Enrollment of Voter Ashland 1913

Enrollment of Voters - Greene Co

Town of Ashland

From the files of the Vedder Library. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

                   By Authority of
                  Section 22 of the Election Law

                 Thomas J. O’Hara
                 Charles E. Nichols
                  Commissioners of Elections

Adee James Ashland  Rep
Austin Orris Ashland Dem

Brown Edward Ashland Blank
Barlow Samuel A. Ashland Rep
Brandow Addington Ashland Prohi
Blakeslee Addison Ashland Rep
Brownell Edward O. Ashland Prohi
Beers George Ashland Dem
Braunstein Rev, Richard Ashland Dem
Bronson Corwin Ashland Rep
Beers John Ashland Dem
Brink Ernest Ashland Rep
Brandow Asbury Ashland Blank
Brandow George Ashland Rep
Barlow George Ashland Rep
Brink Winfield Ashland Blank
Brink Manley Ashland Dem
Brockett Sherman Ashland Dem
Brainard Mortimer Ashland Blank
Bleecker Rev. Pierre McD Ashland Dem
Brockett Seeley Ashland Dem

Cobb George A. Ashland Dem
Clark Calvin Ashland Dem
Covell Joseph Ashland Dem
Clark Sterns S. Ashland Rep
Cammer A. Sheridan Ashland Dem
Conine Sylvanus Ashland Blank
Conro Gilbert Ashland Blank
Christian Bloomer Ashland Blank
Campbell John C. Ashland Dem
Cargill Henry Ashland Rep
Currie William Ashland Rep
Christian Claude Ashland Rep
Campbell James Ashland Blank
Cole Elmer Ashland Dem
Case Warren Ashland Blank
Christian George Ashland Blank
Case Jacob Ashland Blank
Case Elvin T. Ashland Rep
Cook Lambert Ashland Dem
Cole Sela Ashland Dem
Cook Leslie Ashland Dem
Clark Howard Ashland Rep
Cook Ichabod Ashland Dem
Cargill John Ashland Rep
Cook Rutherford Ashland Dem
Case Louis Ashland Blank
Cleveland James Ashland Rep
Cleveland John Ashland Rep
Cook Seymour Ashland Dem
Clark Samuel C. Ashland Rep

Dodge Francis L. Ashland Rep
Dodge Fred C. Ashland Rep
Davis Hiram J. Ashland Dem
Davis Franklin Ashland Prohi
Decker Clarence Ashland Blank
Decker Marion Ashland Blank
Dunham Horace Ashland Dem
Decker George Ashland Rep
Dewell James Ashland Dem
Decker Duane Ashland Rep
Dodge Edgar S. Ashland Rep

Ferris H. Clay Ashland Rep
Ferow George Ashland Rep
Ferris Alden Ashland Blank
Ferris Denis Ashland Blank
Ferris Adee V. Ashland Blank
Finch Wilbur M. Ashland Blank
Ford Charles Ashland Dem
Finch Herschell Ashland Dem
Finch Wilbur A. Ashland Dem
Ferris Pearl Ashland Rep

Gordon Burton Ashland Rep
Gregory Decker Ashland Dem
German Henry Ashland Blank
Griffin Frank Ashland Prohi

Hull W. Bruce Ashland Rep
Haines Grover Ashland Dem
Hyatt Watson Ashland Blank
Hall Melvin Ashland Rep
Hummel David Ashland Rep
Hull Elmer Ashland Rep
Holdridge Frank Ashland Rep
Hauf James Ashland Rep
Howard Irving Ashland Dem

Ives Raymond Ashland Rep

Jeralds Thomas W. Ashland Rep
Jordan John Ashland Blank

Kelly Irving Ashland Rep

Lee Sumner C. Ashland Dem
Lee Arthur C. Ashland Rep
Lewis Daniel L. Ashland Dem
Lewis Augustus Ashland Blank
Lewis Clinton Ashland Rep
Lee Morris C. Ashland Rep
Lee Hugh A. Ashland Blank
Lewis Naboth Ashland Rep
Layman Alvin Ashland Prohi

Munson Frank A. Ashland Dem
Munson Lynn S. Ashland Dem
Miles Howard Ashland Prohi
Moseman Raymond Ashland Prohi
Martin Arthur Ashland Blank
Martin Kenneth Ashland Blank
Martin Eugene Ashland Prohi
Miller Buel Ashland Dem
Martin Alvah Ashland Prohi
Moore William Ashland Rep
Miller Lee Ashland Blank
Mulford Harry Ashland Rep
Martin Fremont C. Ashland Dem
Munson Augustus B. Ashland Dem
Munger Edward Ashland Dem
Mulford Michael H. Ashland Blank
Munger Sherman Ashland No ballot
Mulford Dana Ashland Prohi
Mulford Walter Ashland Prohi
Mulford Marvin Ashland Rep
McCoubrey Melvin Ashland Rep
McClean Charles Ashland Blank

Northrup Louis B. Ashland Dem

Prout Darius B. Ashland Blank
Platner Gustavus Ashland No ballot
Pangman Gideon Ashland Dem
Pelham George Ashland Dem
Partridge Ernest Ashland Rep
Parker Isadore Ashland Rep
Partridge Burton G. Ashland Rep

Richmond Elijah Ashland Prohi
Runyan Frank Ashland Rep

Steele Albert Ashland Dem
Steel Daniel Ashland Dem
Steele Herbert R. Ashland Dem
Smith Ralph Ashland Rep
Sutton Claude Ashland Rep
Smith Henry Ashland Dem
Shufelt Charles Ashland Rep
Smith George S. Ashland Dem
Sutton Linus Ashland Prohi
Steele John W. Ashland Dem
Steele Harry A. Ashland Rep
Sturges William Ashland Rep
Stead Clarence Ashland Rep

Tompkins Oscar Ashland Prohi
Thorpe George Ashland Dem
Thorpe Nelson Ashland Dem
Tuttle Irving Ashland Rep
Tuttle Dwight C. Ashland Rep
Tompkins George W. Ashland Rep
Tuttle Burton G. Ashland Rep
Tompkins Sanford Ashland Rep
Tompkins Cornelius Ashland Rep
Tompkins Harlem G. Ashland Rep
Tompkins Norton R. Ashland Rep
Tompkins Bruce Ashland Rep
Tuttle Alpheus Ashland Rep
Tuttle Alvah Ashland Rep
Tompkins Levi Ashland Rep
Tompkins Le Grand Ashland Blank
Tompkins Claude Ashland Rep
Tuttle Stewart Ashland Rep
Tompkins Nathaniel Ashland Blank
Tompkins Charles Ashland Rep
Tompkins James W. Ashland Blank
Tompkins Ira Ashland Blank
Tompkins Irving Ashland Rep
Tompkins Daniel D. Ashland Rep
Tompkins Raymond Ashland Rep

Voorhees Arthur Ashland Blank
Van Hoesen Ralph Ashland Rep
Van Hoesen Rudolphus Ashland Rep

Wiers James Ashland Dem
Waterman Loren Ashland Blank
Warrender Rev. Samuel A. Ashland Rep
Weed James Ashland Rep
Waterman Elmer Ashland Rep
Wayman Guy Ashland Rep
Weed Sherman Ashland Rep
Waterman Milo Ashland Dem
Waterman Henry Ashland Blank
Weed John Ashland Rep
Wayman Elijah Ashland Rep
Wayman Lorenzo Ashland Rep
Wynkoop Mortimer Ashland Blank
Waterman Salem Ashland Dem

Certification of Enrollment. 

We, Thomas J. O’Hara and Chares E. Nichols, the members of the Board of Elections of the county of Greene, and the custodian of primary records of said county, DO HEREBY CERTIFY and declare, that we have correctly and properly transcribed to the within original Enrollment books, all to the enrollments, from all of the Enrollment books, all of the enrollments, from all the Enrollment blanks delivered to us, pursuant to section 14 of the Election Law, and we have correctly and properly transcribed the enrollment indicated on the blank of each voter, to the said Enrollment books, as provided in said section of the Election Law.

Dated, Catskill, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1913.
Thomas J. O’Hara
Charles E. Nichols,
Commissioners of Elections and Custodian of Primary Records.

Certification of Copy of Enrollment.

We, the undersigned, the members of the Board of Elections of the county of Greene, and the Custodian of Primary records, of said County, DO HEREBY CERTIFY and declare, that the foregoing is a correct transcript of the names, addresses and political affiliation, of each voter enrolled in the Sole Election District of the Town of Ashland, County of Greene, N. Y., taken from the original Enrollment books filed in our office, and being the Enrollment books made during the days of registration of votes for or at the general election held in said county on the 5th day of November, 1912.

Dated, Catskill, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1913.
Thomas J. O’Hara
Charles E. Nichols,
Commissioners of Elections and Custodian of Primary Records.

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