Even More Postcards

Even More Postcards
from the Past

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More Postcards from the Past

Some More Postcards from the Past

Postcards from the Past

Catskill Cats

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Postcards courtesy of Joan Ferris Popovic
1. Hudson river from the east side 
2. Sunset Rock
3. Hudson River from the West side
4. Haines Falls
5. Hotel Kaaterskill Stationery
6. Kaaterskill Falls

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1. Green Lake circa 1920's
2. Green Lake circa 1920
3. Acra Post Office

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1. Dunn's Amusement Hall, Cairo
2. Iron Bridge over Catskill Creek, South Cairo
3. Main Street Cairo

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1. Prattsville circa 1914
2. Twilight and Sunset Inn, Haines Falls
3. Haines Falls Railroad Station

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1. Lover's Glen, Hunter circa 1907
2. Ulster and Delaware Train Station, Tannersville
2. Central School, Hunter

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1. Elizabeth House, Leeds
2. Mill St, East Durham
3. Munson House, Windham

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Postcard courtesy of Al Albright
This is the farm of my great great grandparents, Ransome Traver and his wife Dorcas Defrate, who took in summer borders. Their daughter, Adella Traver, my great aunt, and her husband Ransome Haines, inherited it in the 1800's. 

Postcards courtesy of Joyce Riedinger

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1. Birds-eye View of Prattsville
2. Old log cabin in the Catskills - in Little Westkill
3. View of Mainstreet Prattsville

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Postcard courtesy of Sheila Dent. Looking east from the foot of Seminary Hill, Ashland, NY. Postcard belonged to Simeon Miller, b. Aug. 5, 1863, d. January 22, 1912 and was found in the front of the Miller bible.

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Howard's Bazaar - Cairo NY
This building is located on Main Street, Cairo at R.R. Ave. and still exists today, although the porch is long gone. Cemira Price, from Alabama is hoping to find out more about the proprietors of the building. Booklets from the 1940's show that the store was called Howard's Dry Goods Store and the proprietors were M.L. and N.M. Howard. N.M. may be Norman M. Howard. Cemira's looking for more info on her Howard ancestors. Success! Rich Howard recognized this postcard. This was the establishment of his great grandfather Norman Milton Howard and his sister May Lily Howard. 

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Bill Freese from Conyers, GA sends in this postcard of his grandfather, Earl C. Sandt, of Easton, PA. Earl is seated in his new car at his new job as a chemist at the Alpha Cement Plant in Cementon, Greene Co around 1910. The postcard was sent to his future bride Bessie Miers of Phillipsburg, NJ and is dated 1910.

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Bill Freese forwards these photos of the Catskill Mountain House circa 1930 and the Otis Railway leading to the Catskill Mountain House. Photos taken by his grandfather, Earl Sandt.

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Union Church, 1900-1906, Schoharie Tuurnpike, Coxsackie, NY - no longer standing

Courtesy Robert Uzillia, Cairo Town Historian, via John Hillicoss

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Postcard courtesy of Don Howard

Don writes:  I believe the photo was taken from the hill behind the Basic Creek looking west towards the Freehold to East Durham road in the distance.  The road leading from the right in the foreground is Hempstead Lane, which dead ends now at the left end of that road.  The two buildings in the foreground are mills, which were torn down many years ago.  I believe one was a grist mill. During the 1940's, I spent the summer months living in a two room mill house that is just out of the photo at the left end of Hempstead Lane.  That has since been torn down too.  The building is gone but not the great memories of my summers in Greene County.  The property in the foreground belonged to my Brown relatives, who acquired it in the late 1800's. 

Postcards courtesy of Jeremy Taylor

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  1. Elka Park

  2. Colonel's Chair

  3. Catskill Mountain House

  4. Boulder Rock

  5. Rip Van Winkle

  6. Haines Falls

  7. Old Leeds Bridge

Postcards Courtesy of Bob Harring

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  1. Bavarian Manor, Purling NY

  2. Cairo Drug Store, 1908

  3. Main Street Cairo, NY

  4. Woodstck Dam, Cairo, NY

  5. Hotel Walters, Cairo, NY

    Postcards courtesy of Phyllis Silva-Keith

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  1. Main Street Cairo, NY looking east from the fountain, circa 1908

  2. Glens Falls House, Round Top NY, circa 1907

  3. Cairo Village, aerial view
    4.    Cairo R.R. Station
    5.    County Scene
    6.    View of Cairo, N.Y.
    7. Aerial View of Cairo, N.Y.
    8.    Five Cascades, Catskill Mountains, NY
    9.    Swinging Bridge, Palenville, NY
    10.    Mohican Trail, Catskill Mountains, N.Y.
    11.    Views of Cairo, NY
    12.    Hunter, N.Y.
    13.    Air View, Winterclove Inn, Round Top, N.Y.
    14.    Deer Trail Farm
    15.    Prospect Park Hotel, Catskill, NY
    16.    On the road to Purling, with Round Top Mountain in the background
    17.    Old Dutch Reformed Church, Leeds, Built in 1779
    18.    Pratts Rocks, Prattsville, NY
    19.    View of Purling, NY
    20.    Artists Rock, Catskill Mountains, NY
    21.    Jenny's Notch, Windham, NY
    22.    View in Rip Van Winkle Park, Catskill Mountains, NY
    23.    Sunset Rock, Catskills, NY
    24.    Rip Van Winkle Rock, Catskill Mountains, NY
    25.    Silver Brook House, Palenville, NY
    26.    Street Scene in the Heart of the Catskill Mountains
    27.   Cairo, in the Catskill, Woodstock Lake
    28.    Tannery Bridge, Palenville, NY
    29.    The Falls at Fern Wood, Kaaterskill Creek, Palenville, NY        
    30.    Oldest standing house in the Catskills
    31.    Gnome's Pool, Lower Kaaterskill Canyon, Catskills, NY

Courtesy of Lois Eastgate, in memory of her late husband, Duane.

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Duncan's Rural Home

Was situated on the Catskill Turnpike, 1/2 mile south of the South Cairo Railroad Station. The Rural Home was built in 1843 by Benjamin Tundell, and was owned by Herman Cole at a later date. In 1896 it was purchased by Sanford and Helen Sanford, Lois Eastgate's grandparents. It operated as a boarding house and could accommodate 30 guests. Upon Helen's retirement her daughter-in-law Myrtle M. Duncan ran the boarding house for the next 20 years. The farm provided fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products and was operated by her husband Clarence Duncan. The property has since been sold and the house demolished.

Postcards courtesy of Lois Eastgate

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  1. St. George Hotel, Leeds, N.Y., Catskill Mts. operated by Lena Mower Badeau and George Badeau and she was a dau. of Leonard Mower of West Camp, N.Y. Lois is her Grandniece. 
    2.    School District No. 11-  High School at South Cairo, New York
    3.    Catskill Mountain House , Otis Summit, Catskill Mountains, N.Y.
    4.    Eastern Approach to Rip Van Winkle Bridge over Hudson River, Catskill, N.Y.
    5.   The State Armory, Catskill Village, Catskill Mts
    6.    Rip Van Winkle Bridge, aerial view
    7.    Valley View from East Windham , Catskill Mts. N.Y. 
    8.    Old Stone Bridge on the Mohican Trail, Leeds in the Catskills, N.Y.
    9.    House of the Three Bears- South Cairo, N.Y. on Route 23 
    10.    Leeds Creek, Leeds, Catskill Mountains
    11.    The Birches at Cairo, Catskill  Mts. N.Y.
    12.    Main St., Catskill, N.Y

    Courtesy Robert Uzzilia, Cairo Town Historian

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Aratoga Inn, Cairo, NY, then renamed Florence Inn by proprietor Jimmy Wynne (after his wife), then finally The Manhattan in the 50's when Bill Bauer owned it. It was here that Jack "Legs" Diamond was shot - some say for the forth time, and the place was literally riddled with bullets from the shotguns blasts used to try to kill him.  ( Some locals later, even carried around pellets as souvenirs, that were found in the walls and ceilings from  the shootings).

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