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Contributed by Joanne Mead

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  1.  The Orvill or Orwell Moss family   (Can anyone verify the correct first name?)  

    Back row:  Alice Elizabeth (1849-1947), Mary Ellen (1850-1906), Elihu Allen (1853-1923). Front row:  Eliza Lathrop Brand Moss (1836-1915), Carrie Sophronia (1859-1885), Orvill Alonzo Moss.

    These are the children of Orvill and his first wife, Sophronia Lathrop Brand, who died 26 Dec 1861 (according to family records).  Orvill then married Sophronia's sister, Eliza, on 07 Oct 1863.  Besides these children, Orvill and Sophronia had a daughter, Eunice Loretta, born 18 Nov 1847 and who died 29 Sep 1861.  This picture must have been taken shortly after the marriage to Eliza.
    2.     Sophronia Lathrop Brand Moss  b. 09 Dec 1822; d. 26 Dec 1861.  She was the daughter of  Allen and Eunice Wattles Brand.  
    3.     Orvill or Orwell Alonzo Moss   b. 09 Oct 1822 in West Durham  d. 24 Jan 1900.  He was the son of Elihu and Betsey Warriner Moss.
    4.    Alice Elizabeth Moss  b. 02 Mar 1849 in West Durham, d. 10 Mar 1937.  Dau. of Orvill and Sophronia Brand Moss, she married Edward Slater but they had no children.
    5.    Alice Moss Slater, later in life.
    6.    Elihu Allen Moss  b. 28 Jul 1853 in West Durham,  d. Jan 1923.  Son of Orvill and Sophronia Brand Moss.  He married Ancy Elizabeth Chittenden on 02 Mar 1880 and they had 3 children (that I know of):  Ethel, who married Fred Reynolds and had:  Mary Frances, Hazel Florence and Newton Fred.
    7.    Minnie Cordelia Moss  b. 13 Oct 1868,  d. 22 Jul 1925.  Dau. of Orvill Moss and his 2nd wife, Eliza Brand Moss.  She married William Tompkins Matthews and had:  Harry Allen  and Hattie Rosalia Matthews.
    8.    Ethel Moss Reynolds  Dau of Elihu and Ancy Chittenden Moss
    9.     Carrie Sophronia Moss  b. 04 Jun 1859 in West Durham, d. 22 Apr 1885 at age 25.  Dau. of Orvill and Sophronia Brand Moss.
    10.    Mary Ellen Moss  b. 09 Oct 1850, d. 15 Aug 1906.  She married George W. MacGlashan on 20 Apr 1871 and had 5 children:  Margaret S., Orwill G., Grace Alice, George Nathaniel and Leon Alexander.
    11.    A mystery picture that someone may be able to identify.  It is a small tintype with a name on the back of "Sarah Brand". and a date of March 7, 1863.  She has the married name of "Haskins".


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    1.    Peter & Lulu DeGroote  - Lulu  (birth date in question)  b. 1861 or 1867  d. 1945.  She was the daughter of Reuben and Almira Moss.  She married Peter DeGroote (no info on him) and they had two children:  Lulu Almira b. c. 1900, and Leland.  According to my aunt's notes Lulu married "Edward Richard" and they had 2 sons:  Edward and Wesley.  Her notes say Leland "married and had one child".  She also says that Peter DeGroote worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad and that they lived in Manchester, NY.  That would make sense since some of these pictures were taken at a studio in Canandaigua, NY, not far from Manchester
    2.    Lulu DeGroote  (as a young lady)
    3.    Fellows and DeGroote families  The couple on the left is Daniel Grove Fellows and his wife, Hattie Moss Fellows.  She and Lulu are sisters.  Daniel is a first cousin to Hattie and Lulu, as his mother is Esther C. Moss, a sister to Reuben, Hattie and Lulu's father.  The couple on the right is Peter and Lulu DeGroote and the baby is their first child, Lulu Almira.  As for the elderly man in the middle, I am only speculating that he is Reuben Moss, the women's father.  Reuben didn't die until 1908 and, with the age of little Lulu, this picture had to have been taken about 1901.  Hattie was Daniel's 2nd wife.  He had a daughter, Emma Belinda, by his first wife, Emma Beeman Moss, who died shortly after Emma Belinda was born.
    4.    Lulu Almira DeGroote  (about 5 or 6 months old)  
    5.    Hattie Moss Fellows  b. 14 Dec 1852 in Durham, NY, d. 02 May 1933 in Manchester, Ontario Co., NY.  Married Daniel Grove Fellows, sometime after 1872, but had no children.
    6.    Emma Belinda Fellows  (not actually a Moss)  06 May 1872 in Bristol, Ontario Co, NY  d. 21 Dec 1933.  She was the daughter of Daniel Grove Fellows and his first wife, Emma Beeman, who died shortly after her birth.

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