Even More Pictures of the Past

Even More Pictures from 
the Past

The  Dolan/Lackey Gallery

Contributed by Peggy Dolan

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1. James Dolan was born in Ireland in 1824, and lived in Platte Clove, Hunter. He married Mary Eliza Miller in Saugerties in 1847, and the couple had 16 children. He was a tannery worker in 1850, a landholder and farmer by 1855. In Jan 1864, he enlisted in Co. E, 15th NY Engineers, as a private and artificer. According to his request for a pension, he received a head injury by being thrown down a hatchway of the transport steamer "Thomas A. Scott" during a storm on Chesapeake Bay on 25 March 1864. In Dec 1864 he had his pay stopped for "41 cartridges and 1 screw driver." James died in 1899.
2. Mary Eliza Miller, born 1831, was one of the 10 children of David Miller and Wyntje (Lavina) Hommel of Saugerties. Her ancestors were among the earliest settlers in Ulster Co. She married James Dolan in 1847. Mary died in Hunter in 1902.
3. Home of James & Mary Miller Dolan in Platte Clove.
4. James Dolan & sons. Standing, L to R: Michael Buddington, James; Sitting, L to R: David (md. Minnie Spencer?), Albert (md. Emma Bunt), Charles (md. Lillian Bunt)
5. John Dolan, 1854-1918, son of James & Mary, and his wife Edith Guilefuss, 1862-1927. [Photo courtesy of David Roth.] They had 3 children: Florence, Grace & Charlotte. John died after being struck by an automobile, and was buried in Platte Clove.
6. Michael Buddington Dolan, 1861-1931, son of James & Mary. (See obituary notice.) On a plat map of the Town of Hunter, 1749-1850, Great Lot # 25, E. W. Buddington is shown as
owning land near that of James Dolan. Michael was the only one of 16 children given a middle name. Information about E.W. would be very welcome.
7. Eliza P. (Lizzie) Lackey, 1859-1947, daughter of Michael Lackey, Sr. and Catherine Burke, twin of Michael Lackey, Jr., married Michael Buddington Dolan.
8. Leo Edward Dolan, 1900-1959. Photo circa 1925
9. Julia Farrell, wife of Michael Lackey, Jr., b. 13 July 1861 in Birmingham, England. She was the daughter of Peter Farrell & Sarah Simpson. She died in 1938. Photo 1860s, Birmingham.
10. Sarah Simpson, b. abt. 1832 in Evesham, Worcs, Eng. Mother of Julia Farrell Lackey. She married first Carter, then Peter Farrell, an engine fitter, then, in 1869, Thomas Weller, publican of the White Hart Inn in Birmingham. She is reported to have visited her daughter (whose maiden name is often given as that of her step-father, Weller) in Tannersville. Any sightings in the gossip columns will be received with joy.
11. Lackey house in Tannersville. Photo 1950s. House built before 1900, as best I can learn.
12. Michael Lackey, Jr., 1859-1937. Twin of Lizzie P. Lackey Dolan. Married Julia Farrell in 1883. Biographical notes in "Biographical Review", Volume XXXIII, 1899 and in "The Capital Region of New York State", Volume III, 1942.
13. Lackey store in Tannersville, circa 1910. The Lackeys owned the property from 1897.
14. Edward Walter Lackey (the country bumpkin with the ace up his sleeve) & Robert Edmund Lackey (the city slicker.) Ed (1887-1924) was admitted to the NY Bar at age 21. He married Elaine Brewer of Tannersville, and had children Bruce Edward & Margaret Elaine. Bob (1885-1935), operated the Broadway Garage, the Blue Ribbon Garage, & the Elka Park garage, the Broadway restaurant, the Black Mask roadhouse, and Sally Inn (1934-5), among other business activities. He married Alicia Peck of NYC, & had children Robert E. Jr. & Dorothy.
15. Mary Louise Lackey Doyle, 1889-1950. (See wedding notice, obit.)
16. Judd Bruce "Slow Joe" Doyle, 1881-1947. (See announcement of marriage to Mary Lackey.) He pitched for the NY Highlanders (later the Yankees), getting the nickname for tormenting batters with lengthy preparation and windup. Pitched 2 shutouts in his first two major league games, a record which stood for many years. Once struck out Ty Cobb with the bases loaded.  His major league career ended when his arm snapped after a throw. He later ran a garage in Haines Falls.
17.    Clara E. Lackey (1891-1971) had an insurance & real estate office in Tannersville. In the early 1950s, she took up flying and became a licensed pilot.

The  Wasson Gallery

Contributed by Kristy Grunden

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1. Myrtle Wasson and her father, Martin Wasson.  The time of this photo might be between 1905 and 1910. (though they lived in Ulster County in 1900. ) Myrtle was born in Aug 1890 in NY, most likely Greene County. Martin, son of Bateman Wasson and Anna M. Palmer, was born in Oct 1847 in NY.
2. The Wasson farm in Palenville.

The  Russ/Hull Gallery

Contributed by Gail Hogenbirk

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1. Dwight Parsons Hull, b. September 5, 1832, d. April 26, 1891 and his wife Ellen Catherine Cowles, b. July 30, 1831, d. July 31, 1864. They were the parents of Ellen Catherine Hull, who married Homer Martin Russ. 
2.  Mother of Ellen Catherine Cowles - name unknown, b. 1800
3. Dwight Hull's mother, b. 1801
4. Ellen Catherine Cowles as a child
5. Dwight Parsons Hull as a young man
6.  Darwin Russ, b. February 10, 1829, d. March 24, 1904, husband of Ellen Eugenia Schermerhorn
7. Ellen Eugenia Schermerhorn b. 1833
8. Ellen Eugenia Schermerhorn and her son Homer Martin Russ
9. Eva Georgeanna Russ, b. January 7, 1856, d. December 28, 1946, wife of Loren James Hubbard, sister of Homer Martin Russ, daughter of Darwin Russ and Ellen Eugenia Schermerhorn
10. Loren James Hubbard, b. 1847, d. 1931
11. Ellen Hull and Homer Russ on their honeymoon at Niagara Falls. Married October 5, 1887
12. Florence Elizabeth Russ, b. January 17, 1896, d. December 24, 1974. Married George Mallender and was the mother of four children.
13. Homer Russ and son Harold Dwight, b. March 14, 1892
14.  Harold Russ and his sister Florence
15. Aunt Libbie Cowles

The Shevlin Gallery

Contributed by Robert Shevlin, the great great grandson of Charles and Bridget Shevlin through Patrick [1839-1891], William Edward [1884-1960], and Herbert [1910-1974].  
Email address:  rshevlin@optonline.net

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Irish immigrants Charles and Bridget Shevlin were among the first Shevlin's in America.  It is believed that a son James immigrated with them.  They moved to Hunter about 1832 after the birth of son Michael and possibly son John in New York City.  In Hunter they raised a large family with nine sons and one daughter who lived to adulthood.

Later, Charles and his family were joined by Daniel Shevlin who is said to have been his brother.  With Daniel were his Irish born children Patrick and Ann. 

After 1860, Mary Shevlin arrived in Hunter with sons Charles and Peter, all born in Ireland.  She was the widow of Hugh Shevlin who was probably another brother of Charles and Daniel.  A third son named John J. Shevlin lived in New York City but purchased land in Hunter.   Descendants carrying the Shevlin surname lived in Hunter for 130 years.  Other descendants were still in Hunter as of 2003.

The house in the picture on the left is on Platte Clove road in Elka Park and is believed to be the oldest in the Mountain Top area.  It was probably built by William Miller soon after he acquired the land on September 1, 1793.  Miller and his wife Margaret raised ten children there.  [Quarterly Journal of the Greene Co. Historical Society, Summer 1981].

By 1890 the house belonged to Mary Fay, widow of Thomas Fay, who donated some of the property for building St. Francis de Sales Church.  In 1892 Mary sold the house and remaining property to her son-in-law John Shevlin, son of Charles and Bridget.  John's children Tom, Charles, and Lizzie lived there for many years until their deaths.  In 1958 it was passed down to Margaret Shevlin Malone and a few years later to her daughter Catherine Malone Bender. 

The picture on the right shows the same house about 1960.   Behind the house was an old barn and an outhouse.  Nearby was a street sign that read "Shevlin's Corners".  Inside the main room was a pot belly stove and large heavy beams in the ceiling.  The house had a musty smell and the doorways were short, especially the one leading into the kitchen.  John's children were my grandfather's cousins and my family used to visit them when I was a child.   I am the boy running from the back of the house.  In the foreground is my  father, Herb Shevlin, holding my sister Linda. 

Click here for genealogical notes and census records on the Shevlin's of Hunter and their descendants.

The Truesdell/Barnum Gallery

Contributed by Sheila Dent

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1)This is the Reuben Truesdell family and home at Little WestKill, NY. 
Front seated on the lawn: Reuben Truesdell Dent, Chauncey Morse Dent
First Row: Edith Truesdell Dent, Joseph E Dent holding Thomas Hollingsworth Dent, Mary E Barnum Truesdell with Seth Beers, Reuben Howard Truesdell with Irene Clark, Eva Lina Truesdell Beers with Glenn Beers, S B Beers
Second Row: "Billy" Boyd, Mertle Truesdell, Florence Truesdell, Irene Truesdell Clark, Howard Clark, Ruth Delamarter
2) My great grandfather, Little WestKill resident, Reuben Howard Truesdell, was born Nov 5, 1846, Lexington, NY and died, Jan  9, 1916, Lexington, NY. He was the son of Stephen Wright Truesdell and Eleanor Brandow of Prattsville. The Truesdell  (Truesdale) family originated with William Truesdale b Sept 6, 1601, Middlesex, England.  Samuel Truesdale is the first known  American immigrant ancestor of this Mountain Top family,  who lived in Newton, Mass and died there March 2, 1695.  Samuel's son Richard Truesdell, was born 1672 and  died in 1707 in Woodstock, CT.  William Truesdell, son of Richard, born 1700 in Newton, died abt 1751 in Egg Harbor, NJ, leaving son John Truesdell, b 1720 at Branford, CT.  John died in 1782 at Hillsdale, NY.  John's son David, born 1749 in Redding, CT died after 1820 and  was survived by Stephen T Truesdell b 1790 at Amenia, Dutchess Co.  He died 1853 at Freemont, NY.  Stephen T married Altana Kingsbury, who was born in 1796, Schoharie, NY. She died after 1870 in Lexington, NY. Reuben Truesdell married Mary E Barnum on March 21, 1871.  Mary is descended from the Danbury, Fairfield County, CT  Barnums, some of whom migrated to Greene County, NY during the late 1700's.  (And yes, PT Barnum, of Barnum and Bailey Circus, is also from this CT Family!)
3) This is an early 1900  photo of the Dent farm, Lexington, NY located across the Schoharie creek.  Notice my grandfather, Joe Dent, in the current mode of transportation in the front of the picture.  The pull trolley was used to cross the Schoharie creek from what's now route 23A.  I've been told that the road side housing of the trolley set up is still there.  There also appears to be a white box on the road side which might have been a mail box.  The farm is still there and is now known for its stone quarry. The Dents farmed and also took in summer boarders.  The Schoharie was my father's playground for swimming, fishing, playing and ice skating in the winter.
4) Jacob F Loutz (also seen as Lutz), b 1843 and wife, Ada A. Truesdell, b 1855
Ada was the  daughter of Stephen Wright Truesdell b 1815, Halcott, Delaware Co, NY, d., 1886, Prattsville, NY and Eleanor Brandow, b., 1815 Greene Co, NY, d. 1872, Prattsville.
5) Lucy Barnum Newcomb, daughter of Jabez Barnum and Rachel
6) Charles Austin Barnum and wife "Mate", photo by Ticefeldt Photographer, Chichester, Ulster Co, NY. Charles was the son of Jabez Barnum b. 1822 d. 1901 and Rachel Rappleyea, b. 1824, d 1892.  Charles was born July 17 1850, died 1914.  He was married to Elnora Vale and Mary L.
7) Jack Decker, School Teacher., (he was either a Prattsville/Lexington teacher or Ashland..it's not written on the back of the photo) The photo was taken at: Austin's Studio, Hunter, no date

The Vedder/Plank Gallery

Contributed by Karol Hughes

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1. House where I was born -Written by John Vedder. He was the son of Harman Vedder 1775-1834 and Catharine Plank 1785-1866 and brother to Karol Hughes' ancestor Eliza Vedder Plank. John was born in 1815 and later lived in Saugerties. He was still living in 1900. His death date has not been found, as yet.
2. Rachel Jane Plank circa 1861
3. On the back says "Yours Respectfully - On My 84th Birthday -  Sept. 8, 1899 -  John Vedder"
4. Identified on the back as Michael Plank. Assume it is Levi Plank's brother (1805-1867).
5.    Howard Brandow, b. 1862 in Catskill, d. 1912 in Tonica, IL; son of Charles Brandow and Rachel Jane Plank; married Emma Ford in 1890.

The John W.B. Wilbur Gallery

Contributed by Robyn Peterson

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1.John W. Bedell Wilbur, b 5 Oct 1824  Greene Co., NY, d: 17 Feb 1890 buried in Freehold cemetery in Greenville, Greene Co., NY Section 4 Plot 35 married Abigail Evory, b : 3 Jan 1830 Greene Co., NY, d: 13 Aug 1886 buried in Freehold cemetery. Known children 1) Clara Amanda Wilbur (my great grandmother) b: 17 Dec 1858 Greene Co., NY d: 26 Nov 1942 N. E. Erie Co., PA Married Leonard B. Howard b: 5 Sep 1860 Cairo, Greene Co., NY d: 23 Apr 1914 Greenville, Greene Co., NY 2) Emma J. Wilbur b: 1856 Greene Co., NY d: 1905 Greene Co., NY married Milton Becker b: 1852 Greene Co., NY d: 1925 Greene Co., NY 3) Louise H. Wilbur d: 8 July 1864 Greene Co., NY  d: 3 Feb 1865 Greene Co., NY 4) Kate T. Wilbur b: ? d ?
Question: What are the names of the sons featured in the photo? There was apparently another son, as well
2. Abigail Evory Wilbur and daughter Clara Amanda Wilbur Howard

The John Foster Gallery

Contributed by Sandie Webber

1.            2.   wpe1.jpg (31363 bytes)

1. John Foster was born in Stephensville (Alcove), Albany Co. NY on 12 Aug. 1829
He died there on 27 August 1888. He is buried in the cemetery down the road from the church at Medway, Greene Co., NY. He was married to Elizabeth Sickles in the Town of Coeymans 17 Nov. 1849 (town records)

F 80 NY John Foster, Corpl, Co. C, 20 Reg't New York State Militia (See Military Records for more info on Military service)

2. Elizabeth Sickles Foster - Date of death and place of death and burial unknown. Suspect she is buried next to John Foster who is in the cemetery at Medway. She was the daughter of Harmanus Sickles and his wife, Elizabeth Wickham. Harmanus and Elizabeth (Wickham) Sickles ended up in LaPrairie, Marshall Co., IL and are buried in the Lawn Ridge Cemetery in Marshall Co., IL. This Sickles family was from the Coeymans area of Albany Co. When Elizabeth married John Foster she then resided in New Baltimore, Greene Co., NY.

The Isaac Howard Gallery

Contributed by Don Howard

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   4. wpe1.jpg (102319 bytes)    5. wpe2D.jpg (375721 bytes)    6. wpe8.jpg (129962 bytes)    7. wpe1.jpg (55292 bytes)

1. Isaac Sisson Howard, son of Orson and Martha Howard, .born February 3, 1839, died December 31, 1924 and buried Cairo Cemetery, Greene Co, NY. Married Rhoda Elizabeth White, daughter of Ebenezer White and Ada Sammis, born 1842 and died 1918, also buried in Cairo Cemetery. Grandson of Thomas Howard and Mehitable Betts, early settlers of the Town of Cairo.
2. Rhoda Elizabeth White
3. Blacksmith shop located somewhere near Gayhead, NY. Believed to be the blacksmithy of Orson Howard and/or his brother Moses. Painted by Nat Howard, cousin of Norman Howard, a grandson of Orson, who owned Howard's Bazaar, a dry goods, souvenir shop in the Village of Cairo.
4. Painting of Milton J. Howard, a son of Orson Howard, born about 1835, died January 14, 1863. Milton Howard enrolled in the Union Army (8th Mo. Reg., 1st Brigade, 2nd Div., 15th Corps) for a period of three years in Peoria on June 19, 1861.  He was mustered in at the St. Louis Arsenal on July 7, 1861 as a private in Co. H, 8th Regiment Missouri Infantry. He was  promoted to Corporal on May 15, 1862.   A letter he wrote to his brother, Isaac, from the Shiloh battlefield area was published in the History of Greene County.  He was  wounded in the hip in the battle of Arkansas Post on January 11, 1863 and died three days later from this wound. 
5. 120th Regiment N.Y.Volunteers reunion held in Kingston on August 22, 1912.  This event was in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the regiment's mustering into the service in 1862.  Isaac Howard is standing under the regiment's battle flag near the right hand side.  The statue is a memorial to the regiment which I believe was erected in 1892. 
6. One of the trains that ran between Catskill and Cairo.  It is believed that one of the conductors standing in front of Engine No. 3 is Burr Vaughn.  He was the husband of Ada Howard, one of Isaac Howard's daughters.
7. Photo of Howard's souvenir and dry goods store and the home of Norman and Maud Howard was taken during the winter in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Norman's father, Isaac Howard, purchased the store from Ambrose Walters and Francis Walters in 1906.  In the background is the Hotel Walters (now the location of the Cairo Town Hall), which was across Railroad Avenue from the store.

The Ferris Gallery

Contributed by Annette Campbell and Elsie Allen and Seward Osborne

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 3. wpe18.jpg (13483 bytes)    4. wpe14.gif (95012 bytes)    5. wpe1A.jpg (63740 bytes)  

6.  wpe4.jpg (26049 bytes)   7. wpe1F.gif (274779 bytes) 8.  wpe16.jpg (53412 bytes)

9. wpe29.jpg (51458 bytes)    10. wpe2B.jpg (54173 bytes)    11. wpe2F.jpg (34679 bytes)

12.  wpe1.gif (440904 bytes)    13.   wpe16.gif (464541 bytes)  14.      

1. Dennis Alden Ferris b. 5 Jun 1817  d. 6 Dec 1890, s/o Nathaniel & Nancy Ferris. Grandson of Gilbert & Phoebe Ferris of Sutton Hollow, Ashland, Greene Co, NY. 
2. Sarah Jane Frisbie, w/o Dennis Alden Ferris  b. 23 Apr 1819   d. 31 Mar 1887
3. Adee Vayle Ferris, s/o Dennis Alden Ferris and Sarah Jane Frisbie.
4. Farm house of Adee Vayle Ferris b. 1862 where he lived and died.  
5. Ella Mabey b. 1868 with Adee V. Ferris, her husband, and children Alden b. 1888 and  Minnie b. 1890. 
6. LeRoy Ferris Freese, husband of Alice Ferris youngest daughter of Adee V. & Ella Mabey Ferris.
7. Ellen Ferris, d/o  Dennis Alden & Sarah Jane Frisbie Ferris. She married Tallman Bookout and had at least 3 children, one of which is in this photo.  They are buried in Town & Village Cemetery, Walton, NY.
8. Edward Clough, second husband of Emma Ferris. Emma was the d/o Daniel M. Ferris and Lois P. Sutton, granddaughter of Nathaniel Ferris Jr and Eliza Ann McGarry, grandniece of Dennis Alden Ferris.
9. Otis Overbaugh, s/o Ann Elizabeth Ferris and Charles L. Overbaugh, grandson of Dennis Alden & Sarah Jane Frisbie Ferris.
10. Cecile Frayer Clough, b. 1864 - Need help with this one. It is suspected that Cecile may be the sister of Sherman Frayer Jr, b. 1855, 1st husband of  Emma Ferris. Anyone know? Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian responds: Cecile M. Frayer was born in 1890 (gravestone Windham Cemetery) or 1891 (1900 Windham census). She was the daughter of Sherman W. Frayer and Emma Ferris. Cecile Frayer married Edwin J. Crandell in Windham on 28 Oct. 1908. It was Cecile's mother, Emma (Ferris) Frayer Clough who was born in 1864. After Sherman W. Frayer died in 1894, Emma married Eugene D. Clough on February 20 1901 at North Settlement. Edwin and Cecile (Frayer) Crandell were the parents of Reginald Willard Crandell (1911-1987) and Donald F. Crandell (1914-2003)
11. Susan More daughter of Mary Helen Ferris and Samuel More.  Mary Helen Ferris was the daughter of Dennis Alden Ferris and Sarah Frisbie.
12. From the collection of Seward R. Osborne - Emma Frayer, mother of Cecile, her second husband was Eugene Clough
13.  From the Seward R. Osborne collection - Cecile Frayer
14. From the Seward R. Osborne collection - Cecile M. Frayer, aged 7y. Cecile married a World War I veteran, Bert Sherman and they lived next to the fence of the Jefferson Rural Cemetery, Catskill.

The Col. George Robertson Gallery

Contributed by Paul Mattoon

wpe1.gif (601741 bytes)

 Scanned picture of the original drawing done for Col. George Robertson.  Col. Robertson’s instructions at the bottom of the drawing below the title, read (in pencil) “Same size.  Clear as possible”.  On the reverse is written in Robertson’s hand (also in pencil), “Windham Feb 1st 1884, I approve of the written sketch of my Residence made by C. H. Radcliffe, Geo Robertson. My great-grandmother was Sarah Rebecca (Brisack) Mattoon, who purportedly was a niece of Col. Robertson’s. Biography of Col. Robertson

Hensonville circa 1949

Contributed by Peggy Dolan

wpe1B.jpg (73749 bytes)

The man on the left is my non-Greene Co. granduncle, Joseph Peck of NYC. No idea who the other is. Maybe someone will know. Date about 1949.

Merritt Family Reunion

Contributed by Jeanne M. Williams

Merritt reunion at Elliott's Shady Glen House

1. Edward Bullock, son of Gilbert Bullock
2. Emma Merritt, daughter of Peter S. Merritt, married Fred Hewitt
3. Minnie Bullock
4. Millard F. Merritt, son of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt
5. Hazel Hewitt, daughter of Fred S. And Emma Merritt Hewitt
6. Fred S. Hewitt
7. Oliver St. John, Married Harriet E. Merritt
8. Annie St. John, Daugher of (7) married Ramond L. Hannay
9. Gilbert Bullock, married Catherine?
10. Seneca son Kneeling
11. Ransome More, married Hannah A. Merritt, daughter of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt
12. Unknown
13. Elsie Taylor Merritt, daughter of John Wesley and Elizabeth Hargall Allen
14. Girl Unknown
15. Charles Wetmore, married Catherine M. Vedder
16. Girl Unknown
17. Elizabeth Hargall Allen Merritt, wife of John Wesley Merritt
18. Leroy Wetmore
19. Girl Unknown
20. Maria E. More, wife of Peter S. Merritt son of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt
21. Lady Unknown
22. Hattie A. Elliott, wife of Orloff L. Rundell
23. John Wesley Merritt, son of Giblert and Fanny Eighmey Merritt, Married Elizabeth Hargall Allen (number 17 above)
24. Welling R. Merritt, son of Giblert S. And Mary Rundell Merritt, married Jessie Snyder
25. Jennie Hanes Mabie daugher of Mary Merritt Hanes daugher of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt (Jennie's father is number 34 below)
26. Lady wearing necklace Unknown
27. Peter S. Merritt, son of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt, married Maria E. More see 20 above
28. Edith Merritt, daughter of Millard F. Meritt he married Helen Rockefeller first and secondly Agusta Rundell. Edith Merritt married Peter W. Elliott (She helped identify people in this picture)
29. Boy with hat on lap unknown
30. Jennie Wetmore, daugher of Margaret Merritt Wetmore, daugher of Seneca Merritt and Jane Snyder
31. Oscar Mabie, married Jennie E. Haynes who was born Dec 21, 1852, the daughter of John J. Haynes and Mary Merritt (he is husband of number 25 above)
32. Lady front window Unknown
33. Paul Gilbert Merritt, son of John Wesley and Elizabeth Hargall Allen Merritt, married Nettie Vincent the daughter of Edward and Mary E. Miles Vincent of Hopwell Junction, Dutchess County NY
34. John H. Haynes, married Mary Merritt, daughter of Seneca and Jane Snyder
35. Boy Unknown
36. Alonzo C. Merritt, son of John Wesley and Elizabeth Hargall Allen Merritt, he married Julia M. Haley and lived lastly in Delhi, NY
37. William Wetmore, husband of Margaret Merritt daugher of Seneca Merritt and Jane Snyder
38. Carrie Francis married James Pemberton of Revina NY Unsure of relation though Phebe Merritt sister of Seneca Merritt married a Lyman Francis.
39. Lady by tree Unknown
40. Man standing behind post Unknown
41. Freeman Elliott, son of Edwin D. Elliot and Caroline A Merritt daugher of Senceca Merritt and Jane Snyder
42. Avery Elliot, son of Edwin D. And Caroline A. Merritt
43. Mrs. Wetmore not sure which Mrs Wetmore this is but Margaret J. Merritt Daughter of Seneca Merritt and Jane Snyder married a William Wetmore see number 45 below
44. Charlotte G. Merritt, daughter of John Wesley and Elizabeth Hargall allen Merritt. She was b March 23, 1868 and d June 12, 1898, she married J. H. Durkee and is buried with her Grandparents Giblert and Fanny Eighmey's plot in the Bethlehem Cemetery, Bethlehem Orange Co. NY
45. Margaret Wetmore wife of William Wetmore, there is a question mark in Pencil next to this see number 43 above
46. Orloff L. Rundell, married Hattie A. Elliott the daughter of Edwin D. And Caroline A. Meritt Elliott. Orloff L. And Hattie (Harriet) lived at Oak Hill, Greene County NY where they had and antique shop. Orloff L and his wife are buried in the Provost Cemetery at Norton Hill, Green County NY
47. Lady Unknown
48. Jane Snyder, wife of Seneca Merritt, he was the son of Cornberry and Permelia Jones Merritt of the Town of Durham, Green County, NY (the empty chair next to her represents her husband Seneca who passed away in 1871
49. Mary L. Rundell, wife of Gilbert S. Meritt the son of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt
50. Giblert S. Merritt, son of Seneca and Jane Snyder merritt, husband of Mary L. Rundell
51. Man by Lampost, Unknown
52. Seneca Elliot, son of Caroline Merritt Elliot daughter of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt
53. Lady Unknown
54. Young man Unknown
55. Lady Unknown
56. Hanna A. Merritt, wife of Ransome More. Hanna was the daughter of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt
57. Woman Unknown
58. Frederick E. Wetmore, son of William H and Margaret J. Wetmore, daughter of Seneca and Jane Snyder Merritt. William and Margaret J. Are buried in the Cornwallville Cemetery
59. Man Unknown
60. Woman Unknown
61. Frank Bryant (1843-1913) married Lovina Haines (1850-1922), both are buried in the Medusa Cemetery, Medusa Albandy County NY. Lovina is the Daughter of Mary Merritt daughter of Seneca Merritt and Jane Snyder
62. Levina Haines (see 61)
63. Herbert V. Wetmore (1862-1940) marrried Mary E.? (1872- ) Herbert Va and Mary E are buried in the Cornwallville Cem. Herbert (Hobart) was the son of Margaret J. Merritt daughter of Seneca and Jane Synder Merritt

South, Stewart and Cleveland Family 

Contributed by Gary South

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1. This picture was taken in 1922. Anna Holcomb Stewart is the older woman sitting. She was my Great Grandmother. Back row from left to right are: Adeline Stewart Moore, Filmore South, Cora Stewart South (holding Robert South), Helen (Nell) Tyler Drace Stewart (holding Cora Virginia Stewart), Robert Moore, Grover C Stewart, Elizabeth (Lib) Stewart Slater, Arthur C Stewart, Franklin Slater, Anna Colvin Stewart, David Stewart, and Myrtle Yeadon Stewart (holding Marjorie Elnora).  Front row: John South, Carlton Stewart, Adeline Stewart, Nellie Stewart, Anna Holcomb Stewart, Anna Mae Stewart, Benjamin (Bub) Stewart, Grover Stewart Jr, Genevieve (Dolly) South, Floyd South and William Stewart.
2. Great Grandfather Benjamin Franklin Stewart was born 1846 in Cairo and died November 16, 1913 in Town of Cairo. His parents were Dykeman Stewart and Lorraine Elliot. His wife was Anna Holcomb.
3. This is my maternal Grandmother Lydia Cleveland Weis Stickels. She was born in  Durham NY in 1897 and died in 1988. She married Henry Weis (1909-1935) and then William Stickels.
4. This photo is of several boys from the Round Top area. One is unidentified and if anyone knows who he is please contact me. They are from left to right: John South, John Spencer, Al King, Clarence Woodard, Unknown, Barry Holder, Harold Miller, and Floyd South. I would guess the date to be between 1924-1928.
This is the 8th grade graduation class from Durham School. I believe the year was 1948. The graduates are Front Row: 1. Evelyn Roe, 2. Evelena Cleveland, 3. Charlotte Teator, 4. Laura Stronzeck, 5. Joan Haskins, Middle Row: 1. Godfried Light, 2. Tony Hernandez, 3. Virginia Weis, 4. Robert Cochrane, 5. Henry Hernandez, Back Row: Kenneth Baldwin, 2. George Stepchuck
This is my uncle Robert South, Aunt Dolly South and my Father Floyd South. I believe this was taken in 1942.
Picture from left to right: Cora Stewart South (Holding Robert South), John South, Anna Holcomb Stewart, Genevieve (Dolly) South in front of Anna, Adeline Stewart, and Floyd South in front of Adeline.

The Ira Hunt Gallery

Contributed by Don Howard

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1. Ira Hunt, b. 1849, wedding photo 1874
2. Alice Mygatt, his wife, b. 1849, d. 1890, wedding photo 1874
3. Ira Hunt, Ira Hunt as an older man 
4. Ray Mygatt Hunt, s/o Ira and Alice, b. Freehold 1882, d. 1936
5. Ray Mygatt Hunt as a young child
6. Ray Hunt (right) and his friend Harmon Becker hunting bear on Round Top Mountain
7. Mabel Alice Hunt, d/o Ira and Alice Hunt, b. 1878, d. 1943, married Roscoe Calvin Lacy, who started the R.C. Lacy Ford automobile dealership that still exists in Catskill
8. Mabel Alice Hunt as an older woman

Ira's Obituary - Ira Fancher Hunt of Freehold, N.Y. died on Jan 29th (1916) at the Catskill Hospital as the result of a third stroke of paralysis in two years. The funeral took place on Tuesday in the Christian Church, Freehold, being conducted by the Rev. A.C. Yeomans, assisted by members of the Masonic Order and the body being placed in the vault at Coxsackie to be buried there in the spring at Riverside Cemetery. The bearers were brother Masons Leroy Schofield, George Allen, S.P. Seabridge, Harry Phinney, Ralph Story and Henry Coonley. The deceased was born in Westerlo, Albany Co. on Dec 15, 1849 to Oliver and Ann Eliza (Avery) Hunt, but for years made his home in Freehold, of late with his son, Willard. He had been Justice of Peace for twenty-five years, holding the office at the time of his death and had a large library of law books. In 1886, he represented the town of Greenville in the Board or Supervisors. He belonged to James M. Austin Lodge, F.& A.M. and also had been a member of the chapter for forty-five years. On Dec 16, 1874, he was married in Freehold to Alice Mygatt, since deceased, so that he is survived by two sons (Wi11ard Ira and Ray Mygatt, both of Freehold) a daughter (Mrs Roscoe Lacy of the same village), a brother, Jacob Hunt of South Westerlo and three sisters - Mrs. W H Smith (Helen) of Grapeville, Mrs. Sylvester Brate (of Lakemont, N.Y. and Mrs. Charles Winegard of Hudson Falls, N.Y.). 

Ira Hunt was a man of strictest probity and of so kindly and helpful a character that his advice was sought constantly and it came to be a matter of course that he should be named an executor when a neighbor made his will. The loss of so good a man and true a friend is the bereavement not only of his family but of the community in which he lived.

Platt/Brown House, Freehold, Greene Co, NY

Contributed by Don Howard

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“Perhaps the oldest house still standing in Freehold is the "Brown" house, located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Route 67 and Hempstead Lane in the village of Freehold . It was once the residence of Stephen Platt, one of Freehold's founders. According to Beer's 1884 history, the first meeting to elect town officers for the Town of Freehold was held at the home of Stephen Platt in 1790. He was also a member of the NYS Legislature in 1795. Later owners included the Jennings and King families.  Thomas Brown acquired the house from Amos and Angela King in 1885 and his heirs sold it to Herman and Ethel Hempstead in 1952.  Remodeling in recent years by later owners has changed the outside appearance from this early 1900's photo.” From the 2000 calendar by the Greenville Local History Group. It is the birthplace of the contributor's father, Milton Brown Howard, in 1906 son of Norman Howard and Maud Brown Howard.

Dominick McDevitt, Greenville, Greene Co, NY

Contributed by Robert McDevitt


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1. Declaration of Intentions to become a Citizen of the United States
2. Petition for Naturalization
3. Naturalization Certificate

Dominick McDevitt arrived in the US in July 1834 from County Donegal, Ireland on the boat the Barque Regent. He was born in Conwal Parish, abt 1806 or 09 and died December 21, 1891. He married Hannah O'Hara January 2, 1840 and had 6 children. Hannah was the daughter of Peter and Lucretia Darbee O'Hara and was born on September 8, 1818 in Colchester Township, Delaware Co, NY and died June 6, 1853. Dominick settled in Greene County and was granted citizenship on March 23, 1842. Microfilmed copies of these documents, executed by the Justice's Court of Albany, are available through the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) Family History Center. 

Charles Shufelt Family Gallery

Courtesy of Larry Tompkins

Note: A Charles E. Shufelt (1868-1944) and his wife Nettie B. (1883-1938) lived in Ashland in the early 1900's. Charles was the son of David Bellinger Shufelt (1847-1923) and his wife Rachel. Charles and Nettie had at least 12 children: Floyd A., b. abt 1903, Clara M., b. abt 1904, Clarence E., b. abt 1905, Ethel, b. abt 1906, Albert J., 1909-1961, Dorothy, b. abt 1910, Sidney Ford, b. abt 1912-1982, Elizabeth, b. abt 1914, Edgar C., b. 1916-2005, Louise, b. abt 1919, Muriel, 1921-2002, Mildred, b. abt 1924. (from the records of Sylvia Hasenkopf)

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  1. Ethel Shufelt  at home in North Settlement , County Route 10.

  2. Mrs. Charles Shufelt and baby

  3. Shufelt children

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