis Powell
Susan Egbertson                                                                  Ransom B. Welch
Elizabeth Tyler                                                                    Sarah H. Jennings
Sylvenus Finch                                                                    William Calkins
Martha Read                                                                        Mary Howard  Feby 2st 1844
Betsey Ann Webb                                                               Sally Ann Howard  Do Do
Jemima Tryon                                                                     Robert Griffin May 27th 1844 Dead
Sarah M. Stevens                                                                 George B. Austin   June 1st 1844
Sarah E. Scryver                                                                   Johnson W. Smith  Do Do
Abram Huested                                                                   Jesse Herrick  Do Do
Harriet Albert                                                                       Sarah M. Herrick  Do Do
William T. Read                                                                  Orson Howard  Do Do
Mary Collins                                                                        Martha Howard  Do Do
Hannah Smith                                                                      Mary Elenor Webber June 2nd Do
Isaiah Hyzer                                                                         Peter Earl  Aug 21st Do
Katharine Ann Story                                                           Joshua Allerton Sept 7th
Katharine Story                                                                    Amanda L. Prink Dec 11th
Charles Deakin                                                                     Euretta Prink  Do
Silas B. Newell                                                                      Rachel Mayhew  Do
Michael Queney                                                                   Dennis Malone
Ellen Webber
Peter Anthony Diboll
Ezbon S. Dibol
Deborah Dibol
Catharine Cook
Phebe Webber
Ann Lake
Jeremiah Williams
Ransom Smith  Oct 28/45
Moses Howard  Errata Do Do
Cyrastus Betts  Sept 15 1841
Edward H. Powell
Martha Powell
Sally Ann Palmer  Nov 25/45
Mary Smith
Rachel Ann Smith  (Dead)
Joel Smith
Caroline Vermilyea
Catharine M. Robins  Sept 11th 1850
David E. Palmer                
Hannah Vermilia                
Sarah Merrill                     
Sarah Husted                     
Hannah Maria Vermilia    
Lewis Story                       
Sarah Jane Story                
Mary R. Williams              
Sarah Ann Betts                 
Julia Betts                           
Cythella Betts                    
Sarah Hiller                       
George Earl                       
Henry Marquoit                
Armina Cochran                
Mary Malone

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