Fraternities and Societies

Fraternities and Societies
As identified in J.B. Beers' History of Greene County, 1884

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

Societies of Leeds

Fraternity Lodge, No. 417, I. O. of O. F., was instituted January 22d 1875, by D. D. G. M., W. H. Baldwin of New Baltimore. The names of the charter members were G. H. Warder, N. G.; J. M. Vedder, W. G.; C. C. Teich, secretary; E. D. Warner, permanent secretary; H. F. Vedder, treasurer. The first death of a member of the lodge was that of Edward D. Warner, which occurred November 18th 1875. Mr. Warner was a man of the strictest integrity, diligent in the performance of every trust and duty, and his death caused universal sorrow in the community. The following are the names of the past grands: George H. Warner, Charles C. Teich, Levi Perry, C. I. Shires, B. F. Dayter, H. F. Vedder, William H. Wolfe, J. M. Vedder, John Gunerman, Henry Conine, James Moore, Andrew Wrigley, Martin Newbury and Thomas Martin. The present officers are: George Church, N. G.; John Burroughs, V. G.; B. F. Dayter, S.; Ira Perry, T.; Levi Perry W.; George H. Warner, C. Odd Fellows Hall, formerly Warner’s Hall, was built by George H. Warner, in 1874, and was bought by the lodge in 1880. The lodge meets every Friday evening, is in a prosperous condition, and numbers about 50 members.

About 1875 to 1878 there were four temperance organizations represented in this village: the Sons of Temperance, Good Templars, Temple of Honor, and an independent village society. The first flourished about fifteen years, the second and third, eight or nine years and the fourth, two or three years. All are now extinct. A weekly temperance paper, the Voice of Liberty, was published here three years, by George H. Warner.

Fraternities of Catskill

Harmony Lodge No. 31, F. & A. M., the first masonic organization in Catskill, was instituted in 1793. Among its founders were Stephen Day, Samuel Haight, Thomas Thomson, Jacob Bogardus, Hezekiah Van Orden, George Taylor, Rufus Stanley, W. W. Wetmore and other prominent men of that time. When the organization was dissolved, or what were the causes of its dissolution, we are not informed, but it is probable that it occurred but a short time before 1818, and it may have been only to give place to the new organization which was then effected.

Catskill Lodge, No. 302, F. & A. M., was instituted in 1818. The charter, dated March 4th of that year, was signed by DeWitt Clinton, grand master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. Many of the old members of Harmony Lodge became members of the new. Its original officers, named in the charter, were Caleb Benton, W. M.; Cornelius Dubois, S. W.; Thomas Hale, jr. J. W. A room which had been fitted up for the purpose by Francis Botsford, in the attic story of the building that stands on the corner of Main and Thomson streets, was used by the lodge, This room was afterward used for a variety of purposes, being occupied by the Mechanics Society, by political clubs, itinerant shows, jugglers, and the like; and finally, it was occupied by Solomon Southwick, for his series of Sunday lectures against masonry. The furniture of the room was plain and simple, consisting of four raised desks, and a few hard bottom benches. This lodge probably existed until the time of the anti-masonic excitement, which occurred in 1827, and then followed its predecessor.

Catskill Lodge, No. 468, F. & A. M., was organized February 10th 1859, with the following charter members: John H. Bagley jr., T. C. Palmer, James Becker, A. M. Osborne, Rufus H. King, George L. France, Peter Baurhyte, Samuel Dubois, Luke Kiersted, David S. Manchester and Isaac Pulver. The first officers were John H. Bagley jr., W. M.; T. C. Palmer, S. W.; James Becker, J. W.; Samuel Dubois, secretary; Rufus H. King, treasurer; Isaac Pulver, S. D.; A. M. Osborne, J. D.; David S. Manchester, tyler. The successive worshipful masters have been C. C. Givens, James E. Nearing (died May 3d 1868), J. S. Philips, A. M. Osborne, James Becker, Charles H. Pierson, John F. Sylvester, George C. Fox, S. M. Bagley, and William J. Hughes. The officers for 1883 were: O. G. Selden, W. M.; A. P. Kerley, S. W.; Will R. Post, J. W.; A. D. Wilbur, secretary; Nelson S. Shaler, Treasurer; E. Gilbert jr., S. D.; John Siebel, J. D.; A. P. Stone, tyler; Luke Smith, chaplain. The lodge in January 1883, numbered 124 members. It meets every Thursday evening in St. John’s Masonic Hall.

Hendrick Hudson Lodge, No. 189, I. O. of O. F., was instituted January 14th 1846. The charter members were Peter Baurhyte, William Bennett, James Johnson, George Bell, Peter Hamblin, A. D. O. Browere, B. O. Wait, Nathan Mack, William Adams, and James H. Van Gorden. The first officers were as follows: Peter Baurhyte, N. G.; A. D. O. Browere, V. G.; James Johnson, secretary; William Adams, treasurer; George Bell, W.; Peter Hamblin, C. the successive noble grands have been A. D. O. Browere, Samuel Dubois, Peter Hamblin, J. Atwater Cooke, Thomas C. Wey, David Ely, J. Fiero jr., Rufus H. King, A. A. Hinman, Alexander Russell, Edgar Russell, Enos Gunn, Judson Wilcox, James H. Van Gorden, John H. France, Charles G. Lang, John M. Donnelly jr., John H. Mackey, O. T. Hill, Peter Davison, T. C. Palmer, Abram Decker, James Becker, Oliver Bourke, R. Masley, T. A. Penfield, J. P. Lohmann, P. T. Prindle, D. W. Seeley, Philip Plusch, C. S. Hitchcock, Julius Saul, L. Richardson, Charles Peters, F. S. Lynes, James Leeson, Charles Holt, Charles Ernst, A. Van Leuven, J. Zimmerman, George E. Mitchell, William Comfort, William N. Paulson, George C. Fox, A. P. Stone, W. Egnor, William Ruland, A. D. Wilbur, T. T. Corey, William Hollenbeck, William Hunter, Emil Merkel, Fred Stahl, Edward Ashley, William Canniff, A. W. Thomas, E. W. Wayne, E. H. Canniff, George Kinnecut. The present officers are: Emil Merkel, N. G.; Thomas Daglish, V. G.; Henry Hansen secretary; O. T. Hill, treasurer; Edward Canniff, P. S. The lodge meets every Tuesday evening, at Odd Fellow’s Hall. This room was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies, October 6th 1847. The first death of a member was that of Jon Lusk, in March 1848.

Malaeska Lodge, No. 99, K. of P.(Knights of Pythias), was instituted April 16th 1873, with the following charter members: H. O. Nichols, George E. Mitchell, J. F. Sylvester, William Joesbury, E. R. Wilcox, B. F. Conklin, A. D. Wilbur, J. P. Baird, William B. Gay, W. Howard, J. W. Van Gorden, J. A . Penfield, Warren H. Egnor, David Mackey, George R. Olney, J. R. Burgett, Charles Beardsley, C. A. Weed, Egbert Beardsley, Gottlieb Fromer, James B. Mitchell and F. P. Joesbury. The first officers were as follows: H. O. Nichols, C. C.; G. E. Mitchell, V. C.; J. F. Sylvester, P.; William Joesbury, K. of R.& S.; E. R. Wilcox, M. F.; B. F. Conklin, M. A.; J. P. Baird, I. G.; W. B. Gay, O. G.; J. A. Penfield, P. C. The successive presiding officers have been George E. Mitchell, George R. Olney, Thomas Wilson, A. D. Wilbur, Warren H. Egnor, W. D. Aldrich, E. Beardsley, O. D. Aldrich, C. A. Weed, E. R. Wilcox, T. F. Botsford, Howard Wilcox, and F. P. Smith. The lodge meets every Wednesday evening at Odd Fellows’ Hall. The present officers are: F. P. Smith, C. C.; William B. Gay, V. C.; E. Beardsley, P., T. F. Botsford, K of R. & S.; S. W. Green, M. F.; P. Goldin, M. E.; C. A. Weed, M. A.; J. H. Cornell, I. G.; H. Hahn, O. G.; Howard Wilcox, P. C.

Catskill Division, No. 56, S. of T. (Sons of Temperance), was in operation here in 1867. It met on Monday evenings, and had about 40 members in 1869, having had nearly double that number a year before. It ceased working in 1870.

Golden Rule Division, No. 377, S. of T. (Sons of Temperance), composed of colored members, was chartered July 26th 1868. In October of that year it had 29 members. It ceased working in 1870.

The Catskill Mechanical Society, having for its objects "the relief of unfortunate and indigent members, their widows and children, and other charitable objects," was composed of mechanics of the village of Catskill, and was incorporated by act of Legislature passed March 20th 1807. John Blanchard was then its president, and Adj. Sherman its secretary. It had a existence for several years, and after the Masonic Hall was fitted up, on the corner of Main and Thomson streets, about the year 1818, it held monthly meetings in the room. As showing the craft of some of the early residents of the village, the following list of its members in 1807, and their trades, will be interesting:

Henry Ashley, tanner; John Blanchard, cordwainer; Abijah H. Beach, saddler; Francis Botsford, tailor; John P. Bolen, saddler; Ephraim Baker, blacksmith; Adonijah Baker, blacksmith; James Bennet, mason; Peter Breasted, painter and glazier; Matthew Bounds, shipwright; *Caleb Croswell, painter and gilder; James Cole, cabinet maker; Mackay Croswell, printer; John Doane, house and ship joiner; Nathaniel Ells, house joiner; Elisha Ferguson cooper; John Gager, ship carpenter; Richard Hill, shipwright; Hiland Hill, shipwright; Nathaniel Hinman, cordwainer; David Horton, weaver; Herman Hinman, house joiner; John Hyde, blacksmith; Lemuel Hall, cordwainer; Aaron Hall, mason; Henry L’Homedieu, wheelwright; John T. Lacy, ship carpenter; Isaac Nichols, cordwainer; Peter Ousterhout, blacksmith; John S. Olcott, rope maker; Jehiel Preston, clock and watch maker; Stephen Root, tanner; Adonijah Sherman, tailor; Reuben Sanderson, house joiner; *Josiah Stebbins, nailor; Henry Selleck, house joiner; Simeon Sanford, cordwainer; Benjamin Sole, ship carpenter; Jared Stocking, blacksmith; David Thorp, cordwainer; Hezekiah Thayer, housewright; Thomas Waight, housewright; Eliphalet Webb, brick maker; Shadrach White. Cordwainer. (* indicates deceased members at the time.)

The Catskill Association, a sort of speculative association, was formed in 1836 or 1837, called and described as the "Catskill Association, formed for the purpose of improving the towns of Catskill, in the county of Greene, State of New York, and for other purposes." The officers of the society were: George S. Doughty, president; Thomas Duguid, secretary; Evan Griffith, treasurer; and L. B. Woodruff, counselor. Large tracts of land at West Catskill were purchased, the Dubois farm among the rest, and laid out into streets and city lots with fanciful names. But the financial depression of that time descended upon the bubble, and it burst before it had reached its intended magnificence. Beyond a book of 48 pages devoted to the description of the enterprise, accompanied by two maps, but few footprints of the enterprise now remain.

Lecture Association. As an evidence of the high standard of intelligence and culture enjoyed by the people of this village, it may be mentioned in passing, that during the winter of 1861 and 1862, the Young Men’s Lecture Association arranged a course of lectures, which gave the people a chance to hear such men as Rev. E. H. Chapin, D. D., Hon, Edward Everett, John G. Saxe, Rev. E. L. Magoon, D. D., Bayard Taylor, John B. Gough, and Henry M. Brace.

Town of Cairo

St. John’s Lodge, No. 196, F. and A. M., was the first lodge of master masons organized in this town. The grand lodge of the State of New York granted a dispensation for its organization in 1801 or 1802. The officers were John C. Burhans, W. M.: Amos Cornwall, S. W.; Rufus Byington, J. W.; the lodge continued its communications for some years but finally surrendered or forfeited its charter during the Morgan excitement. The members were doubtless influenced to a great extent by the Albany Evening Journal, published at that time by Thurlow Weed, who was a native of this town. 

Kademah Lodge, No. 693, F. and A. M., was organized on the 30th of January, 1859, by a dispensation of the grand lodge of the State of New York, granted January 19th of the same year. The charter members were Elias L Dutcher, Luke Roe, Seymour Adams, J. S. Miller, Benjamin H. Waldron, Z. Beckwith, T. L. Woods, Edward M. Lennon, D. S. Eckler, Elijah Utter, John Story, Noah B. Wood, Daniel P. Tremain, Augustus Hill, Edward Pidsley, Henry Steele, George Wickes, George W. Mead, R. W. Green, Frank G. Walters, Solomon Christian, Edwin E. Darby, Dennis M. Stewart, John A. Mower, L. K. Byington, Martin Smith, Robert Bridgen, A. Timmerman and A. L. Walters.

The first officers were, Elias L. Dutcher, W. M.; Egbert Yeomans, S. W; Edward Adams, J. W.; Seymour Adams, treasurer; Luke Roe, secretary; J. Seymour Miller, S. D.; Benjamin H. Waldron, J. D.; Levi K. Byington, tyler; Rev. Edward Pidsley, chaplain; Zenoni Beckwith and Thomas L. Wood, M. of C.

The regular communications of this lodge are held at the lodge rooms, at Walter’s Hotel, the first and third Saturday in each month. The present membership is 61.

The officers elected December 15th, 1883, were as follows: J. H. Cammer, W. M.; Reuben W. Green S. W.; J. A. Mower, J. W.; Henry Steele, treasurer; F. H. Ford, secretary; Masten Smith, Chaplain; J. N. Smith, tyler; A. B. Stevens, S. D.; Noah Wood, J. D.; J. L. Jacobs, marshal; Dr. G. H. Noble, S. M. C.; Henry B. Whitcomb, J. M. C. 

Catskill Division, No. 73, Sons of Temperance, met at Cairo, and opened in due form, with Warren Rockwell D. G. W. P. of the grand division, present and instituted a division to be know as the Cairo Division, Son of Temperance. The following is a list of the charter members and first officers: Alonzo Pennoyer, W. P.; Philander Stevens, W. A.; Augustus Hill, R. S.; Amos S. Cornwall, F. S.; Samuel S. Hays, I. S.; John Tator, C.; Asa Hitchcock, A. C.; R. Robbins, O. S.

This organization continued till the latter part of the year 1850, when it ceased to exist.  
The Good Templars organized June 15th 1883, with the following charter members: Sanford W. Roe, D. D.; Mrs. M. L. Roe, Rev. A. H. Haynes, Mrs. F. H. Haynes, W. Burr Hall, Mrs. A. A. Hall, Orlando Post, Mrs. Johanna Post, Oliver F. Schermerhorn, Charles Howard, Miss Sadie Van Cott, James Cannise, Mrs. E. G. Hill, Miss May Schermerhorn, Mrs. E. C. Stevens, Miss Ann Cornwall, and Robert Greene.

Officers—W. C. T., Rev. S. W. Roe; W. V. T., Mrs. A. A. Hall; W. S., W. Burr Hall; W. F. S., Mr. Orlando Post; W. T., Mr. Oliver Schermerhorn; W. C. Rev. A. H. Haynes; W. M., Miss Sadie Van Cott; W. G., Miss May Schermerhorn; W. S., James Cannise. This society meets every Friday evening. 

The Cairo Literary Association
was organized December 12th 1882, with Rev. William Green as chairman.

The officers of this association are: Frank Burnham, president; S. W. Roe, D. D.; vice-president; Miss Rose Palen, secretary; Miss Hattie Smith, assistant secretary; Miss Lottie Smith, treasurer. This association meets every other Tuesday evening. Its present number is 50. Object, mutual improvement. The election of officers take place quarterly. 

Town of Coxsackie

Coxsackie Lodge, No. 50, F. & A. M. The organization of this lodge was effected at a meeting held at Foot’s Inn, December 24th 1796, with the following principal officers: W. M., Philip Conine, jr.; S. W., Isaac Rosa; J. W., Benjamin Moore; secretary, John Barr; treasurer, Jesse Wood. The other charter members were Giles Gridley, Stephen Truesdell, John Bostwick, Solomon Palmer, John McIntyre, and Storm Rosa. The regular communications of this lodge were held at Foot’s Inn until the year 1804, when the meetings were discontinued and the charter was returned to the grand lodge. 

Ark Lodge, No. 271, F. & A. M., was organized in 1816 by virtue of a dispensation granted to Talmadge Fairchild, W. M., Amariah Foster. S. W., and William Bliss, J. W. The lodge meetings were held at Foot’s Inn until 1821, and afterward in the village. The anti-masonic excitement, induced by the alleged abduction of William Morgan in 1826, resulted disastrously to the lodges throughout the State, and the communications of this lodge were discontinued until 1846 when it was reorganized as Ark Lodge, No. 48, F. & A. M. Since this time the lodge has enjoyed uninterrupted prosperity. Meetings are held in Masonic Hall, on the first, third and fifth Monday evenings of the month. The number of members October 1st 1882 was 101.

The successive worshipful masters of the Coxsackie lodges have been:
Philip Conine, jr., 1796; Isaac Rosa, 1797; Jesse Wood, 1798-1802; Adonijah Miner, 1803; Talmadge Fairchild, 1816-19; 1822-24, 1846; William V. B. Heermance, 1820, 1821; John G. Bedell, 1847-54; 1859-63, 1865-69; Gilbert Bedell, jr., 1855, 1856; Henry M. Beach, 1857; John B. Bronk, 1858; Alexander Reed, 1864; Albert Parker, 1870-74, 1878-81; J. A. Houghtaling, 1875, 1876; William K. Reed, 1877; A. W. Van Slyke, 1882.

The officers in 1883 were: A. W. Van Slyke, W. M.; Samuel C. Bennett, S. W.; Able J. Kent, J. W.; S. W. Briggs, Treasurer; William K. Reed, secretary; J. A. Houghtaling, S. D.; H. Nalbach, J. D.; James Strang and John Van Wormer, M. of C.; F. M. Sharp. T.; Albert Parker, C. 

 Coxsackie Chapter, No. 85, Royal Arch Masons, was organized in 1824. The first officers were Talmadge Fairchild, H. P.; Percel Cook, K; and Nathan Clark, S. Meetings were held until 1831, when the lodge was disbanded. In 1866 a reorganization was effected under a charter granted to Gilbert Bedell, H.P.; Abram H. Knapp, K.; and Peter Stover, S.;

The successive high priests have been Gilbert Bedell, Abram H. Knapp, Elbert O. Beatty, and Albert Parker.

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month.

The officers in 1883 were: Albert Parker, H. P.; Isaac Mygatt, K.; Almeron Powell, S.; William Cochran, treasurer; W. R. church, secretary; A. V. D. Collier, C. of H.; William K. Reed, P. S.; S. W. Briggs, R. A. C.; A. W. Van Slyke, M. of 3d; Charles H. Crippen, M. of 2d; E. W. Mackey, M. of 1st; J. J. Jackson, T. 

Eureka Lodge, No. 131, Knights of Pythias, was instituted March 30th 1875, with the following charter members: Alexander Cummings, A. V. D. Collier, M. Hallenbeck, George H. Scott, J. L. Hollister, Albert Parker, W. K. Reed, E. Briggs, S. W. Briggs, P. R. Bedell, P. G. Van Schaack, C. Fitchett, J. V. W. O’Conner, N. H. Vosburg, W. D. Griffin, C. N. Van Vie, E. W. Smith, F. W. Tolley, B. S. Hutchings, J. B. Van Wie, E. R. Cummings, H. T. Bedell and M. H. Green.

The first officers were: C. C., A. V. D. Collier; V. C., Albert Parker; prelate, George H. Scott; K. of r. and S., J. V. W. O’Conner; M. A., J. B. Van Wie; M. of F., P. G. Van Schaack; M. of E., W. K. Reed; I G., E. W. Smith; O. G., H. T Bedell.

The lodge meetings were held in the old Masonic Hall during the year of organization, and afterward in the hall of the Sons of Temperance, and subsequently in good Templar’s Hall. This hall being sold, the lodge was left without a room, and the meetings were for a time discontinued. In January 1882, the lodge was reorganized, and since that time the meetings have been regularly held in the Grand Army Hall.

The following persons have been chancellors commander: A. V. D. Collier, Albert Parker, J. V. W. O’Connor, George H. Scott, B. S. Hutchings, W. K. Reed, and N. A. Calkins.

The officers in 1883 were: N. A. Calkins, C. C.; B. S. Hutchings, V. C.; T. B. Alcott, P.; H. T. Bedell, D. of R. and S.; M. D. Fiero, M. A.; Samuel Marsh, M. of E.; M. H. Green, M. of F.; W. P. Freligh, I. G.; H. T. Whiting, O. G; W. K. Reed, P. C. The district deputy grand chancellor is George H. Scott. Meetings are held on Tuesday evening of each week. 

Division No. 1, A. O. of H., Coxsackie: Motto: “Friendship, Unity and true Christian Charity.” This division was instituted March 28th 1883, by county delegate Captain M. J. Slattery of Albany. The officers in 1883 were: Thomas Prendergast, county delegate; Martin D. Maloney, president; Mathew Moran, vice-president; Thomas Mullins, secretary; John P. Prendergast, financial secretary; Michael Prendergast, treasurer; John M. Burke, sergeant-at-arms. The number of members, October 1st 1883, was 34, of whom 15 were charter members. The county delegate has power to organize divisions in his county, and to act as marshal on all public occasions. Only persons of good moral character, from 18 to 45 year of age, are eligible to membership. The association is beneficial in its operations, a sick or disabled member receiving five dollars per week while disqualified from performing his accustomed labor. An allowance of $50 is made for the funeral expenses of a deceased member. Meeting are held every alternate Thursday evening in Grand Army Hall. 

Hollister Post, No. 85, G. A. R., was organized December 29th 1874 with the following charter members, including officers: M. H. Greene, D.; John I. Spoor, S. V. C.; Warner Vandenburgh, J. V. C.; A. V. D. Collier, adjutant; E. C. Garrigan, O. D.; Louis Jerome, O. G.; P. G. Van Schaack, Q. M.; Jacob Vandenburgh, S.; J. B. Van Wie, C.; Thomas C. Garrigan, S. M.; John Hiseerd, Q. M. S.; William Vandenburgh, Matthew Shute, Richard H. Whitbeck, and Michael Dowling.

The names of past commanders are M. H. Greene, A. V. D. Collier, M. V. B. Ashley, John I. Spoor and N. A. Calkins.

The number of post was changed to 27 in 1879. The present number of members is 69.

The officers of 1883 were: Thomas C. Garrigan, C.; Joseph Bronk, S. V. C.; George C. Speanburgh, J. V. C.; R. H. Whitbeck, chaplain; M. Downing, quartermaster; John Hiseerd, O. of D.; A. Benton, O. of G.; Lewis Stickles, surgeon.

Meetings are held ever Friday evening in Grand Army Hall. Since its organization, Hollister Post has successfully conducted two grand field days with sham battles, one at Coxsackie, and one at Hudson, and is one of the most prosperous organizations of its kind. 

Coxsackie Council, No. 122, Royal Templars of Temperance, was organized August 21st 1882, with the following charter members, including officers: John Frank, councilor; Charles Scott, vice councilor; W. H. C. Boocock, secretary; Henry Cheritree, treasurer; Alfred W. Curtis, financial secretary; E. M. Wood, past councilor; Robert Boocock, chaplain, Robert Boyd, William L. Pettit, C. S. Van Orden, Hugh W. Mosher, Thomas Dummery, Frank Mosher, Mrs. G. M. Boocock, Mrs. Mary E. Scott, Mrs. R. Mosher, Mrs. Emeline Pettit and Mrs. Mary M. Mead.

The officers in 1883 were: councilor, John Frank; vice-councilor, Miss Anna Spoor; secretary, William L. Pettit; treasurer, Stephen Winans; financial secretary, Robert Boocock; past councilor, E. M. Wood; chaplain, Henry Cheritree; medical examiner, Robert Boocock.

The society numbers about 40 members. Meetings are held Wednesday evening of each week in hall in Lampman’s building. 

The Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Coxsackie, was organized October 19th 1881. The first officers were: president, Mrs. T. Lamonte; vice-presidents, Mrs. J. H. Salisbury, Mrs. Robert Boocock and Mrs. J. B. Whitbeck; treasurer, Mrs. C. A. Sloan; recording secretary, Mrs. W. H. Hollister.

Meetings are held every alternate Thursday afternoon. The society has a membership of about 35. The officers for 1883 were: president, Mrs. Robert Boocock; treasurer, Mrs. J. B. Whitbeck; recording secretary, Mrs. R. H. Whitbeck; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. H. Hollister.

Various other temperance organizations have been in successful operation here at different times, among which may be mentioned the Father Matthew T. A. B. Society, No. 1, of Coxsackie; Coxsackie Division, No. 75, Sons of Temperance; Brown Lodge, No. 275, I. O. of G. T., organized May 14th 1867; and Bodine Section, NO. 15, Cadets of Temperance, organized February 10th 1868. 


James M. Austin Lodge, No. 557, F. and A. M. 
The only secret society in the town of Greenville at the present time is James M. Austin Lodge, No. 557, F. and A. M.

The petition for the charter is dated June 1st 1864, and contains the following signatures: John W. Hoffman, Luman Ramsdell, I. I. Van Allen, E. Wackerhagen, A. N. Bentley, Humphrey Wilbur, Electus Ramsdell, J. E. Collins, B. F. Hisert, David Turner, James Stevens, Platt Coonley, and David Griffin.

The first lodge meeting was held August 27th 1864, and the following officers were elected: J. W. Hoffman, W. M.; E. Ramsdell, S. W.; H. Wilber, J. W.; J. Stevens, S. D.; B. F. Hisert, J. D.; D. Turner, treasurer; A. Wackerhagen, secretary; Platt Coonley, tyler.

Previous to 1876 the lodge meetings were held in an upper room in the store of A. N. Bentley. In that year their present hall was purchased, and was dedicated on the 26th of February. Their regular communications are held on the second, fourth, and fifth Saturdays of each month.

The present officers are: Daniel Wooster, W. M.; F. Becker, S. W.; H. Van Houten, J. W.; A. Wilber, S. D.; D. S. Powell, J. D.; John Roe, secretary; A. N. Bentley, treasurer; Lewis Brouliard, tyler; Rev. D. J. Putman, chaplain; C. A. Coonley, S. M. C.; Lewis Hicock, J. M. C.; J. Stevens, marshall; C. P. McCabe, organist; A. W. Baker, orator; and William Lake, librarian. 

New Baltimore

Social Friendship Lodge, No. 741, F & A. M.: this Lodge was instituted July 9th 1874, with twenty-one charter members, as follows: Anthony H. Holmes, John Colvin, James H. Case, George W. Smith Andrew V. S. Vanderpool, Andrew J. Vanderpool, Ira Willson, Benjamin B. Houghtaling, Leonard A. Marshall, John A. Davis, Jacob B. Holmes, James B. Miller, Isaac Burns, Dewitt A. Fuller, Philo H. Backus, Stephen Mead, Edwin S. Colburn, Horace Rennie, George H. Johnson, Stephen Springstall, John H. Houghtaling.

The first officers were: Anthony H. Holmes, W. M.; John Colvin, S. W.; James H. Case, J. W. The worshipful masters since, have been Augustus Sherman and Samuel Carroll jr.

The present officer are: Augustus Sherman, W. M.; John Colvin, S. W.; and William C. Carroll, J. W.

The present membership is 69. 

A. O. Bliss Post, No. 305, G. A. R., was organized October 25th 1885.

The charter members were. John W. Wiggins, commander; Robert Wilson, sen. vice; Henry W. Mead, adjt.; John Sullivan, sen., vice adjt; Frank Green O. R.; Elias Van Steenbugh, O. D.; David Layton, O. G.; Charles C. Lowery, chaplain; Peter Van Hosen, James L. Warner, Norton Links Joseph Smith, Sylvanus P. Eaton, John F. Wright, James S. Frazier, G. F. Hopper.

Present number of members about 21. 


Revival Lodge, No. 117, F. & A. M., was instituted in 1804 in the meeting-house in Batavia. Present, Jacob Morton, G. M.; Martin Hoffman, D.G. M.; Cadwallader Colden, S. G. W.; Philip S. Van Rensselaer, J. G. W.; Daniel D. Tompkins, Grand Secretary; officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York under whose jurisdiction the warrant was granted. The warrant designated Samuel Gunn, master; Thomas Benham, senior warden; George Robertson, junior warden.

The lodge was organized at the house of John Tuttle, but soon removed to Captain Medad Hunt’s. It afterward held its session at the house of Jon Prout, and again moved to John Tuttle’s in 1810. The lodge had 87 members, all early settlers of Windham and vicinity. 

“Memorandum under date of April 22d 5805 [1805]. Donation of the jewels by Constant A. Andrews to the lodge. But if it should so appear that this lodge, No. 117, should lose its charter or warrant, the said jewels, or the amount of them which is twenty-two dollars shall revert back to
the said Andrews or his heirs or assignees.” 

The jewels mentioned are in possession of Mountain Lodge, as successor of Revival Lodge, and are highly prized as memorials of the first lodge instituted in Windham.

Conspicuous among the members of this lodge were: Samuel Gunn and his two brothers, Asa and Daniel, Dr. Thomas Benham, George Robertson, Silas Lewis, Foster Morss, Ichabod and Constant Andrews, Abijah Stone, Jonathan and Samuel Reynolds, Isaac Buell, Reuben Hosford, Ephraim and George Stimson, Curtis Prout, George Miles, Roma R. Ives, Henry Goslee, Caleb Hubbard. Zadock Pratt, Medad Hunt, Chester Hull, Marshall Lewis, and Henry Osborn.

February 3d 1807, this lodge organized themselves under the title of

Harmony Mark Master Lodge, No. 31, F. & A. M., with Constant A. Andrews, master; George Stimson, S. W.; Thomas Benham, J. W.

In 1863 the lodge was reorganized. June 8th of this year it received its title,

Mountain Lodge, No. 529, F. & A. M.;--The following names are found in the warrant: Clinton F. Paige, G. M.; J. B. Yates Sommers, D. G. M.; Stephen H. Johnson, S. G. W; James Gibson, J. G. W.; James M. Austin, G. S.

The officers of the lodge were: Milo C. Osborn, W. M.; Daniel C. Tibbals, S. W.; James Loughran, J. W.

The lodge has 75 members in good standing and is in a prosperous condition. The neat and commodious lodge building, located in the central part of the village, is owned by this lodge.

The present officers are: J. C. Tallmadge, W. M.; E. Elliston, S. W.; A. P. Brewer, J. W.; H. C. Osborn, S. D.; Curtis Nichols, J. D.; L. S. Graham, treasurer; A. P. Roach, secretary; W. H. Moon, tyler; D. C. Tibbles, S. M. C.; Truman Johnson, J. M. C.; O. R. Coe, chaplain. Meetings are held every Saturday evening in Masonic Hall. 

Mountain Chapter, No. 250, R. A. M.:--On the 8th day of February, 1871, a charter was granted by the Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New York to Mountain Chapter, No. 250, R. A. M., of Windham. The first officers were: Milo C. Osborn, E. K.; William Woodvine, E. S.; Dr. P. I. Stanley, treasurer; J. C. Tallmadge, secretary; W. H. Moon, tyler. Meets every Friday evening in Masonic Hall. 

Good Templars of Windham.—A lodge was organized November 12th 1868, by Rev. A. C. Fenton of Albany, with the following charter members: Rev. Charles Kendall, Rev. A. B. Parmentier, David S. Merwin, Alvin A. Burgen, Benjamin O. Smalling, Alfred W. Doty, John Bloodgood, Tremaine Bloodgood, Theodore H. Merwin, W. N. Graham, Daniel Haney, George C. Parmentier, W. F. Gregory, Elbert Parson, Addison S. Hayes, Amos O. Briggs, Nancy C. Vermilye, and Elizabeth Monroe.

The first officers were: David S. Merwin, W. C. T.; Alice D. Merwin, W. V. T.; Tremaine Bloodgood, secretary; Alvin W. Burgen, financial secretary; W. N. Graham, treasurer; Theodore H. Merwin, W.; Daniel Haney, O. G; Elizabeth Monroe, I. G.; Rev. A. B. Parmentier, chaplain; Nancy C. Vermilye, deputy marshal; Nancy J. Merwin, R. H. S.; Benjamin S. Smalling, P. W. C. T.; Rev. Charles Kendall, lodge deputy.

The present officers (January 1884) are: J. N. Slater, W. C. T.; Miss Ida Merwin, W. V. T.; Albert Chase, chaplain; Irving Merwin, secretary; Kenneth Schultz, financial secretary; P. O. Hitchcock, treasurer; Orlando Clark, W. M.; Miss Minnie Peck, W. D. M.; Miss Satie Haney, I. G.; Albert Bloodgood, O. G.; Miss Daisy Hitchcock, R. H. S; Miss Matie Martin. L. H. S.; Edward Haney, P. W. C. T.; L. D. Chase, L. D.

The lodge held its meetings in the Hensonville school house until July 1872; since then in the Good Templars’ Hall, in Hensonville. Meets every Saturday evening. About 500 names have been enrolled since the lodge was organized. The present membership is 89. 

Catskill Mountain Chapter, No. 481, I. O. of G. T., was organized in Windham, April 6th 1882, and numbered 34 members. The first officers were: O. R. Coe, W. C. T.; Miss Emma Austin W. V. T.; J. A. Smith, chaplain; A. R. Mott, secretary; Miss Emma Austin, assistant secretary; Miss Alice Munson, financial secretary; Mrs. George Robertson, treasurer; N. D. Hill, W. M.; Miss Clara Steele, D. M.; Miss Alice Smith, I. G.; Charles W. Soper, O. G.; Miss Nellie Kerns, R. H. S.; Miss Georgianna Lewis, L. H. S.; George Bullard, P. W. C. T.; C. S. Lobdell, deputy G . W. C. T.

This lodge meets every Friday evening in the lecture room of the Methodist church. It is in a flourishing condition and has 79 members in good standing. The following is a list of officers that were installed February 2d 1884: C. S. Lobdell, W. C. T.; Miss Josie Smalling, W. V. T.; Charles W. Soper, chaplain; H. Munson, secretary; Clarence Brainer, assistant secretary; Miss Kittle Strong, financial secretary; Miss Rose Graham, treasurer; Thomas Cryne, M.; Miss Eleanor Kerns, D. M.; George Howard, I. G.; W. Clark, O. G.; Miss Lucinda Blakesley, R. H. S.; Miss Sarah McLean, L. H. S.; Ira Reynolds, P. W. C. T.; L. J. Smalling, G. W. C. T.

The Windham Dramatic Troupe was organized in the winter of 1882-83, and elected George Brandow, manager; George W. Osborn, assistant manager; J. C. Tallmadge, secertary; H. C. Osborn, treasurer.

The troupe had fine scenery and excellent music.

While Matthews’ carpet bag factory was running, an Odd Fellow’s lodge was organized a this village and for a while held meetings in the present Masonic Hall. Then rooms were rented over the store now occupied by Brockett & Strong. This lodge was kept up for about seven years. No record can be found of its organization or officers.

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