Gay Hallenbeck Family Gallery

The Gay/Hallenbeck
Family Gallery

Contributed by Merri Cross


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  1. Thomas Gay, as a young man. Thomas is the son of Albert Gay (5 Feb 1821- 19 Oct 1902, buried at Colleburgh Cemetery) and Mary E. "Maria" Day (7 Jan 1823 - 4 Jan 1892; buried at Colleburgh).  Children of Albert and Maria Gay: 
       - Thomas Gay - (8 May 1839 - 15 Jun 1928; buried at Riverside Cemetery, Riceville, IA) 
    -  John Gay - b. 1842; no info on death or burial location 
    -  Albertus "Bub" Gay - b. 1849; died at sea, unknown date 
    -  Ada M. Gay - (1851-1936; buried Colleburgh); married a man with last name Thomas 
    -  George Harrison Gay - b. 1854; died at sea 
    - Calvin "Cal" Gay - (1 Apr 1856 - 2 Nov 1893; bur. Colleburgh), died at sea 7.  Mime or Mina - b. abt 1858 
    -  Alice - no information on her, possible child who died young 9.  Carrie - (1865-1937) m. Henry M. Sager (1858-1925); both buried at Colleburgh

    Thomas Gay married Catherine "Kate" Hallenbeck. She was the daughter of (supposedly - not proven) Richard Hallenbeck and Sarah Van Vliet. The children of Richard and Sarah Hallenbeck:
    - Gertie (Gertrude?) - b. abt 1824, married a man with last name "Baker"
    and moved to North Dakota some time after his death.
    -  Mary E. - (1831- 31 Dec 1897; bur. Chappel Cemetery, Athens); married
    Elisha H. Powell on 3 Oct. 1854 (1832-1906)
    -  Emmeline - (1834-31 Jul 1912) m. Levi Perry (1833-1921) buried at
    Chappel Cemetery
    -  Laura - b. abt 1834
    -  Rebecca Frances - (abt. 1839-12 Jul 1908); m. Richard McCarty
    -  Josephine - (abt 1841-1920); m. Abraham Francis "Frank" Spoor on 21 Feb
    1858 (5 Mar 1835-1920)
    -  Catherine "Kate" - (28 Sept 1847 - 2 Mar 1895; bur. Colleburgh Cemetery)
    -  Henry
    -  Charles "Charlie" - moved to North Dakota with his sister Gertie

    2.    Thomas Gay, as an older man


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  1. On the back "Aunt Gertie Baker, South Dakota."  The photo was taken at Evans Photography in Corning, NY.

  2. Gertrude "Aunt Gert" Hallenbeck Baker, sister of Kate Hallenbake Gay.  She moved to Oakes, North Dakota with her brother Charlie in later years. This photo was taken at Dewey Photography studio in Jamestown, North Dakota.  It is labeled on the back "Grandma Baker, 85 years June 8, 1905. "

  3. Catherine "Kate" Hallenbeck Gay, wife of Thomas Gay, and her mother, Sarah Van Vliet Hallenbeck. An old tintype.

  4. This younger photo of Charles Hallenbeck was taken at Atkinson Bros., Des
    Moines, Iowa.  It is labeled "Grandma Gay's brother, Charlie Hallenbeck." 
    Charles is the brother of Catherine "Kate" Hallenbeck Gay and Gertrude Hallenbeck Baker. 

  5.  Charles Hallenbeck on a photo postcard.  On the back it says,  "This is Uncle Charlie's picture with a bunch of strawberries out of our
    garden.  145 berries on this bunch.  All's well.  Aunt Gertie."  This would
     have been taken in North Dakota. 

  6. The last photo is Aunt Gert and Uncle Charlie in front of their home in
    Oakes, North Dakota.  It is a photo postcard, too.  The writing says, "This is my house.  The picture am not as good as they should be.  How are you all?  With love, Aunt Gertie."

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  1. Josephine Hallenbeck was the older sister of Catherine "Kate" Hallenbeck
    Gay.  Josephine married Abraham Francis Spoor, known as Uncle Frank.  

  2. Abraham Francis Spoor. "Uncle Frank". Photos 1 and 2 were taken at Russell Studio, Hudson, NY.

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  1. John Gay was the older brother of Thomas Gay. This photo of John is
    labeled "D.C. Bacon, Photographer, West Side State Street, Litchfield,

  2. This is a photo postcard labeled "Uncle John Gay,
    Grandpa's brother."

  3. Ada Gay Thomas was the sister of Thomas Gay.  Her husband's name is unknown
    The photo was taken at Perkinson, 2308 Third Avenue, New York.

  4. Bessie Sager was the daughter of Carrie Gay and Henry Sager.  Carrie was the sister of Thomas Gay.  The photo was taken at Behm Photography, Catskill and Coxsackie, NY.

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  1. Daisy Gay was the oldest child of Thomas Gay and Catherine Hallenbeck Gay. 
    Daisy stayed behind in Greene County while the rest of the family moved west to Iowa after their mother died.  

  2. A young photo of Edwin Lampman , first child of John H. Lampman and Daisy Gay Lampman. Taken at Allen photography studio, Catskill, NY. 

  3. The photo of Edwin standing on the chair was taken at H. Behm studio,
     Catskill, NY. Eddie died at the age of 8.

  4. George and Evelyn Lampman, children of John H. Lampman and Daisy Gay Lampman.

  5. George (bottom of photo) with his wife Dora and daughter Caroline.  His mother, Daisy, is barely visible in the top right of the photo.

  6. Harry and Evelyn Lampman, children of John H. Lampman and Daisy Gay Lampman.

  7. Ida Lampman, d/o John H. Lampman and Daisy Gay Lampman, washing clothes.

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Thomas Gay and his children Emma, Bessie, Hortense, and Roy moved west by train
to Iowa after this wife Catherine "Kate" Hallenbeck died.  

  1. This photo of Hortense was taken at Bronson photography, Bridgeport,  Connecticut.

  2. Hortense Gay

  3. A tintype of Hortense (top), May (left), who died young and Bessie Gay.  Oral family history relates that this photo was taken before they left on their trip west.

  4. A group photo of Thomas Gay's children that lived in Iowa. Hortense and Roy are in the back, and seated are Emma (l) and Bessie (r).

  5. Bessie and Emma Gay pictured together as young wives.

  6. Bessie Gay and her husband Leroy Franklin Bird and their sons Louis (top) and Floyd.

The Unknowns

If you recognize any of these old photos, please contact Merri Cross

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  1. The unknown twins

  2. Photo labeled "Grandpa's Uncle."  This would refer to Thomas Gay's uncle - so it could be a Gay or Day relative.  It was taken at Chas. C. > Wells studio in Coxsackie, NY.

  3. Labeled "Grandpa's Aunt Maria." She is possibly married to the above-mentioned uncle, because the younger photo was taken at the same photography studio in Coxsackie.

  4. Another photo of Aunt Maria

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  1. An unlabeled photo.  This girl almost resembles the photo Ada Gay Thomas, above, so perhaps this is her or another sister of Thomas Gay.

  2. Annie L. Conine.  Photo taken at Frank Allen Studio in Catskill, NY.  On the back "To Miss Maria Gay from her teacher A.L. Conine."  Maria was Thomas Gay's
    daughter who died in 1888.

  3. Another photo of Ada Conine.

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  1. Roy Collier was taken at Allen studio, Catskill, NY. 

  2. Donnely (sp?) Ferris photo was taken at H. Behm studio in Catskill, NY.  He
    is also identified as a preacher.

  3. Photo was taken at Forshew studio, Hudson, NY.  There is a date of Oct. 11, 1889 at the bottom in ink.  The name at the top is Dr. Vansquik (or Vansgrik) as best as I can read it, but could it be Van Buskirk?  It was written years later and not at the time the photo was taken.

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